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Recently I received an email and was asked to pass on the information to help support our troops. Here is that email.

Hello from Baghdad.

I and a Vietnam vet friend of mine have launched a new site, which allows active duty military to (legally) tell Congress and the media that they should support our mission, and that their criticism hurt our morale while emboldening our enemies.

This site is partly in response to the leftist site AppealForRedress. It was created by a big money group and given a free pass by the media. I don’t have any money for advertising, and I don’t expect the media to help.

If you folks could help publicize it in other websites and to your military friends, I think we could get thousands of signatures and have an impact at this crucial juncture in the war. Thank-you for your help.

LT Jason Nichols, USN
MNF-I, Baghdad

I have complained about the lack of positive media reports on the War in Iraq for some time now. For nearly as long, I have voiced my opinions about the lack of support shown in Congress. Both of these affect the moral of our troops and all coalition forces and encourage our enemy. Even al-Qaeda brags about the help they derive from the media and the bickering and lack of Congressional support.

Since the last election, the Congressional lack of support by the same people has intensified. Along with the Congressional circus, the media has all appearances of a media frenzy. Over and over these irrational people make comparisons to Vietnam and threaten to end all support and pull out the troops in Iraq. The only way I know to end a war is for one side to surrender or mutually call for an end to fighting.

Al-Qaeda has no intention of doing anything less than destroying our country. If Congress will put on its thinking caps, it would remember that al-Qaeda declared war on America. That declaration was made over twenty years ago. They have progressively killed more and more Americans all over the world. Each attack is more devastating than previous ones.

The last time Congress made such an irresponsible decision, over a million lives were lost. In effect our Congress was “the indirect cause of genocide.” It appears that Congress will repeat that “crime against humanity’ in Iraq. I say this because surely, if we leave Iraq, a blood bath will follow. Besides the disagreements between the Sunni and Shi’ia, Al-Qaeda will make a major offensive in Iraq. Syria, Iran, and Saudi Arabia will be particularly supportive of our departure and the subsequent escalation in conflict. Neither want Democracy to succeed in Iraq because they fear the spill over into their own nations.

Our troops understand all of this. They also see that the troop surge in Baghdad is having a very positive effect. The troops also have been reporting that except for the area immediately surrounding Baghdad, Iraq is making major progress toward Democracy and re-establishing its economy and major public services.

Please pass this information around to all eligible military personnel.

Again, the name of the site is Appeal for


~ by devildog6771 on March 12, 2007.

2 Responses to “Appeal for”

  1. Thank you for taking the time to tell it like it is. As a veteran myself, I am amazed and my heart is very proud of our veterans and all they have accomplished in Iraq. I am equally amazed at the way the troops are speaking out. Our Vietnam vets may have been pulled out before they could complete the mission; but, they sure have done amazing jobs of encouraging public awareness. Thank you all. God Bless you for your courage, your sacrifice, your contributions both at home and abroad to make America a better place to live.

    As for the left right business; it is a little more involved than people realize. The DSA and all the major communists and Socialists organizations have made a concerted effort since the mid 90’s to have their candidate on the presidential ticket. They may just succeed if people don’t wake up!

  2. It is appaling what the left is doing, it is nothing more than posturing and the old fight between the left and the right. Those heated arguments are nothing about the troops and all about polotics plain and simple. I am not an active duty soldier and I am no longer in the military as of last year. But I speak for an entire battallion of seabees when I say that we are all very disheartened by these latest attempts by the left wingers to destroy our mission. We need your support more than ever. Has it ever occured to anyone that ever since polotics got involved in wars we have failed miserable in them, like Korea, Vietnam and the rest since. All this high profile stuff and imbedded media and mass coverage. Leave those men and woman to do what they went there to do and let the comanders make the decisions they went to war college for. We support this site and God Bless the troops.

    Formerly EO2 Coleman
    NMCB 26
    Detroit Mi.

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