March 17, 2007 – A day I have long awaited!! [Plus Pictures]

Though I am a member of “Gathering of Eagles” and several other groups who participated in the “anti” anti-war” rally, the words I write here represent my own personal views. If you read any anger, hatred, pain, or any other emotion into what I have to say, then good! Though I never served in combat, I watched as droves of our young men trained and then marched off to war for our nation. I also watched and experienced much of what they came home too! What I have to say is abrupt, to the point, and no holds barred on the language. Read on at your own inclination my views on the March 17, 2007 “anti-war”ally in D.C.

[pictures from the protest are at the end]

Ever since the attacks on 9/11, the country has found itself divided into two camps, the anti-war crowd and the pro-war crowd. I am sure that to someone outside the “loop” this seems like a bazaar and righteous dichotomy.

On the one hand we have a portion of the population that is exercising common sense, restraint. Their judgement isn’t clouded by emotions of the moment. Instead they are guided by “higher” standards of human conduct. They are setting an example of how to avoid war by exercising a battle of dialogue and negotiated settlement.

On the other, we have a portion of the country that feels that the attacks of 9/11 have only one response. After protracted talks and planning to make sure we responded to the right enemy, we bombed, invaded, and defeated the Taliban in Afghanistan. After helping the Afghans set up their interim government, we then went into Iraq. We defeated Saddam so quickly, we were not prepared yet for what needed to be done next. As with all wars and conflicts there were mistakes made, errors in judgement.

As a result of these things, we find ourselves in the midst of conflict still in Iraq. The “anti-war crowd,” the first group’ calls us, our nation, imperialists and war mongers. Of course, imperialism by definition means we are supposed to continue to occupy both Iraq and Afghanistan. Yet we helped both set up Democracies. We all watched with the rest of the world as both held their own elections.

Strange behavior for imperialists. Almost as strange as our unwillingness to kill civilians without regard as the enemy has done repeatedly. Quite the contrary, we help them build schools, wells, hospitals, and other infrastructure. We have and continue to spend millions to help both re-build.

The anti war crowd started organizing and protesting the same week as 9/11. They donate money and propaganda support to our enemy.

Now, you tell me, who is really watching out for America?

I have no trouble answering that question. Our troops! They are willing to die to safe guard our nation. The “protestors” donate money to our enemy who is trying to destroy our nation! The troops are willing to work to better our nation and help safeguard freedom for others! You protesters don’t even know who paid for your fancy professional signs, props, and sound system? The troops are willing to respect your right to free speech and all the other rights in the Constitution. Those buying your loyalty aren’t. They are systimaticly trying to change the Constitution, take away our rights.

Tell me this, you “*astards,” how did it feel to march across that bridge in D.C. last weekend, March 17, 2007, and see us “keep the line” and and feel the hatred of over thirty years staring you down? How did it feel to get turned away when you tried repeatedly to desecrate our Memorial with spray paint? How did it feel to hear the words, “We have finally had enough?” “Today 100,00, tomorrow 200,000!” “You awoke the sleeping giant!” How did to feel to be called a “traitor” for carrying flags from Communist nations? How did it feel to be told,” leave, we don’t want you here,” as you carried our flag upside down or dragged it on the ground? As you carried that empty coffin, walked by dressed as our enemy, the ones who put that soldier in a coffin, by the way, how did it feel to hear our anger and words of hate directed back at you for a change?

As you stood in that compound in a mud hole up to your ankles, surrounded by veterans on all sides, singing your ridiculous songs blasting out over the airways from your expensive equipment, yelling and ranting your vile slogans between the rants, spreading your pathetic “sixties hippie and war protesters'” wannabe themes, dressed like clowns, how did it feel to be drowned out solely by the voices of thousands of veterans from all our wars who have defended your right to act like a$$holes? Especially, how did it feel to know that the majority of those were probably Vietnam era vets.

Could you feel the thirty years plus of anger, outrage, and even hatred? Could you feel the pain of not being able to get proper medical care, watching your buddies die for nothing, living in the bowels of society because the haunting nightmares and dreams won’t let you live anywhere else? Could you feel the anger of struggling for all those years to overcome being treated as the enemy, being spit on, being called baby killers? Did you feel our anger at watching you burn “the flag,” a symbol of all we stand for as a nation, of what we as soldiers die for?

How did it feel to constantly walk through our lines, trying to provoke confrontation so you could show the nation and world our true mettle, and have us ignore you, laugh in your face? We did you know! As the police and people there to maintain order edged your pathetic selves back into your fold, we laughed at you all.

We laughed at everyone of your pathetic charades you used to get through our lines to spray paint your messages of hate on the monument to those who gave their lives serving in Vietnam. As we turned you back we stood to the fore front of a vanguard of over 50,000 “+” men and women who died safeguarding the rights of a$$holes like you! You are not worthy to walk on the “hallowed” ground that holds their memorial!

How did it feel to have your plans to be disruptive at the Pentagon spoiled? Yeah, we heard you! As you all stood in that mudhole chanting and singing, making your speeches of hate and dissent, throwing out your racial slander, your other rediculous rhetoric, waving all those signs and props made for you by ANSWER, vis-a-vis the Workers World Party, huddled together under your canopies some of you, how did it feel to look out at a sea of veteran faces all around you for as far as you could see and know that we all hated you pathetic guts?

Want to know how I felt? Damned proud! Mad as hell! And, most of all, so damn glad to finally say to all you a$$holes what I have waited over thirty years to say to your face,”T-R-A-I-T-O-R-S! C-O-W-A-R-D-S! Anti-American slime! L-E-A-V-E A-M-E-R-I-C-A! W-E D-O-N’-T W-A-N-T Y-O-U! Go live in Cuba, North Korea, Venezuella, China, and all those other UTOPIAS you hold do dearly! DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU IN THE A$$ on your way out!! And, as you make you way there, stand aside and let the throngs of their own citizens who can’t wait to come here to the “land of freedom and opportunity” pass you by!!

Well, you’ve read my diatribe! Now let’s have a look at the day in pictures. You may copy any of these as long as you give credits and they are used to show respect to our troops. Enjoy!

one of our posters a better shot how did those yellow flages get in there us another of our posters us

us us

us us - damn we look old!

a proud vet us

more giesers I don't recall once hearing them say, support the troops

more of us us

us us, notice the arm band

proud vet

on the move on his way- one of us

pretty sure this was a spray painter turned away- little hard to tell

better shot? we scared them off, lol

lol, no one would mess w'these guys

we were everywhere

one of us

needs no comments duh, which way did they go, which way did they go?

some more of our motley crew

requires no explanation - we protected them all! I wasn't the only one of us surprised by our numbers and recording ot for history!

that small yellow patch to the left- the protesters, he! he! another of the proud

us- them in the background [the yellow- quite appropo? us-foreground, them-background

boys in blue doing their job!
get'em boys!

look at all that yellow- look closely at the slogans

~ by devildog6771 on March 26, 2007.

11 Responses to “March 17, 2007 – A day I have long awaited!! [Plus Pictures]”

  1. You are an antagonistic @$$. We never lost in Vietnam. We won and jerks like you forced our troops out. That cowardly action cost over 2 million lives. I should think if anyone learned anything here it would be the hammer and sickle crowd that caused the pullout!

    If you think you or any other “red” or Socialist “B” will ever run this country, think again! Millions all over the world have died for the beliefs of this “spitting crowd!” On case you haven’t noticed, we are fighting back. If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen!!

    If you like Socialism, Marxism, or Stalinism so much then I suggest you go fix Russia. I understand Putin is re-writing Russian History to make Stalin a hero now. So, you guys ought ti be right at home.

    Oh, hell, I forget, they have Siberia, poverty, and no rights, not even for the likes of you!!

  2. Didn’t the WWII veterans blame the Vietnam veterans for losing the war? Perhaps we as a nation suffer from ‘selective’ memory loss.

  3. The people doing the spitting are the true voice of today’s America.

  4. With all due respect to you and your family’s pain, I have also experienced the loss of war. Irregardless of how bad anyone feels about that loss, nothing gives you, me, or anyone else the damn right to desecrate the memorials to those who have given their life. So protest all you want; but, keep the hell away from the sacred memorials to those who also died.

    As for your feelings about the government leaving your loved one behind, I am very sorry about that. However, if you do some research, you will see that the people who are funding the present antiwar, pullout movement are the same ones who backed the one during Vietnam. They are as guilty of causing those men to be left behind as the Government. They created the political atmosphere that made it impossible to get back in the region.

    I know this doesn’t take away your pain! But do you honestly want to see that same pain inflicted on another. A troop withdrawal now “will” be another Vietnam all over again! However, there is a major difference here. Vietnam did not harbor terrorists. Nor did it try to assassinate one of our presidents. Its president did not offer a man who had declared and conducted a war against our country for over twenty years a safe haven to escape Afghanistan before we went in there after him. Vietnam did not declare that it intends to conquer the world in a 100 year plan and the US in a twenty year plan because, “we defeated the Russians. If we can defeat America, we can defeat anyone!”

    Whether you or I or anyone else likes it or not, these people are conducting worldwide war. Just because they call no country home, doesn’t make them less of an enemy, it makes them more deadly. They do not negotiate as negotiations are a sign of weakness. Their goal is clear to reestablish a new Caliphate. Only, this one is to be a world wide one. Anyone who won’t convert will die. Those who convert will always be second class citizens!

  5. To those who fought for my rights and freedom of speech (and that includes the freedom to protest and act like an “asshole”): Then step back and get the heck out of my way while I EXERCISE that right !! After all that our family has been through over the past 41 years with the POW / MIA issue and the emptiness of having a loved one who never came home from Vietnam, I’ll protest as loudly as I damn well please. Thank you for fighting so that I (and other relatives like me) have the right to protest the government who left our relatives behind when they knew full well that men were still over there after the troops pulled out.
    Tell me the truth. Do you really want to see that happen to another generation?? No?? Then (with all due respect for your pride as a Veteran)~ GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY SO THAT ANOTHER GENERATION DOESN’T HAVE TO SUFFER THE AGONY OF LOSS THAT OUR OWN FAMILY HAS HAD TO ENDURE.

  6. I felt so proud that day. I was also humbled when I read how many WWII veterans were also there. So what does Congress do- kiss Peopli’s a$$. The cowards!

  7. I’m glad you were there, DD! You all did us proud ~ again!

  8. Keep your fingers crossed there is still room. I get paid in two and a half more days, lol. Hope to see you there too.

  9. It felt good to me too, devildog. And I think it felt good to every vet that stood up that day and said, “No more.” Wish we had met that day, but I’ll see you at the Milblog conference, if you’re coming.

  10. DanNY, thank you too. I wouldn’t have missed it for anything in the world!

  11. Great Post and Excellent Pics, Devildog6771.
    And one of those yellow flags was my Gadsden “Don’t Tread on Me” flag!
    Thanks for being there!

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