ANSWER tries to dupe its members on the March 17 March on the Pentagon poor turn out!

If you go to the ANSWER web site you’ll find their report on the March 17, 2007 “March on the Pentagon.” According to ANSWER, over 50,000 people were in their protest march. Their article, Tens of Thousands March on the Pentagon-Riot Police Block Buses and Deny Access to People Coming to the Demonstration is an over inflated report of events. I know. I was there. I can tell you that Gathering of Eagles prevented several attempts to spray paint the “Wall’ and that the Eagles and other troop supporters out numbered the protesters three to one.

Unlike the single picture on the ANSWER site that shows a single throng of protesters and their professional signs and fancy sound system, I have about fifty pictures that shows ANSWER behind their little snow barricade standing in a huge mud hole surrounded on all sides by Gathering of Eagles members and other supporters. There is also a video taken by Michelle Maulkin and the aerial count by the Park police.

Come on ANSWER, fess up. After a year of planning, your protest march was a bust!

~ by devildog6771 on April 14, 2007.

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