The divirsionary tactics used by the Democratics do not hide their treasonous conduct!

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Time in partnership with CNN carried this story on March 7, 2007, “Why Were These U.S. Attorneys Fired?” After Republicans lost control of Congress last year, newly empowered Democrats promised to launch a series of tough investigations on everything from the Iraq war to Medicare and high energy prices. But since taking charge on Capitol Hill in January, a series of unexpected new issues have captured their attention, none potentially more damaging to the Bush Administration than the controversy over alleged political influence in the firing of eight Republican U.S. attorneys last Dec. 7, in an episode that some of its victims have already taken to calling the “Pearl Harbor Day Massacre.”

The article goes on to say:

The White House approves all U.S. attorneys, who function as the federal government’s chief prosecutors in 93 jurisdictions around the country. As political appointees, they serve “at the pleasure of the President,” and can be replaced, at least theoretically, at any time for any reason. But group firings in the middle a presidential term are highly unusual. Though Attorney General Alberto Gonzales insisted to Congress that “I would never, ever make a change in a U.S. attorney position for political reasons,” critics were outraged at the December dismissals, among them the firing of an Arkansas U.S. attorney to make way for Timothy Griffin, a protege of White House political guru Karl Rove. The outcry forced Griffin to withdraw. Gonzales’ top deputy later claimed the firings were necessary because of “performance-related” issues. But it was later revealed that all but two of the dismissed prosecutors had won outstanding evaluations for competence.

The Time report further states:

Amid all the criticism, several DOJ officials offered a robust defense of the Administration in testimony before Congress. One official, repeating the assertion that most of the firings were motivated by poor performance, cited the case of U.S. attorney Carol Lam of California, who last year successfully prosecuted former G.O.P. Rep. Randy “Duke” Cunningham for corruption. The DOJ official said Lam was pushed out, not because of the Cunningham case, but because her prosecution rates for violent crime and border violations were inadequate. Another DOJ official testified that Iglesias had been fired because he delegated too much to a subordinate and did not show enough “leadership”. The firings might never have happened if not for a little-noticed clause slipped into the Patriot Act last year. That provision, promoted by the White House, permits the President to appoint “interim” U.S. attorneys without Senate confirmation for an indefinite period. The White House successfully pushed the measure because it regarded the previous law (which allowed unconfirmed U.S. attorneys to serve for only 120 days) as an undue limit on the prerogatives of the President. Living within those limits, however, might have been easier for Bush to endure than the controversy the firings have now embroiled him in.

Ever since the Democrats have gained control of Congress, they have repeatedly gone off on one “witch hunt” after another in an attempt to pacify the belligerent extreme left supporters who insist that Bush and Chaney be “impeached” and the war be brought to an immediate end regardless of the out come to Iraq and its citizens. Nor do these people care about the safety of our nation here at home.

In the National Review on Sept 1, 1998 an article appeared written by Robert H. Bork, “Justice denied: as President Clinton has time after time made a mockery of his oath of office, his attorney general has followed suit – Janet Reno”.

In the history of the Republic, the names of Bill Clinton and Janet Reno will be forever linked, a prospect that ought to appall Miss Reno. That is entirely due to her efforts to preserve the President from his own follies, to use a polite word. Bill Clinton heads what is probably the most corrupt Administration ever, while Miss Reno has been called the worst of all Clinton’s Cabinet appointments. From his point of view, of course, she may be the best, which comes to much the same thing.

Those comments clearly and accurately define the Clinton Administration, though the Democrats would like to have us all believe otherwise!

Bork goes on to say of Reno:

Miss Reno’s only visible qualifications for the post of attorney general were two: she is a woman and she had been a prosecutor. The first characteristic was indisputable, although, in any non-feminized era, it would have been irrelevant. The second seemed heartening, but it did not prepare her for Washington. Coming from obscurity, she must have been caught off guard by the rampant corruption into which she was thrust. So varied and unceasing have been this Administration’s infractions of law that Miss Reno resembles a desperate tennis player, running from side to side of the court and from net to baseline in a frantic effort to hold down the score. Unfortunately for her White House coach, she is becoming winded and wobbly-legged.

A rather sad commentary in my opinion!

She was not in charge from the beginning. Upon taking office, in an unexplained departure from the practice of recent Administrations, Miss Reno suddenly fired all 93 U.S. attorneys. She said the decision had been made in conjunction with the White House. Translation: The President ordered it. Just as the best place to hide a body is on a battlefield, the best way to be rid of one potentially troublesome attorney is to fire all of them. The U.S. attorney in Little Rock was replaced by a Clinton protege. The long-running Waco emergency that culminated in the deaths of eighty Branch Davidian men, women, and children again proved that Janet Reno was not in charge in the Justice Department. Webster Hubbell, Hillary’s former law partner in Little Rock and Bill’s man at Justice, coordinated tactics with the White House. The President did not even talk to his attorney general throughout the crisis.

What follows is a litany of Clinton follies and scandal:

  • Clinton fired the entire staff of the White House travel office to divert business to friends of the Clinton’s.
  • FBI told to issue a press release suggesting criminality in the travel office.
  • Head of the office was indicted, tried, acquitted. “An inquiry suggested that Hillary Clinton ordered the coup.”
  • White House had asked for and received nine hundred raw FBI files on Republicans.
  • Who issued the request or hired the unqualified security officer who carried it out? “The evidence pointed to Hillary, but she denied responsibility.”
  • Did Hillary lie? If so, indictable offenses were committed!.
  • Janet Reno hands off problems to the independent counsel. Takes her out of the foray!
  • Vincent Foster commits suicide – all his notes and files disappeared.
  • Documents found to be removed by White House Counsel Bernard Nussbaum despite agreeing to let Justice Department lawyers examine them first.
  • Deputy attorney general, Philip Heymann – “Bernie, are you hiding something?”
  • Heymann resigns
  • Janet Reno can now transfer politically embarrassing investigations when the President permits it.
  • Enter Ken Starr – Clinton and Reno nemesis!
  • Four years and $40 million kater – 14 convictions on pleas and verdicts by Starr
  • Starr closing in on the President. Final indictments should have been handed up by the grand jury – report on possible impeachable offenses should have been delivered to the House of Representatives. Clinton keeps creating delays!
  • Withheld subpoenaed documents until threatened with contempt.
  • Administration personnel experienced selective memory
  • Claims of executive privilege litigated to the end to hamper compliance but to no avail as US Supreme Court killed that venue during Nixon’s troubles.
  • Tried to prevent Secret Service agents from testifying using “protective-function privilege – Clinton could be in mortal danger if they were not at his side [Monica must have been a voyeur]
  • Clinton effectively taking the “Fifth” by his actions – Reno aides him with delaying court action to smear Starr!
  • Democratic presidential campaign gets a donation from Asia
  • The FBI and the Department of Justice refused to brief the White House about Chinese involvement because they do not trust this White House. – Reno stalls in appointing a special prosecutor
  • Clinton and Gore protected by Reno’s delay in appointing a special prosecutor – in other words she covered for them!

See Robert Baer’s Book, “See No Evil” for more on this. Baer was a CIA agent at the time and he discovered this scandal; but, he was thwarted at every turn by the new “Politically Correct Agency” and White House Staffers when he tried to disclose this information. There were also irregularities by some “big” oil companies here too. One of the biggest lobbyist for one of the oil companies was on Clinton’s staff.

So what is the big deal here with the firing of those attornies? Right now the only thing the Democratic Congress isn’t investigating is how much toilet paper the Administration uses to wipe their tushes! When will Congress start doing some real work? Let’s face it, Clinton and Gore were both a piece of work. The Democrats are suffering from “hands in the cookie jar syndrome!” They got caught and embarrassed. Get over it. This is all a diversionary tactic to hide the fact or divert attention from the fact that the Democratic party is owned by “socialists” who keep calling dissenters Nazis or brainwashed. If these fools looked up Nazism they would see that the Nazis were in fact “socialists!” Go figure!

Anyway, I digress. If the Democrats want to investigate, then investigate the so called “Shadow Presidency” of Nancy Pelosi and the actual “Shadow Party” of Hillary Clinton and George Soros. What’s that old saying from the Bible, “let him who is without sin cast the first stone!”

[edited for clarity}


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