Local Afghan Government Officials – American Coalition Forces Rescue Flood Victims

Villagers from Qhargahe District, Laghman Province observe as an Afghanistan International Air helicopter prepares to land and rescue villagers stranded by flood waters April 1. AIT transported the villagers to the Zangaray Refugee Camp nearby.  Coalition forces from Forward Operating Base Mehtar Lam assisted with humanitarian assistance goods and helped coordinate rescue efforts by AIT and U.N. helicopters. (Photo by Air Force Capt. Gerardo Gonzalez)

In a true testimonial to the growing success of the Afghan government and the working relationship between that government and the coalition forces, both joined forces recently during a major flood and provided prompt emergency assistance to local flood victims in northeastern Afghanistan. This joint operation took place on March 31 through April 1, 2007.

The relief efforts came in the wake of severe flooding to the south of the provincial capital of Mehtar Lam. The flooding, which filled some areas with waist-high water, stranded around 200 Afghan civilians and left many without food, dry clothing or shelter.
Gov. Gulab Mangal of Laghman and ANSF spearheaded efforts to house villagers displaced by the flooding. Afghanistan International Transportation helicopters rescued around 150 stranded citizens.

Connecticut National Guardsmen from Task Force Iron Gray and members of the Mehtar Lam Provincial Reconstruction Team, meanwhile, assisted Mangal and ANSF in the relief efforts.

Islamic Republic of Afghanistan government and Coalition forces delivered food items including prepared meals, rice, beans and water. They distributed such clothing articles as jackets, gloves, sweaters, socks and gloves as well as tarps and blankets to the Qhargahe District Center for distribution through the Red Crescent.

The severe flooding was caused by rains and melting snow in Eastern Afghanistan! According to the coalition leadership, they had nothing but the highest praises for the efforts of the local Afghan officials to meet the crisis which befell its local citizens:

“Governor Mangal did an excellent job of coordinating all of the rescue and relief operations,” said Army Lt. Col. Steven Gilbert, the commander of Task Force Iron Gray. “He demonstrated how effective the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is with taking care of its people.”
“As Coalition forces are here to help the people of Afghanistan we did everything in our power to render assistance when Governor Mangal called,” Gilbert added. “I am very pleased with evacuating the flood victims and to arrange for the helicopters to assist in the rescue of so many citizens of Laghman. My Soldiers felt very good about the opportunity to deliver food, blankets and clothing in such a time of need.”

This is a truly momentous event. What with all the political events in Congress lately about the ineffectiveness of our efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan, there can be no doubt about the major accomplishments made in Afghanistan. This is truly an example of a people who have made great strides in developing their own ability to meet the needs of their own citizenry.

I congratulate the efforts of our troops in the region and the Afghans for the progress they have made. Job well done!

[credits: 3 April 2007
Combined Joint Task Force-82 Press Release]


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2 Responses to “Local Afghan Government Officials – American Coalition Forces Rescue Flood Victims”

  1. Chief RZ, there are so few ways to truly thank you and our other troops for all you have done. I sure hope my efforts do some justice to you all. God Bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart for all you and your families have sacrificed. I and most Americans are so damn proud of you all. Thank you!

  2. Thanks for the visit. Your blog is one of many that are trying to spread The Truth.
    Served in Mosul 2004–Air Force.

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