Why does Congress and so many others want the War in Iraq to end?

There is something wrong with people, elected officials or not, who would rather see their country go down in defeat than defend it from those who would do it harm. Actually, it is their thinking or thought processes that I draw to question. I find this to be especially true when the nation involved is one where millions of people immigrate every year for a better life.

Does that make our country blameless or without fault all the time? No! After all nations are made up of people who basically have similar ideas about how they want to live and be governed. But, as a people we make our share of mistakes like any other nation. These mistakes are both home based or of an international flavor. But there is a difference between making mistakes as you try to make things better for people and making mistakes because your motives are totally self serving.

Many will say, when we talk about fighting the enemy abroad so we don’t fight them at home, that our motive is selfish. I contend that is not necessarily true. If defending an enemy away from our shores also protects the common good and welfare of the world community’s other nations, then our actions are not totally self serving.

Since World War I, the leading nations of the world, the League of Nations, and the United Nations have made treaties, issued resolutions, secret treaties, and set up mandates that have held the Middle East and Central Asia as pawns in the political and economic struggles of those nations to hold onto old empires, control natural resources that are needed by them and the world at large, at the expense of the two regions.

On the other hand an extreme Religion that also denies its people basic human rights and freedoms has done the same thing. Both groups have prevented the nations in these regions from developing and advancing technologically, economically, educationally, and intellectually. However there is a major difference between the two groups. One is made up of nations and people and world organizations that have no common cultural bond except for protecting peace. The other has a common cultural background dating back to the time of Abraham.

It was after the arrival of Muhammad that the religious leaders began to teach ideology that subjugates its own people. That religion also began to evolve into two major sects that warred with each other. However, both began to teach to teach that their religion was the only religion and they were bequest by their faith to convert everyone to their faith or kill them! Is it any wonder that the people in both regions chose oppression by their faith over oppression by outsiders?

The resulting lack of progress and development of free nations which respected the rights of all its people has bred poverty, dictators, persecution, outside manipulation, and a growing anger and despair. What has evolved are two regions full of poor, subjugated people with no hope. This has made them an easy target for Al_Qaeda and other terrorists groups. The young are especially drawn in by a false sense of empowerment and religious fanaticism.

The war in Iraq and Afghanistan keeps the terrorist off our shores. It finally frees people who have never known or hoped to know freedom and basic human rights. It finally removes the yokes of outside control by foreign powers and organizations by helping the two nations set up Democratic and free societies. In the process, it slowly provides the people with hope and a vision of a better life.

It also is helping those nations learn how to be responsibly free, helping them rebuild infra structure, helping them be provided basic things like sewer systems, running water, and electricity. Schools and hospitals are being built. Industry and businesses are being set up. All of these things help both nations be free, self sustaining nations. As these new events and life aides are being established, the people are being more and more brought into the process and our troops are fading more and more to the background! That is as it should be.

As the Iraqi and Afghan people begin to see the positive changes, they begin to learn to enjoy these things and more actively involve themselves in the processes. They are beginning to develop “hope!” If these events in the two nations play out to the desired end, we will leave those nations as we did in Japan. Behind us will be two new Democracies controlled by the rule of law, basic human rights, and self governed.

Is it any wonder that the terrorists and nations like Syria and Iraq are so eager to help the terrorists. Is it any wonder nations like France, Russia, China, and at times Germany are against every effort there. Several make a great deal of money supplying weaponry, etc. to the region. Some know that their own people will see their success and demand the same for themselves. Then some, like the Socialists and communists in America and else where, see it as a failure of their repeatedly failed ideology which has cost the lives of millions world wide! All of these see America as the single greatest threat to their subjugating ideologies.

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~ by devildog6771 on April 23, 2007.

14 Responses to “Why does Congress and so many others want the War in Iraq to end?”

  1. You write: “Many will say, when we talk about fighting the enemy abroad so we don’t fight them at home, that our motive is selfish.” Of course, “that is not necessarily true.” I agree it’s not necessarily true but not because of the reasons you stated. It’s not a problem of selfishness and the problem is not even because of we are fighting them abroad, on their land. The problem is that it is not just. This is a preventive war, which means we are speculating on some threat. In fact, however, we know the threat is not real, and there was not link to Iraq –our concrete example- and 9/11. This is a war for power and money. It’s just more liberty for those who are already free. Please, get real. And, in relation to our protection: we could have spent 1/10 of the almost 1 trillion dollars already spent just in Iraq and used for intelligence and protection in here. These terrorists do not have over continental missiles. I hope it is understood this is a war to protect oil reserves… For, well, of course, those who have interested in these reserves. Specially those who have billions and millions of dollars invested on them. Let’s realize what our priorities are:

    Check the cost of war: http://www.nationalpriorities.org/ (watch their “anniversary video”)

    You say: “One [group] is made up of nations and people and world organizations that have no common cultural bond except for protecting peace.” For protecting peace? Who is protecting peace? Definitely not the U.S. Because what we are doing, and what you suggested you do is: keep war going. Keeping war going is not making peace. A war of revolution and of change from inside, from the people that are being oppressed is a just war. No other war is just. We have killed MILLIONS OF IRAQS just in this war alone. How do you talk of giving them freedom, intellectual and economic development? Are we really giving them that?

    Did you forget what group traveled to the middle east for some 200 years to convert, or take over the religious land, or just kill the others who are not Christian, or to… to what again? In my mind? For money. Just like any other war of aggression. For power and money. And certainly not for you buddy. Unless you are Dick Cheney who is reading this, or a handful of others like him.

    I am totally for self-sustaining nations (are we one even? I ask, in terms of centuries? –think environmental). And I totally agree “schools and hospitals should be built and industry and businesses set up. But THEY ARE NOT! First of all, we need this here home too. And we should invest on our small businesses, small farmers, and schools with less opportunities. But we are not even building that in Iraq and definitely not in Afghanistan. We built an embassy in Iraq. I guess that’s nice. You have to follow the news, and many different sources. You must know your history too. The U.S. –I am terribly sorry to say—has funded many dictatorships and oppressed many people indirectly. This is undeniable. Check the Monroe doctrine, and check the history of U.S. and the Shah of Iran. Check reasons for Vietnam, Korean war. Check the relations between U.S., Nicaragua, Panama, and El Salvador. Chile as well has an interesting story with the U.S. funding the army. The U.S. fully knew and endorsed an overthrow of Salvador Allende (a democratically elected president nothing like a dictator). The U.S. funded training for the Chilean national army, outside of Chile supplied them with intelligence. This same army, led by August Pinochet, threw a coup d’etat on September 11, 1973, –in other words, brought troops to the capital and took over the President’s House. This ended with the death of the democratic president Allende, and began 26 years of the military rule of Pinochet. (check: Chilean coup d’état of 1973)

    Jesus Christ. Need I say more? Please, understand that this war is not for the majority of Americans. And in fact, the problem is that it is leading to more rage and fury.

    To one of your comments: America is a threat to these people’s ideologies. You are right. That’s the problem. American has been causing trouble (to use a nice term) in the Middle East MUCH BEFORE they did anything to us. Do you know what goes on between the U.S. and the dictator of Egypt, the king of Saudi Arabia? As long as these dictators play by our rules –the rule of money and power for the few that already have—we are okay with them, like China, Saudi Arabia and like Saddam Hussein too. American started this, and we are much stronger. Let’s not be bullies. We are not helping the people in Afghanistan right now. And we have been there for 8 years. Things are a disaster over there and there is not sign of change. You may say Iraq had a positive turnout. But has it been worth it???? How much did it cost? And, How much better is the world now and how much better is Iraq?

  2. Perhaps you ought to take a closer look at “all” my other posts band you would see that I do just that! Typically, some people offer a lot of criticism. They fall short on solutions!

  3. Perhaps instead of boggling about the vast left-wing conspiracy in the media, you should read more diversified opinions about what’s going on right now. This means reading general news reports, regional dispatches (i.e. how other Arab nations interpret Iraq news), and foreign policy magazines. I find both the left-wing and right-wing blogs are incredibly isolated and bereft of overall awareness.

    I know people want to support the troops and the president and the “war” but they’re dishonoring their own country by not being aware of international affairs, cultural differences, and balances of power. In short, Americans are being dumb about a matter that they should closely be studying.

  4. If you7 are the historian you say you are then you know the League was in existence after the war and the Mandates are public knowledge! If you reread what I wrote you couldn’t possibly determine I felt the Mandates were a good idea!

    Disagreement is one thing. Protesting in the streets at events sponsored by affiliates of the DSA, an organization which would do anything to destroy our nation and Constitution is another thing. Generally friends don’t purposely harm friends. Lack of funding for our troops costs lives, our troops and the Iraqi.

    Those troops riding around seem to be a welcome site to most Iraqi. Their presence keeps the terrorist who are killing innocent Iraqi citizens! Check out their blogs!

    As the Iraqi become more able to assume control of their own government and country, we will return more and more control back over to them. In your study of history, did you study Japan?

  5. Being a historian, I see many holes in the argument above. I’m not sure what you were implying with the mandates, (especially given that neither the League of Nations nor the United Nations existed before WW1) and the mandates have been the direct cause of countless wars since. I should hope noone would think that the mandates were a good idea, dividing up cultures and lands as they best benefited the colonizer.

    Anyway, I think the biggest problem in our country right now is the closed mindedness on both sides. Noone is willing to hear from both sides anymore, they either take one extreme or the other. Yes, it is possible to both support our troops and disagree with our administration. It is possible to support America but not it’s decisions. Compare it to a friendship… it’s possible to love and support your friend even though you don’t agree with every choice he/she makes, right?

    I personally supported the original intentions of the war when we were told that there were WMD’s (which was a lie) and the removal of an unjust ruler (who we were responsible for being in power in the first place, but that’s a history lesson we don’t need to get into right now)

    However, too much time has gone on with little progress. We are no longer liberators, just occupiers. As Talleyrand said, one of the most important diplomats in Western history, “You can do anything with bayonets except sit on them.” That’s what we’re doing now. We’re sitting on them. Machiavelli also warned us of the dangers of possessing a foreign land that did not wish us to be occupying them.

    Just think about it in our own terms. Soldiers walking around fully armed, riding around in vehicles that could level their town in a matter of minutes. Who wants that? Nobody. Certainly not Americans. Ask those present at the Boston Massacre.

    At some point we have to step back and figure out what our actual goal is. It certainly isn’t what we started with. They’ve already had a democratic election, maybe it’s time we step back and let them handle things.

  6. Dave, neither I nor anyone else could have said in better words. Thank you! God Bless you, your family, and most importantly, your son. He is in my prayers.

  7. All I know is its politics as usual. Our leaders do not seem to go pass their interest in being re elected.

    My son is a United States soldier in Iraq. I want him to come home alive.

    My disgust with this pork barrel spending bill to fund our troops is nothing more than the Liberals trying to appease their welfare state to have power over Americans.

    Just have a bill with funds the war with benchmarks and not a surrender date for the US, and please leave out the pork.

    I would like to see the USA get out of all the countries that do not appreciate us and let them crash and burn.

    If we go to war, than go to win. What ever it takes! I want to see a free Iraq. I think it would be great. I do think we are safer in the state because we are fighting the the TERRORIST, not the touchy PC word insurgents.

    When we fight a PC war like Korea and Vietnam, we lose.

  8. “Politics of s Patriot,” I too find it difficult to understand. The media’s failure to accurately report all the facts feeds into the extreme left, or socialists in our country who want our Government to fail at home and abroad!

  9. I often find it difficult to understand how on earth people do not understand why it is so necessary that we be in Iraq. I contribute most of it to the Left Wing media, but regardless, thank you for the exposure to the facts and for your service.

  10. Sgt. John your point is well made. Pathetic isn’t it?

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  12. Funny, all this talk about treason.

    Look who ended up with trason charges…a soldier in Iraq


  13. I read your post earlier. I I also read several others. They were excellent. I tried to post a comment but I am having a problem with Blogger and Google. I thought it was fixed but it is still messed up. But, you are so right.

  14. Too many people take the easy was, especially if they are not directly affected. Only about 27% of the US even qualify for recruitment in our armed forces. Take a look:


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