How America’s allies see us after Congress told the President to take a hike?

I seldom feel ashamed to be an American. Not because we don’t make mistakes, we do. We are often arrogant and at times I am sure we appear self righteous. I plead guilty to both on occasion but our hearts are generally always in the right place.

I can no longer look anyone in the eye and make that claim today. Our Congress, over run in the House by Socialism and Communism in the Democratic Party and two traitorous Republicans and in the Senate the Democrats and a couple Republicans have brought great shame to our nation. A nation that people risk death in crowded excuses for boats to come to for refuge has voted to “SURRENDER TO AN ENEMY” that has declared war on us and promised our total annhilation!. Already one of our most dependable allies and one of our closest friends has posted a shameful mirror for us Americans to get a good look at just how we are viewed for our cowardice. Read on:

From A_C at Tanker Brothers comes this post from our dear Australian friends and former allies because we have abandoned them.

My Open Letter To The Democrats

I woke up this morning with thoughts of Americas politics on my mind, truly not the nicest way to start the day. As I lay in bed I started to think about how far Americas influence spread throughout the world. How their day to day drama’s affect us all. Then I began to wonder what I would say to the Democrats if I had my chance.

And so I decided to write my thoughts in an open letter….

You Sad, Sorry, Pathetic, Spineless….

Ooops, you’ll be wanting the edited version. With this in mind I am not actually aware of how you address your politicians in mail. I know it is customary for us to address ours ‘To the Honourable…..’ but those words just don’t seem right in this case.

As an Australian and citizen of one of your most loyally allied countries, I feel compelled to write and voice my utter disgust at the way in which you choose to conduct yourselves.

As you sit abusing and misusing your positions of power on a daily basis, we your allies and friends, are left wondering where is your pride in your country?? Where is your pride in everything you stand for??

The United States is undoubtedly the most powerful country in the world. It’s influences are far reaching and affect every other nation in one way or another. This gives you the unenviable responsibility of ensuring you conduct yourselves and your politics in a respectful and selfless manner. Since last years elections when the Democrats took the majority of power I have seen none of this.

I have seen a political party that has no respect for itself or the people that fight to keep their great nation free. I see a political party that does not seem able to comprehend the far reaching affects of it’s decisions and campaigns. Speaking from my perspective, I wonder if you understand the consequences of withdrawing the Troops from Iraq and Afghanistan before they are able to complete the task at hand.

By ‘Cutting and Running’ you are undoubtedly bringing the fight to us. While this fight is in the Middle East we are able to conduct all operations as a united front. The Coalition is able to call on each others strengths to get the job done. By forcing the Presidents hand and ‘ending’ this war you will divide the Coalition. No longer will we be in a position to address the issue of Terrorism as a whole. By bringing the fight to us you are forcing each nation to defend itself, therefore not allowing us to work together. I wonder, do you feel confident that your country can withstand ongoing acts of terrorism if our Troops are not left to finish this fight?? If so, that is not a confidence I share.

I know many of you have visited Iraq and I have to wonder, exactly which parts of Iraq you saw?? I am in no doubt that little of your trip involved leaving the relative safety of your hotel since after visiting you still seem unconvinced of our need to be there. We all have much to be proud of in light of the progress being made over in these countries. Incase you were still ignorantly unaware, there is progress being made.

Might I suggest that maybe you spend a little less time negating the valiant efforts and successes of your countries Warriors and perhaps redirect some of that energy towards the Leftist Movements that have become an embarrassment to your great nation. Unfortunately for you, it is their disgusting displays of treason that embed themselves in the minds of many who are then blinded to the courage and strength of your honorable Military Forces.

In my country, baring yourself to protest would earn you a trip to the police station and a court appearance. I have to confess, from an outsiders point of view it actually seems that you encourage these gatherings. I am left completely at a loss as to why people are legally allowed to denounce your countries leaders and openly encourage and support terrorism. Is this truly what your country meant when they decided that all it’s citizens should have Freedom of Speech?? That people be allowed to openly support those who would see your country destroyed??

Perhaps all that energy misspent on negating the efforts of our Troops might be better spent reviewing your protest laws. I in no way support David Hicks, I am one of what seems to be a minority in my country who believe he is as guilty as sin. However it astounds me that on the one hand he is being tried for supporting terrorism and on the other, you have American citizens who openly and unashamedly boast of supporting the terrorists and they continually go uninvestigated and unpunished. I do not blame your President for this. I blame you. It would seem your Party has become so desperate to pursue the downfall of it’s countries President that it can not see it’s own treason.

Inevitably, as a united front, both the Democrats and the Terrorists seem likely to bring about the destruction of your country. Already your own private Coalition is erradicating the moral fibre of your nation. As you bicker amongst yourselves like spoilt children your people lose faith in it’s government.

Today, more than any other day I can remember, I thank God that I am Australian. When, because of your actions, this war comes to us at least we will conduct ourselves in a courageous and honourable manner. We may not win but we will fight with and for the pride of our great nation.

Who will fight for you??


The way I see it, we are going to wind up having to make a choice if the Democrats are allowed to continue their treasonous path. We will either pray to Allah,

hoist a new flag,

Symbol of Socialism and Communism

or give them both, Democrats and the Islamics a message “we can live with in dignity!”

I know my choice. What will you choose?

Just a little help with the home grown traitors:

“Communism” and “socialism”
Much confusion surrounds the words “communism” and “socialism”, particularly in the United States. The aim of this paragraph is to dispel that confusion. In terms of ideology and politics, communism is a sub-category of socialism. Communist ideology is a specific branch of socialist ideology and the communist movement is a specific branch of the larger socialist movement. A person who calls himself or herself a “communist” is a certain kind of socialist; in other words, all communists are socialists but not all socialists are communists. In terms of socio-economic systems, communism and socialism are two different things. For example, socialism involves the existence of a state, while communism does not. Socialism involves public ownership of the means of production and private ownership of everything else, while communism abolishes private ownership altogether.


~ by devildog6771 on March 30, 2007.

8 Responses to “How America’s allies see us after Congress told the President to take a hike?”

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  2. Hello, I can’t seem to find an email address for the writer here, apologies if there is one that I’ve missed. I am creating a poster based on Communist Russia for my Computer Graphics class with the aim of ineresting people in history. I was wondering if I could use your image of the communist flag on my poster? I require your agreement to allowing me to use this image so that I do not break any New Zealand copy right laws.

    A response asap would be greatly appreciated, thank you, Erin Sainsbury.

  3. Brother,
    I was a combat Hospital Corpsman with the USMC; and am a Democratic Socialist of Left of the Democratic Party. I promise you that when the justice and equality of the coming age arrive there will still be the freedom for you to exploit and twist the truth to your narrow ignorant political aims. You will have the freedom to raise your children in the delusion of righteousness, religiosity, and hatred if you like. I promise you those freedoms. Could you offer me the same???
    Peace, Land , and Bread
    Tom Sullivan

  4. […] getting personal or vulgar! I would enjoy an exchange of facts! The quote came from a post I wrote, How America’s allies see us after Congress told the President to take a hike?, made by one of our Australian Allies. The post, My Open Letter To The Democrats, was a very […]

  5. Waltzingaustralia, thank you for those most kind words. I have tried in every way I can think of to make people stand up, really listen, do their own research, then make their choices. My family won’t even talk to me about this because the think I am saying “all Democrats” are Socialist. With our own loss of a loved one I believe this is a battle best ignored within my family. Grief, especially for you only child, or a grandchild must be handled in the way best for those feeling the pain.

    I have a couple college kids who visit often, I really love their enthusiasm and freshness. For them and other like them, I cannot tell them how to think. But, I can make them question and seek truth from many sources.

    Our troops need our help. We need to make those fools in Washington think about what they are really doing. When an enemy declares war on you, it takes you over twenty years to really respond, then you walk away, what message is that giving the enemy. Remember, we are talking about an enemy that considers talking and negotiation a “weakness!”

  6. As far as I’m concerned, you get as many points for joining as for going. As Teddy Roosevelt said about those left behind when he sailed for Cuba, those who were prepared to go but couldn’t were just as brave as those who got sent.

    I think I’ll call my Senator in the morning — remind him that he works for me and suggest he support our troops.

    Thanks again.

  7. Waltzingaustralia, thank you for your post. I do need to make a clarification, though. I am not a combat veteran. I did serve in the USMC for four years, 67-71; but , I was never in combat! I appreciate your comments, though, and your support. I am so glad we have you guys for a friend and ally. I pray we don’t lose it!

    As for comments, well, I don’t get to many, lol. But, I really appreciate the ones I do get!

  8. Good stuff. I hope you get lots of readers — and that those readers fully understand what you’ve written. If we bail out there, it will come here. Thanks for your bravery — over there and on the Internet.

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