A questionn is on the table, Who runs the country? President Bush or Nancy Pelosi?

Just A Voice at The Compass Blog posts a question we all should be asking right now, Who runs the country? President Bush or Nancy Pelosi?

Here’s an excerpt from his very well written post:

If anyone needed proof … last week sealed the deal.

It seems the new liberal Congress on Capitol Hill has made its mark, shown its true colors, and clearly questioned the authority of our President.

With a new Congress in town … distraction will be the name of the game.

Nancy Pelosi and her team are crying foul over the firings of eight U.S. federal attorneys.

But the hard truth is this: federal prosecutors serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States. It is perfectly legal for him to fire any – or all – of the U.S. attorneys for any reason at all.

In March of 1993, the Clinton administration fired all 93 federal prosecutors with absolutely no fanfare. No controversy. No congressional subpoenas or public hearings.

Earlier today I wrote a post, “President Pelosi? It is a possibility! What a frightening thought!,” that I feel is directly related to the post at The Compass Blog. The Democratic Party may be under the control of the Socialists movement in America today, but they still want the White House anyway they can get it. By eating away at the rights of the President through the Courts and Congress, they hope to impeach President Bush. In doing so, they may accomplish through maneuvers what eloctorally that can not, seize the Presidency! Sound far far fetched?

Read the post by Just a Voice! Read my other post! With a media blackout, and that’s exactly what we have been experiencing for the last three to four years, these people have or are on the brink of pulling off the greatest coup of the century!!

There is a counter movement in the works to stop Pelosi and her “gang.”

Stand with the ACLJ now in this imperative matter and voice your support of President Bush and his constitutional authority by joining our online COMMITTEE TO DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION.

A constitutional challenge has been issued. The liberal-leaning House of Representatives is pushing hard, putting on the pressure, grasping at whatever means possible to defy the President. True to form, the political spectacle is being led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

This is unprecedented in United States history. The Constitution grants the executive privilege. A move to subpoena the President’s top aides, such as Karl Rove or Harriet Miers, and force them to testify under oath sets up a political showdown unlike any we have ever seen.

Make no mistake: if the President’s top White House aides are compelled to testify publicly, this issue will end at the Supreme Court of the United States.

And we at the ACLJ are going to be there every step of the way. We will not back down in the face of blatant politicking and political pandering. We ask that President Bush stand firm … and come out fighting.

Who runs this country … President Bush or Nancy Pelosi?

I do not support many of the issues that the ACLJ supports. But in this case I agree with them one-hundred percent! Right now there are three petitons going to stop efforts to end the war and support of the war by the troops:

All of these efforts are worthy and justified. However, we are battling a bunch of people who have learned how to compromise for a common cause, the end of American life as we know it! We can only defeat their efforts by similarly compromising and joining forces. Our voices must not be scattered as if by the wind! We must stand united as one voice. There is room in America for us to all stand side by side and defeat the efforts of Pelosi and those in Congress trying to defeat our ability to defend our nation. We are facing a War on Terror abroad and a War Within right here at home on the home front. We can do this people. We just have to decide if our differences are more important than our common bounds!!

We need to set up form letters for people to copy and send to their elected representatives. We need to do everything we can. We need to set up dates and time for mass phone calls to the same officials every time crucial votes come up. We need to bombard the networks. That is what these people do. Go check out their webs and blogs. These people are organized at every level.

We owe it to our troops in the field and to those fallen, we owe it to ourselves, to join forces and stop these people now! We cannot continue to remain dis-organized inn our efforts.

A question is on the table, “Who runs the Country? President Bush or Nancy Pelosi?” Will you answer that question loud enough for Nancy Pelosi to hear our answer?

[edited to correct title spelling,lol]


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