Media exposure of blogger endangers blogger’s life!

I found a rather interesting link over at Basils Blog today. So I went to the link, Anti-Jihad Blogger has ID exposed by Media to see for myself what this story was all about.

Remember all those articles spread across our media for weeks every time a media type was asked to reveal their source? Remember how they used the First Amendment to justify not revealing their sources? Do you also remember all the media hullabaloo from other media sources around the globe, including our own every time “a journalist” was questioned about their seeming first hand knowledge of the enemy’s side of the story in every supposed scandal of coalition, especially American crimes against civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan, and else where? How the media always seemed so quick to the scene?

Remember how the media was exposed for printing unverified news and doctored pictures which amounted to nothing more than propaganda for the terrorist and enemy? the media outrage over protection of sources, protection of its reporters identity in combat areas, yada, yada, yada?

It would seem “real” media types don’t offer the same respect, safe guard, and courtesy for the safety of bloggers! A media type has exposed the identity of the blogger who posts the blog, “Winds of Jihad.” In doing so, the media has effectively sentenced the editor to a “death sentence!”

Through careless and indifferent recklessness, the media’s exposure of this blogger’s identity has also greatly hampered that blogger’s ability to continue to expose the enemy or give a true accounting of facts to his countrymen and women and the world at large. Effectively the media has silenced a “truth” they were unable to unearth from the safety of the Baghdad Hotel and the Green Zone where they hide out writing “news from the front” they cannot even validate.

I suppose if the media lacked the courage to go after the truth, they were going to make sure no one else did either. What cowards and hypocrits they are!

Go read the whole story.  I am sure you will be as outraged as I am over this!


~ by devildog6771 on March 27, 2007.

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