Jane Fonda framed by FBI, lmao!

[Once again, I must warn you of colorful language]

Now this will really make you laugh. I happened across something that effectively says Jane Fonda was “framed” by the FBI. Supposedly she took secret letters to POW’s and brought home secret messages from POW’s to their families. The article, Peace Work, War Myths: Jane Fonda and the Antiwar Movement, written in 2004, also says among other ridiculous things:

Jane Fonda’s innovative activism against the war in Vietnam created new forms of antiwar politics. Fonda was instrumental in setting up the G. I. Office, a national iinvestigative clearing house for complaints of officer harassment by antiwar GIs….

During the war in Vietnam, the FBI and the Pentagon spread lies about Jane Fonda that, in the climate of resentment over the “lost” Vietnam war, have thrived in some right-wing quarters and even crept into popular memory.

This is from Blackwell Synergy’s, “Peace and Change, A Journal of Peace Research.” The author, Mary Hershberger, can’t possibly be from this planet. I think she is from some alternate dimension or time zone! Don’t suppose Mary ever talked to any real POW’s affected by Fonda’s acts of human kindness during Vietnam. Wonder if Mary thinks the FBI imagined that communist “cannon” between Fonda’s legs on her infamous trip to Hanoi? I know what it wasn’t? But, tell you what, I bet if I suggested that the cannon be placed somewhere else in Fonda’s anatomy, thousands of Vietnam Era Veterans would be lined up for miles to accommodate!

Wake up and smell the coffee, Mary. That infamous picture of “Hanoi Jane” was no fabrication. Nor was it taken during a visit to a historical site or theme park! The “bitch” colluded with the enemy. She betrayed POW’s by taking the messages they passed to her for her to bring home and turned them over to the enemy Commander. I know at least one soldier who said her actions led to the death of one POW and beatings for all of them! “A Rose by any other name is still a Rose!” So, you can sing her accolades if you want to Mary; but, Fonda will always be a “traitorous bitch” to any Vietnam veteran!


~ by devildog6771 on March 27, 2007.

5 Responses to “Jane Fonda framed by FBI, lmao!”

  1. Ohh boy…

  2. When I saw this article, even though it was slightly old, I had to post it.

  3. LOL You just can’t make this stuff up. All I can think of is that these folks do not have enough to do.

  4. Didn’t this one just grab you, lol?

  5. I lmao also. bwaahaaa!

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