Gathering of Eagles Rallies in D.C. this weekend! [Is the Democratic “Left” really Liberal?]

Ever since the Democrats won control of the House, the various factions who helped make their victory possible have become more and more vocal about immediate implementation of their individual causes. None have been more vocal than those against the war. The most vocal of that group are the extreme left. defines liberals as:

1. Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.
2. Favoring proposals for reform, open to new ideas for progress, and tolerant of the ideas and behavior of others; broad-minded.
3. Of, relating to, or characteristic of liberalism.
4. Liberal Of, designating, or characteristic of a political party founded on or associated with principles of social and political liberalism, especially in Great Britain, Canada, and the United States.

Jane FondaJane Fonda

During the protest march held in Washington this past January, Hanoi Jane Fonda was there along with her cronies. Some of those protesters spray painted the words, “Our Capitol Building” and “You can’t stop us” on the steps of the Capitol Building. The protesters said they were expressing their rights under the First Amendment when they desecrated the Capitol Building steps with spray paint.

Does that mean I can exercise my First Amendment rights by spray painting on the steps outside of ANSWER, UFPJ, NION,, etc., etc.,?

What is the difference? Is the property of the individual more valuable or sacred than that of the public [all people] and vice versa? I don’t think so!

Anti-war protestsAnti-war protests

Now protesters are preparing for their big rally in D.C. this weekend. So they have been conducting practice runs in Tacoma Washington. In a sickening display of what is supposed to be, again, an expression of free speech heckled and otherwise protested our military as equipment needed for the Strykers of the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division was being loaded the troops’ upcoming deployment to Iraq.
Strykers prepare to deploy in IraqStrykers prepare to deploy in Iraq
As contractors and the military were moving the “armored vehicles and other supplies” needed for our troops’ safety, these protesters tried to block their routes. All the while they yelled, Stop the war, Out of Iraq now, You don’t have to go. Is this what those folks mean when they say they are against the war; but, support the troops?

What about those troops? The Stryker Brigades have become one of the most effective units we have to fight the enemy in Iraq. Their specialized vehicles, training, and size make them ideal for rapid movement from one hot spot to another. Last May, protesters did the same thing when another Stryker Brigade left Olympia, Washington.

How long are Americans going to sit back and be quiet while these folks tear at the moral of our troops one piece at a time? These are inexcusable acts perpetrated against our troops. They must end. There is a big difference between “freedom of speech” and the reckless endangerment these people contrive against our troops!

Master Cpl. Collin FitzgeraldMaster Cpl. Collin Fitzgerald

In Canada, a soldier awarded the “Medal of Military Valor for selfless and valiant service in Afghanistan was severely beaten.

Master Cpl. Collin Fitzgerald says he was attacked from behind and knocked unconscious by four men early Saturday in Morrisburg, southeast of Ottawa…..
Fitzgerald, 27, required 10 stitches to close a wound across his brow. He also suffered a broken nose, a gash in his head, two chipped teeth, three fractures in his foot and a swollen knee. three days after the attack, his right eye is swollen nearly shut. The other is bruised black, red and yellow.

The people who attacked him were complete strangers, he said.”
We can thank Brat at Tanker Brothers for making us aware of this news story

Soon we will start seeing these same types of incidents here at home. This weekend, there is another scheduled protest in Washington. The War Protesters will gather at the “Wall” Vietnam Veterans Memorial. From there they will begin their protest march. In Order to protect the sanctity of the “Wall,” Gathering of Eagles has organized a rally of people to stand between the “Wall” and protesters.

Please pass the word. Please lend your support. There are several other groups supporting this effort. People are taking buses, car pooling, bike pooling, whatever it takes, to attend. If you cannot attend you can still go to the site and lend your support in proxy. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT! Our “troops’ need your support even more!

Gathering of Eagles logo Gathering of Eagles logo

Don’t forget to go to Gathering of Eagles site to see about special things you need to do so authorities will know you are participating with the Gathering of Eagles. If you are going with another support group, then follow their instructions on their site. After this weeks events in Tacoma, it is not much of a leap to see that our efforts will be needed. We must protect our memorials for our fallen. I cannot believe they were allowed to desecrate the steps of the Capital Building during the January March. There can be no repeat of this unacceptable conduct at the “Wall.”

The “Wall”The “Wall”

There should be no repeat of this conduct on any of the Monuments and Government Buildings. I certainly hope the D.C Police and Park Service Police, and Capital Hill Police do not allow them a free reign this time. Enough is Enough!!

In closing , I again ask, are the leftists really liberal? Far as I can tell, they have a long way to go before they can wear that label!


~ by devildog6771 on March 15, 2007.

One Response to “Gathering of Eagles Rallies in D.C. this weekend! [Is the Democratic “Left” really Liberal?]”

  1. “Is the democratic “left” really liberal?”

    No. They are anything but, which is why I laugh when they bring up the fascist card they are so fond of. They are the closest thing to it we have in this country. Freedom of speech? Only theirs. Freedom to protest? Only if it’s in agreement with their “issues”.
    Step out of line and you are attacked and/or ostracized.
    Facts have nothing to do with their truthism ~ they just get in the way.
    Liberal? phhttt

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