Harry Reid and the Do Nothing Congress

Dear Mr. Reid;

I respectfully request, as an American citizen, that you resign your position and step aside to allow someone in your office who can and will do your job. You and other members of Congress in both houses, primarily Democrats, but some Republicans too, do not belong in your positions or jobs.

I say this because you have allowed partisan politics to become more important the welfare of America and American troops at war. You have continually demanded the President add more troops in Iraq. You have continually said he needs to change direction or tactics. When the President ordered the troop increase and requested the funding needed for our troops, you and other members of Congress began a deliberate campaign to prevent the President from implementing the necessary changes in forces by refusing to pass the necessary legislation to provide funding for the troops in the field and those about to be sent into the field.

Not one single one of you have offered a single plan or solution on the war except withdrawal. For well over twenty years before 9/11 the enemy has declared itself at war with America. They have made increasingly more devastating attacks against Americans culminating in the 9/11 attacks. Now you have the unmitigated gall to say the “WAR is LOST !” You coward. You despicable, spineless, coward. How dare you speak for me? How dare you speak for our troops! How dare you say you support our troop!

You have added items to your bills that have nothing to do with the war effort. You have added deadlines and other restrictive measures that will only lead to failure in the war. You are trying to over ride the President’s authority and take that authority for yourselves in violation of the Constitution! You will all be personally responsible for the needless death of over three thousand troops by your cowardly and treasonous acts in Congress. Your actions will lead to the death of millions of Iraqi citizens and to a de-stablization of the entire Middle East. You are encouraging the enemy to make last “ditch” all out efforts to back up your “claims” by increasing their brutal savagery and murder of Iraqi and Coalition soldiers, including our own. You will be guilty of “Crimes Against Humanity” and ought to be tried for “War Crimes!”

Mr. Reid, if you and those other members of Congress successfully force our troops to withdraw you will tell the enemy that we are cowards. You will destroy any allies we have. You will invite the destruction of America. You will invite the enemy to Bring the fighting to our homeland. YOU ARE ALL FOOLS IF YOU BELIEVE THIS TO BE UNTRUE. When, not if, these killers attack us allover America, no nation will step forward to help us defeat the enemy.

You are all guilty of treason and cowardice in a time of war. You do not deserve to hold on to your jobs. America’s safety depends on your immediate resignation! The welfare and safety of our troops demand you resign. You are all unfit to serve our nation! After the war is over, if America still stands free, you all ought to be tried for your crimes.

I challenge you all to respond to my open letter if you have the courage! I await your response! However, being the cowards you are, I know you will not respond. You will continue to do what you do best- nothing!

Mr. Reid, you, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry , John Murtha, John Warner, and all the rest of you have to look up to see over the boot soles of our troops. Crawl off on your slimy bellies to some hole somewhere and let some real Americans and mane and women do the job you are too cowardly and unfit to do!! I award you all the “Golden Ass Award!”

Golden Ass Award

A true American,


~ by devildog6771 on April 19, 2007.

4 Responses to “Harry Reid and the Do Nothing Congress”

  1. I certainly do! Thank you for visiting here. Thank you for your service and the sacrifices of you and your family! We are extremely proud of you all. I only wish you could look at “all” of us back home and feel the same pride!

  2. Mr. Harry Reid “Some would call it TREASON”

  3. Thank you mom!

  4. Amen!!

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