My Mom – My Hero!

My Mom is in the hospital. She has been in the hospital since Wednesday but she wouldn’t let the sister and brother that live with her tell the rest of us until she got her tests done yesterday. Stubborn woman!

All the arteries around her heart but one are completely blocked. The one left only has a “pin hole” size hole for blood flow. Without by-pass surgery she will not survive. She had a quadruple by-pass almost twenty-five years ago which astonishes the doctors. They have never seen a patient go much over ten years and a few had made it to twenty years.

Her situation is complicated by the fact that the first by-pass surgery was “botched” according to the doctors she has now. Amazingly, she has a perfectly healthy heart. That doesn’t surprise me. Mom was very good about her eating habits and such. So, even though survival rate for a second by-pass is lower, hers is better than 90%. Thank God for that!

I stayed at the hospital with her last night. We are all making sure someone is always with her to keep her spirits up. Of course she is afraid. But, she would never tell us. I did hear her tell the nurse though.  But last night I had my first peaceful sleep where my Mom is concerned since my nephew died.  I knew something was wrong with Mom. I could see it getting worse. The stress of Mike’s death made it all worse faster. Since the doctors are amazed she made it to now, you know I am relieved over her finally being in a safe place.

Please pray for her and my family. We are still getting over the death of my nephew in Kuwait a couple years ago. No one is ever ready to lose a parent; but, to lose her now would be devastating.  My brother living with her has congestive heart failure.  I am afraid for him too! My sister was Mike’s Mom. He was her only child. She doesn’t need another loss now either!

My Mom is something else. She is one of those people who endures tragedy after tragedy and still goes on. That doesn’t mean she never gets down. Of course she does. But, she always picks herself up by the “boot straps” and goes on! She can make us all angry at times because she is very stubborn and strong willed. She never beats around the bush when she has something to say. Much to our dismay, she is generally right, lol!

Neither her or my Dad had a real home. They made it their goal to raise the six of us in a good and decent home with strong moral and religious values. They also raised us to treat people the way we want to be treated. They both could have easily become drunks or drug addicts like so many of both their families. But, they didn’t. My dad died shortly after my Mom’s first surgery and my son’s birth. They were married over thirty-five years. Hard as it was and with her recent surgery, she went on with her life. She is the backbone of our family.

Her wisdom, love, determination, and guidance has helped us all through one major problem and life situation after another. She has always been my “hero!” I don’t know many people who can say that about their parents. But, fortunately I can! She always taught us we could be anything we wanted to be if were willing to work for it! Though she doesn’t go to Church, she believes in God! She taught us the value of prayer and talking to God. Throughout all my life, the single most important thing she taught and gave to all of us is “unconditional love!”

That doesn’t mean she did not teach us about consequences. She did. But she also taught us about forgiveness! She and my Dad were both strict, but, fair. Everyday I look at my two kids, twenty-one and twenty-three, I am so proud of them But, I also know that my Mom and Dad, especially my Mom, are the reason I was able to do a good enough job with them that they grew up wanting to be good people.

Mom, you will never see this. But I love you. Get well. I am so proud to be your daughter! Thank you!


~ by devildog6771 on April 21, 2007.

5 Responses to “My Mom – My Hero!”

  1. Thank you Jo. After all the waiting I went to the hospital last night to be there for her and found out the surgery was changed at 9:00 p.m. last night due to an emergency for another patient. She will have her surgery tomorrow morning. But it may have been a good change. She slept better last night than since she has been there.

    Today she found out the three police departments in the cities that my nephew had worked for each told their departments about her surgery. They call her Gram. After the meeting each one said prayers for her. It lifted her spirits so much to know they remembered her and that out of respect for Mike and friendship for her they offered their prayers for her.

    The hospital staff are all pleased at her spirit.

  2. Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. God has her ways.

  3. Update:

    Mom is holding her own so far. We are with her around the clock. We don’t want her to be alone. She has told the nurses she is glad we are with her. We will not let her down! Tomorrow is “the” day! I hope prayers help. There are have sure been a lot of them!

  4. Thank you yankeemom. She is a very special lady. We are very proud of her and glad we is our mom!

  5. My prayers are with your Mom, you and all the family ~
    She sounds like my kind of woman! How fortunate you are to have her as your Mom.

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