“The Good! The Bad! The Ugly?”

I have been trying to visit some blogs I haven’t visited much lately. I find myself so caught up in verifying information for my other posts about the b.s. at home that for too long I have neglected reading other blogs. Big mistake! I found myself feeling like something was missing from my day!

First I visited American Soldier. He is one of the very first milbloggers I read. You might say he got me started in an indirect sort of way. I was deeply saddened and disturbed by a post on his blog.

A.S. and the Mrs. went shopping for some new duds for A.S.. He’s about to start a new job. When they finished shopping they went to their car to go home. What they found when they reached their car was very shocking and left me feeling very angry for them. Go pay A.S. a visit and read “Act of disrespect”.

I visited Iraq War Today and Pam has several really good stories about the progress in Iraq and Afghanistan. She has a nice article about a new soldier’s war experiences as he sets his mind to meet the challenges thrown at him. In “New Soldier sees reality of war”, Pvt. Eric Rundquist talks about how much his attitude changed after arriving in Iraq and getting a first hand view of what is really happening there versus what he had heard from the media back home! It is an excellent read.

In “America Supports You: Bikers Salute, Support Service members,” Pam has a great story about how the people in Phoenix pay tribute to our troops and their families. You can read these two stories and the reports from Iraq and Afghanistan at Iraq War Today. Go pay Pam a visit!

At A Soldiers Perspective, C.J. has added another “hero” to They Have Names. Go read about “William Joshua Rechenmacher,” This Weeks Hero. While you are there check out the fund raiser information.

I started on this post Monday. As I was finishing up one part, I found out about the Va. Tech killings. I had intended to make this post a little longer by reviewing several more sites. I have decided to end the post here. My heart just isn’t in it to continue. I have long forgotten the other sites that I wanted to include. So, please excuse my lateness and the fact this post is late. The stories I did cover are worthy of interest. Please check them out though they are late!

~ by devildog6771 on April 19, 2007.

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