Ten Reasons to Impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney – the Anti-war Movement

After Downing Street has a petition called “Ten Reasons to Impeach Bush and Cheney”

Ten Reasons to Impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney

I ask Congress to impeach President Bush and Vice President Cheney for the following reasons:
1. Violating the United Nations Charter by launching an illegal “War of Aggression” against Iraq without cause, using fraud to sell the war to Congress and the public, misusing government funds to begin bombing without Congressional authorization, and subjecting our military personnel to unnecessary harm, debilitating injuries, and deaths.

2. Violating U.S. and international law by authorizing the torture of thousands of captives, resulting in dozens of deaths, and keeping prisoners hidden from the International Committee of the Red Cross.

3. Violating the Constitution by arbitrarily detaining Americans, legal residents, and non-Americans, without due process, without charge, and without access to counsel.

4. Violating the Geneva Conventions by targeting civilians, journalists, hospitals, and ambulances, and using illegal weapons, including white phosphorous, depleted uranium, and a new type of napalm.

5. Violating U.S. law and the Constitution through widespread wiretapping of the phone calls and emails of Americans without a warrant.

6. Violating the Constitution by using “signing statements” to defy hundreds of laws passed by Congress.

7. Violating U.S. and state law by obstructing honest elections in 2000, 2002, 2004, and 2006.

8. Violating U.S. law by using paid propaganda and disinformation, selectively and misleadingly leaking classified information, and exposing the identity of a covert CIA operative working on sensitive WMD proliferation for political retribution.

9. Subverting the Constitution and abusing Presidential power by asserting a “Unitary Executive Theory” giving unlimited powers to the President, by obstructing efforts by Congress and the Courts to review and restrict Presidential actions, and by promoting and signing legislation negating the Bill of Rights and the Writ of Habeas Corpus.

10. Gross negligence in failing to assist New Orleans residents after Hurricane Katrina, in ignoring urgent warnings of an Al Qaeda attack prior to Sept. 11, 2001, and in increasing air pollution causing global warming.

Is there no limit to what these “progressives” will do to win an election and gain political power. If they succeed, they will little by little eat away at our Constitution. They will also destroy any means we have of defending ourselves and our nation against future terrorists attacks. Their goals for America are every bit as destructive as Al-Qaeda. Not only that many of these support the Islamic movement both financially and through propaganda. Here is a little summary I put together on the major players, their goals, and their affiliations to each other and the Anti-war Movement. Read on:

1.] United for Peace and Justice:

a.]Wikipedia says:

United for Peace and Justice (UFPJ) is a coalition of more than 1,300 international and U.S.-based organizations opposed to what they describe as “our government’s policy of permanent warfare and empire-building.”.…

UFPJ primarily organizes large-scale protests. The group separates its work into seven issue campaigns: Iraq, counter-military recruitment, global justice, nuclear disarmament, Palestine/Israel, civil liberties/immigrant rights and faith-based organizing..…

Some of UFPJ’s accomplishments include:

* Its first protest, on February 15, 2003, in front of the United Nations headquarters in New York City and entitled “The World Says No to War.” The protest drew over 500,000 people.[1]

* Its second major protest, held on March 20, 2004 to commemorate the first anniversary of the U.S.’ attack on Iraq. The event drew over 100,000 people in New York City, plus nearly two million in 700 other cities.

* In 2004, the organization wanted to hold a rally on the Great Lawn of Central Park in opposition to the continued occupation of Iraq. The City denied UFPJ’s application for a permit, on the basis that a mass gathering on the Great Lawn would be harmful to the grass, and that such damage would make it harder to collect private donations to maintain the Park. UFPJ charged that Mayor Michael Bloomberg was willing to allow other large gatherings on the Great Lawn, but was discriminating against the demonstration so as to curry favor with the Republican Party, which was holding its quadrennial convention in New York City. Nevertheless, a court rejected UFPJ’s challenge to the denial of the permit.

The major protest was eventually held elsewhere, on Sunday, August 29, 2004, the eve of the 2004 Republican National Convention in New York City. The event drew over 500,000 people, according to The New York Times, and received lead coverage (including a double-sized, vertical front page in New York Newsday) in every major newspaper.

On January 27, 2007 a protest of the Iraq war was held with approximately 500,000 people participating..…

Although UFPJ worked with A.N.S.W.E.R. to build the September 24, 2005 Washington, D.C. rally, by December 2005 the two groups had definitively fallen out……UFPJ “has decided not to coordinate work with ANSWER again on a national level.” The document discusses events surrounding the September 24 rally, charges that A.N.S.W.E.R. “violated the terms of our agreement in ways that substantially and negatively impacted September 24’s message and impact,” remarks that “co-sponsorship with ANSWER on September 24 was welcomed by some in the antiwar movement but limited or prevented completely the participation of others……A.N.S.W.E.R. responded by saying that “UFPJ has publicly proclaimed its intention to split the movement,” and accused UFPJ of “a false and ugly attack on the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition,” and of doing so for “embarrassingly petty and astonishingly trivial” reasons. Besides giving their own version of the events surrounding September 24, A.N.S.W.E.R.’s statement indicates some less trivial differences between the groups: they criticize UFPJ for its willingness to embrace even moderate politicians, such as John Murtha and conservative politicians like Ron Paul, who are disaffected with the war, while A.N.S.W.E.R. “considers it harmful to try to tailor the message of the progressive movement to please the long-awaited but fictional support from the politicians.”

b.] Discoverthenetwork.org:

UFPJ was officially created on October 25, 2002, in the Washington, DC offices of People For the American Way. Its initial membership consisted of approximately 70 organizations. Prior to UFPJ’s founding, the anti-war movement had earned a reputation as a hodgepodge of radical elements. All the large-scale peace demonstrations to that point had been held under the auspices of International ANSWER, an organization aligned with the Marxist-Leninist Workers World Party; Global Exchange, headed by the longtime pro-Castro communist Medea Benjamin; and Not In Our Name, a project organized by Ramsey Clark and fellow leaders of the Revolutionary Communist Party. United For Peace and Justice was created explicitly to put a milder face on the anti-war movement, although from its inception UFPJ shared with the aforementioned groups a passionate hatred for the United States and for capitalism.

The Co-Chair and principal leader of UFPJ is Leslie Cagan, an original founder of the Committees of Correspondence (a remnant organization created by the American Communist Party upon going out of business) and a strong supporter of Fidel Castro since the 1960s; Cagan proudly aligns her politics with those of Communist Cuba.

No secrets here!

2.] Military Families Speak Out:

a.] Wikipedia says:

Military Families Speak Out (MFSO) is a US based anti Iraq war group.

The Sept. 24 DC protests included over 300 members of Military Families Speak Out. Formed in 2002, the group now represents more than 3,000 military families.

The group was founded by Nancy Lessin and Charley Richardson of Boston.

Some news-making members include Fernando Suarez del Solar and Cindy Sheehan.

b.] Discoverthenetworks.org:

MFSO is a member organization of the United For Peace and Justice antiwar coalition led by Leslie Cagan. It has worked closely with radical groups such as Bring Them Home Now, Veterans for Peace, September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, Veterans Against the Iraq War, and Iraq Veterans Against the War. Moreover, MFSO has received much positive press in such publications as Socialist Worker and the International Socialist Review.

In 2003, MFSO received a $29,600 grant from the Open Society Institute of George Soros.

I wonder if these people know into whose bed they have crawled?

3.] Code Pink: Women for Peace:

a.] Wikipedia:

Every year on Mothers Day, CODE PINK organizes peace rallies. On Mother’s Day 2006, Code Pink organized a 24-hour gathering in Lafayette Park, across the street from the White House, which was attended and supported by activists such as Cindy Sheehan, Susan Sarandon and Patch Adams.[2] Code Pink has also organized vigils at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington D.C.. A Code Pink representative stated the purpose of the vigil was to gain increased veterans’ benefits. A soldier in treatment at the facility accused them of displaying mock caskets”.[3] , and others have questioned the label of “vigil” due to the displaying of signs such as “Maimed for Lies” and “Enlist Here and Die for Halliburton[4]

On their official website, Code Pink has listed allegations of U.S. war-crimes, and claimed thousands of civilians were killed in Fallujah in 2004 due to the actions of the U.S. military.[5] Along with other groups, they gave over $600,000 worth of supplies to the residents of Fallujah in 2004.

Code Pink encourages counter-recruitment in opposition to U.S. military recruitment in schools and at recruitment centers.

b.] Discoverthenetworks.org:

During the last week of December 2004, Medea Benjamin announced that Code Pink, Global Exchange, and Families for Peace would be donating a combined $600,000 in medical supplies and cash to the families of the terrorist insurgents who were fighting American troops in Fallujah, Iraq. In an article dated January 1, 2005, the on-line publication Peace and Resistance reported that Rep. Henry Waxman had written a letter addressed to the American ambassador in Amman, Jordan to help facilitate the transport of this aid through Customs.

4. ] Peace Action:

Peace Action is a peace organization formed through the merger of The Committee for a SANE Nuclear Policy and the Nuclear Weapons Freeze Campaign (also known as “The Freeze”). It has mobilized for peace and nuclear disarmament since 1957. As of 2004, Peace Action is focusing on preventing the deployment of nuclear weapons in space, weapons sales to countries abusing human rights, and promoting a new U.S. foreign policy based on common security and peaceful resolution to international conflicts.

Peace Action believes that every person has the right to live without the threat of nuclear weapons, that war is not a suitable response to conflict, and that the United States has the resources to both protect and provide for its citizens.

b.] Discoverthenetworks.org:

* America’s largest anti-nuclear and anti-war organization
* Seeks “the abolition of nuclear weapons” and the establishment of a socialist “peace-oriented economy”

That’s called “socialism” in case you missed it!

5.]Progressive Democrats of America:

a.] Wikipedia:
The Progressive Democrats of America formed out of both Democracy for America, an organization that itself grew out of Howard Dean’s presidential campaign, and members of Dennis Kucinich’s Presidential Campaign.

Progressive Democrats of America (PDA) was founded during the 2004 Democratic Party National Convention in Massachusetts by delegates and activists concerned with the trend in the Democratic Party. Currently PDA consists of “a large group of progressive grassroots activists from across the country who want to support other progressive grassroots activists locally.” [1]

Appearing at the first PDA meeting in Roxbury, Massachusetts were leaders, activists and politicians including Dean, Rep. John Conyers, Rep. Barbara Lee, Rep. Dennis Kucinich, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Tom Hayden, David Thorstad, Medea Benjamin, John Lauritsen, and Current PDA Executive Director Tim Carpenter.

b.] Discoverthenetworks.org:
Progressive Democrats of America’s short official list of “Alliances, Partners and Friends” prominently features “Frank Llewellyn, National Director, Democratic Socialists of America [DSA],” which is the principal American affiliate of the Socialist International. Congress’s Progressive Caucus, of which Rep. Kucinich is a leader, had its own pages on DSA’s website until 1999, when conservative press reports prompted both groups to conceal their connections with one another.

Other names on this list include Tom Hayden, who co-founded Students for a Democratic Society and is a former California State Senator; Rep. Barbara Lee, who cast the lone congressional vote opposing the post-9/11 U.S. war against the Taliban and who, in the 1980s, collaborated with the Marxist dictatorship in Granada against the United States, while working in the office of then-Congressman Ron Dellums; Jeff Cohen, the founder of Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR); and Jodie Evans, co-founder of Code Pink for Peace and Board member of the Rainforest Action Network.

Again, no surprises here!

6.] Democracy Rising:

a.] Wikipedia:
Democracy Rising is a website founded in 2001 that contains Ralph Nader’s interactive blog as well as one by Kevin Zeese. The site also contains a media gallery of the current military actions of the United States and an exit strategy for the American occupation of Iraq

b.] Discoverthenetworks.org“:
Established by Ralph Nader in 2000, Democracy Rising (DR) is a Washington, D.C.-based anti-war advocacy group. It is a founding member of the United for Peace and Justice anti-war coalition, which is led by Leslie Cagan, a radical who aligns her politics with those of Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuba. DR is also a member of the After Downing Street anti-war coalition.

DR seeks to “end the occupation of Iraq by empowering activists so they cannot be ignored by decision-makers in Washington, DC.” Its website features a page called “Iraq War Facts” — a selection of excerpts culled from leftist webzines, op-eds critical of the war effort, and “think tanks” such as the Institute for Policy Studies.

DR’s website makes available pre-written “click and send letters” that activists can send to members of the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Bush administration. Since March of 2005, DR’s website has also featured a blog with occasional entries by Ralph Nader and other DR members protesting the Iraq War and attacking the Bush administration. A March 2006 post by Nader, for instance, denounced President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney as the “top outlaws smashing our country’s rule of law and democratic liberties.”

This group is a much bigger threat than they seem on the surface!

7.] Voters for Peace:

a.] Discoverthenetworks.org:
* Voter-education organization that endorses only anti-war political candidates
* Project of such anti-war organizations as After Downing Street, Backbone Campaign, Code Pink, Democracy Rising, Global Exchange, Gold Star Families for Peace, Peace Action, Peace Majority, Peace Majority Report, and United For Peace and Justice.

b.] Wikipedia:
No page with that title exists.

8.] Democrats.com: Neither Wikipedia or Discoverthenetworks.org had anything specifically on this group.

Their website calls themselves the “Aggressive Progressives?” That speaks for itself. They are heavily into “impeaching” Bush and Cheney. And, they are for ending the war asap!

This group is mentioned all over the Discoverthenetworks.org site in discussions of the groups listed here and many of the other radical groups. But, strangely there is nothing of substance specifically written about them at Discoverthenetworks.org or Wikipedia?? Does anyone know anything about them.

9.] After Downing Street:


After Downing Street (ADS) is an organization that describes itself as “a coalition working to expose the lies that launched the war and to hold accountable its architects, including through censure and impeachment.” ADS was launched in May, 2005, when co-founder John Bonifaz sent a memo to Congressman John Conyers calling for impeachment.

Other co-founders are David Swanson, Steve Cobble, Tim Carpenter, and Bob Fertik.

Members of the coalition include

* Big Brass Alliance
* Gold Star Families for Peace
* Veterans for Peace
* Iraq Veterans Against the War
* U.S. Tour of Duty: Iraq Veterans and Military Families Demand the Truth
* Military Families Against the War (UK)
* Rainbow/PUSH
* Progressive Democrats of America
* Global Exchange
* Democrats.com
* Code Pink

The Nation’s columnist John Nichols named After Downing Street as “The Most Valuable Progressive 2005, — Watchdog Branch,” writing,

… the real work of exposing the misdeeds of the administration is still being done by activist groups. And the most inspired of these in 2005 was After Downing Street… In conjunction with Progressive Democrats of America, the able activist group that seeks to create an actual opposition party in America, After Downing Street is pushing the political envelope in exactly the direction it needs to go.

b.] Discoverthenetworks.org:

# Coalition of anti-war groups and activists
# Seeks to censure and impeach President Bush for launching Iraq war
# Touts Downing Street Memo as proof of Bush administration’s duplicity on Iraq…

Notable ADS-affiliated activists include, among others, Cindy Sheehan, Medea Benjamin, Tom Hayden, Ray McGovern, and Leslie Cagan. Listed among ADS member groups are Rainbow/PUSH, Global Exchange, Code Pink, Historians Against the War……

On July 23, 2005–the three-year anniversary of the meeting from which the famous memo emerged–ADS claimed to have organized 300 “public events” across the country, among them several town-hall style forums with leftist Democratic Congressmen John Conyers, Maxine Waters (D-CA.), Barbara Lee, Jim McDermott (D-WA), and Maurice Hinchey (D-NY). In August of 2005, ADS played a lead role in promoting the Crawford, Texas anti-war protest staged by Cindy Sheehan, and launched the activist’s personal website, Meet With Cindy.org (now called Gold Star Families for Peace).

As of March 2006, ADS was actively working to promote four congressional resolutions aimed at undermining the war effort in Iraq: Rep. John Murtha’s (D-PA) resolution for immediate withdrawal from Iraq; Rep. Jim McGovern’s bill to cut off funding for the war; Rep. Barbara Lee’s bill to ban permanent U.S. military bases in Iraq; and a Discharge Petition on another bill seeking to force a debate on ending the war to the floor of the House, sidestepping the committee process.

These guys have been very busy!!

10.] Backbone Campaign:

a.]Nothing in Wikipedia

b.] Discoverthenetworks.org:

* Opposes the Patriot Act
* Supports racial and ethnic preferences in employment and academia
* Opposes death penalty and racial profiling
* Supports “permanent legal status, and ultimately citizenship, for all of the 8 to 12 million undocumented immigrants who reside in the U.S.”…..

The Backbone Campaign is a member organization of the United For Peace and Justice antiwar coalition, which is led by Leslie Cagan, a longtime committed socialist who proudly aligns her politics with those of Fidel Castro’s Communist Cuba. It is also a member organization of the After Downing Street anti-war coalition…….

Sponsoring organizations of the Backbone Campaign include, most prominently, the antiwar groups Code Pink for Peace and Global Exchange. Both groups maintain strong ties to the Communist Workers World Party and to the aforementioned anti-war coalition United For Peace and Justice.

Even to a simple minded person like myself, it is obvious that all these groups are so closely inter twined that they effectively work as “one” big front in their efforts to end the war, turn America into a Socialist nation, and destroy our Constitution apart. Though they constantly fight back any effort to present their activities as UN-American, I disagree.

Fighting for change in America can and should be done within the guidelines of the founding fathers as listed in the Constitution. Of late “progressive judges” have tried to water down our Constitution. They have diligently tried to chip away at the “separation of powers” all the while proclaiming that President Bush is in fact the one doing so. Many of the problems we have right now with the courts were in effect long before President Bush took office. The campaign and election fraud they are so vehemently protesting was in fact committed by their own people.


~ by devildog6771 on March 23, 2007.

One Response to “Ten Reasons to Impeach George Bush and Dick Cheney – the Anti-war Movement”

  1. They are just as anti-America as the Islam-fascists. And what amazes me is that people don’t see that they are eroding our freedoms with every lawsuit and progressive judge.
    Godalmighty, you can’t think this, you can’t say that, you can’t celebrate this or that, you can’t do that here, that’s not allowed here anymore, Smoke free area, perfume free zone, hate free zone, gun free state, prayer free zone, fat free zone, carbon free zone, lightbulb change zone.
    Well, if they have their way, you had better tow the party line or you’ll be re-educated. Don’t think it can’t happen. Just keep voting in all those members of the Progressive (read socialist) Caucus and see if you can hold on to your property, profits from your business, your business, or your right to free speech, cuz nothing is going to be free then.

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