A night in the void!

It’s raining today. Not one of those gushers; but, one of those rain storms that goes on off and on all day and into the night. You know the type. They make you lazy. They make you sleep like a baby for the first real good night’s sleep in a while! When you finally wake up the next day, it is with a sense of such shear pleasure! You don’t want the moment to end. So, you pull the covers up around your chin, curl up like a baby, and steal a few more hours sleep!.

Daily troubles, the war, politics, the pain of the loss of a loved one are carefully set aside for that short reprieve. Deep inside my heart of hearts, I know all those things will still be there when I do finally wake up; but for now, God has given me a much needed moment’s escape. There is a part of me that also feels guilty. But, that too, I put aside for a few more hours of blissful sleep.

Thankfully, my mind was taken on a journey in those moments of sweet surrender to sleep. I don’t even remember if I dreamed at all. It was more like I was in this empty void. I say empty because the void was pain free. It was worry free. It just was!

In those final moments of bliss, as my mind began to refocus on my surroundings, I could tell it was still raining. There was something about the gentleness of the air I breathed. It seemed fresher. It seemed quieter, tranquil. My cats and puppy seemed to also be caught up in the magic of the moment. There were no demanding meows for a treat or attention. My puppy didn’t start licking me in the face to make me move a little faster and take her for her morning walk. We all just lay there and absorbed the day.

I knew I wouldn’t have another night and day like this for a while. So, as I lay there for those last moments, I savored every ounce of peace and tranquility. I let the warmth and comfort of those final moments envelope me and protect in blissful peace and solitude. I just existed!

Then, I woke up!

[edited to add a missing preposition, lol!]


~ by devildog6771 on April 15, 2007.

2 Responses to “A night in the void!”

  1. Thank you, Pam, for your kind words.

  2. DD, what a moving post! Then again, your words and art have always been a valuable asset. Have a blessed Sunday!!

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