We need you at the “Wall” on March 17, 2007 – We need your phone calls to the media! Please help?

Gathering of Eagles March 17, 2007 is probably one of the most important days in our veteran history. The ANSWER/UFPJ/Code Pink war protest will be held in D.C.

These people will all meet at the “Wall,” the Vietnam Veterans War Memorial as a starting point for their protests. If you will remember, they spray painted the steps of the “Capital” last time. To prevent a like desecration of the “Wall” veterans and Veteran groups are coming from all over the country to gather around the”Wall” to protect it.

They have hacked the Gathering of Eagles site so many times to hamper co-ordination that the site had to shut down temporarily. But, you can’t keep a good vet down. This is a last ditch effort to recruit more vets..

We need you all there on March 17, 2007 at the “Wall.” If you can’t come,please call the news networks and tell them that we are there. C-SPAN” says they are not covering the “Gathering of Eagles. Will all the networks let us down? I don’t know. But maybe if all of you out there who can’t be there in person were to call the networks then maybe we can let folks across America know veterans are tired of the ant-war crowd. We are tired of the media covering all the negative news .

Please do what you can. Also, there is a need for people to bring poster board and markers is they can. Read on from an email I got today:

I can not tell you who suggest this but we need urgently to get people going to DC for gathering of Eagles to purchase some poster boards and markers and make signs.

Gulf War Veterans of Operation DESERT STORM
Gulf War Illness Being Neglected in Appropriations
for Research into Treatment by House and Senate NOT Providing money
in FY08 Appropriations for DOD Research.

WE need signs at Gathering of Eagles function!
Desert Storm Veterans are being forgotten by DOD.

WE need those signs to appear on TV coverage this weekend.

We need Paul and Steve and anyone else doing TV interviews to get the word in about research money lacking to find biomarkers and treatment for gulf war illness—Appropriations Committee on HIll Forgetting us!

REMEMBER RECENT VA on OIF/OEF shows 30% of them with our ill defined symptoms/condition!

Denise Nichols
Vice Chairman National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition

Don’t forget those phone calls! This effort supports all our troops, past, present, and future!!


~ by devildog6771 on March 17, 2007.

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