4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division’s Stryker Brigade jeered and heckled as they depart for Iraq deployment!

I get “The Patriot Post” newsletter via email. The newsletter has some wonderful quotes about topics affecting us all. They also have a blog, The Patriot Post Blog. I’d like to share a few with you from my latest newsletter. I was especially struck by the comments under “Liberty.” It is a true accounting of exactly how the war protesters or the left [I hate that generalized and ambiguous terminology] shows their support for our troops. If you ever hear anyone say that those people didn’t spit on our returning troops during Vietnam, and still believe them after reading this particular article, then “you” have a problem, a closed mind!!

This makes me absolutely sick with disgust. To think our troops actually willingly risk their lives for these ungrateful a$$e$ to shout and heckle them! I don’t really care what anyone else thinks. I consider them all traitors. The uproar over this should have been heard nationwide! While I don’t necessarily agree with all the principles of The Patriot Post’s political views, they do support our troops.

“Last week, I wrote about the Gathering of Eagles (www.gatheringofeagles.org)—veterans, active-duty troops, bikers, activists and ordinary citizens coming to Washington, DC, on March 17 to hold a counter-protest against tens of thousands of anti-war extremists demanding immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq and Afghanistan. In Washington state this week, the peace brigade held a dress rehearsal at the Port of Tacoma—where they showed support for our troops by taunting the Stryker Brigade and local police guarding against obstruction of the convoys headed to Iraq. More than 300 Stryker vehicles and other equipment are being moved from Fort Lewis to Iraq in support of the 4th Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division’s upcoming deployment as part of the ongoing ‘surge’ and counterinsurgency efforts. The Strykers are equipped with slat armor to protect the troops from rocket-propelled grenades. Yes, the same ilk that purport to care so much about the troops not having enough armor and protection stood and jeered at those deploying to bring more protection to their fellow soldiers in Iraq. Such patriots, aren’t they? Members of the anti-military mob shouted condescendingly at our volunteer soldiers rolling past them: ‘Free the troops!’ ‘No justice, no peace!’ ‘You don’t have to go!’… Such patriots, aren’t they?” —Michelle Malkin

“One California state legislator… introduced a bill that would get rid of private health insurance in the Golden State altogether. Wow. It’s fascinating how the people most likely to yammer about the right to privacy and the sanctity of choice are the first to sweep rights aside when a greater good presents itself. And there’s always a greater good that trumps your personal rights, if one looks closely enough. Why, look at the needs of undocumented proto-Americans, as we must now call illegal immigrants: A recent poll of Bay Area citizens revealed that 79 percent want the state to guarantee health insurance for aliens. It’s one thing to say hospitals can’t turn away a sick illegal; it’s another to say that the citizens of this country are obliged to insure the citizens of another. But that’s where state involvement inevitably leads: You begin with a warm-hearted desire to prove health care for poor children, and end up subsidizing acupuncture for an able-bodied man who threw out his back running from the border patrol.” —James Lileks

“When a person’s voice makes listeners recoil and want to be somewhere else, that person is not going to be an effective communicator. But what about substance? What was Clinton thinking when she hijacked a gospel hymn and effectively mocked her audience? Her speech exposed not just an incompetent ear, but disrespect for the people gathered. Would Clinton affect a Brooklyn accent with a Jewish audience remembering the Holocaust? OY VEY, LEMME TELLYA, HONEY! The female Clinton, unlike her husband, simply lacks a feel for communication, no matter how many hugs she delivers. While President Clinton could become one with his audience—his slightly hoarse voice conveying so much empathy that the hungry wanted to feed him—Sen. Clinton’s voice sends mannequins into a fetal curl. She is the rain to Bill’s parade. It may not be Hillary’s fault that her voice sounds like it was fashioned from metal, but it is her fault that she sounds like a car alarm when she’s handed a microphone. It is her fault that she panders—badly—to her audiences. Her performance last weekend in Selma revealed more than atonality. Like a warped bell, Hillary Clinton rings untrue.” —Kathleen Parker

“Lewis Libby has now been found guilty of perjury and obstruction of justice for lies that had absolutely no legal consequence. It was not a crime to reveal Valerie Plame’s name because she was not a covert agent. If it had been a crime, Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald could have wrapped up his investigation with an indictment of the State Department’s Richard Armitage on the first day of his investigation since it was Armitage who revealed her name and Fitzgerald knew it. With no crime to investigate, Fitzgerald pursued a pointless investigation into nothing, getting a lot of White House officials to make statements under oath and hoping some of their recollections would end up conflicting with other witness recollections, so he could charge some Republican with ‘perjury’ and enjoy the fawning media attention. As a result, Libby is now a convicted felon for having a faulty memory of the person who first told him that Joe Wilson was a delusional boob who lied about his wife sending him to Niger. This makes it official: It’s illegal to be Republican.” —Ann Coulter

“Stop me if you’ve heard this before, but the other day the Rev. Al Gore declared that ‘climate change’ was ‘the most important moral, ethical, spiritual and political issue humankind has ever faced.’ Ever. I believe that was the same day it was revealed that George W. Bush’s ranch in Texas is more environmentally friendly than the Gore mansion in Tennessee. According to the Nashville Electric Service, the Eco-Messiah’s house uses 20 times more electricity than the average American home. The average household consumes 10,656 kilowatt-hours. In 2006, the Gores wolfed down nearly 221,000 kilowatt-hours. Two hundred twenty-one thousand kilowatt-hours? What’s he doing in there? Clamping Tipper to the electrodes and zapping her across the rec room every night? No, no, don’t worry. Al’s massive energy consumption is due entirely to his concern about the way we’re depleting the Earth’s resources. When I say ‘we,’ I don’t mean Al, of course. I mean you—yes, you, Earl Schlub, in the basement apartment at 29 Elm St. You’re irresponsibly depleting the Earth’s resources by using that electric washer when you could be down by the river with the native women beating your loin cloth dry on the rock while singing traditional village work chants all morning long. But up at the Gore mansion—the Nashville Electric Service’s own personal gold mine, the shining Cathedral of St. Al, Tennessee’s very own Palace of Versal—the Reverend Al is being far more environmentally responsible. As his spokesperson attempted to argue, his high energy usage derives from his brave calls for low energy usage. He’s burning up all that electricity by sending out faxes every couple of minutes urging you to use less electricity.” —Mark Steyn


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  1. my son is a Marine, and I am SO PROUD OF OUR TROOPS. I saw a T-shirt the other day that is so appropriate!!! IF YOU CAN’T STAND BEHIND OUR TROOPS, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO STAND IN FRONT OF THEM!

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