A Birthday wish for Osama bin Laden

A little tribute to Osama bin Laden and his mujahideen fighters. Read on:

Osama was a fearless fighter, the mujahideen all agree,
He helped set the Afghans free. He had heard the call of battle.
Afghanistan needed help so he quickly rushed to the scene.
There he became the leader of the fighting mujahideen.

He came from Saudi Arabia but Yemen’s where he was born.
In the shadow of his siblings, his goals often seemed torn.
Finally went to Oxford and enjoyed the social scene,
until he met the Emir and became a mujahideen
and rallied Afghan fighters to the righteous call of Allah.

No one really knows why he suddenly got the call.
With all of daddy’s wealth, he seemed to have at all.
But, with an AK-47 in one hand and a sword in the other,
he vowed to scourge the earth of infidels
and called all mujahideen brother!

Then one day he issued the call.
He declared war on America, infidels all.
He ordered them killed in Embassies and ship.
Declared the whole world in that infidels grip.

His finest glory was in the fall of the “Towers.”
Boasted as he watched their debris fall in showers.
But that was the day it all began to change.
He falsely believed his caves were way out of range.

As he and his mighty mujahideen partied and celebrated
he boasted that America’s might was highly over rated.
America had no stomach for fighting was his battle cry,
as the first bombs hit his base from all over the sky!

Night and day those bombs fell from the sky.
And all the mujahideen knew he would die.
When the infidels troops hit the ground,
in no time at all they began to surround.

And the Mighty Osama was now on the run.
As he ran through the hills in that heartless place,
He knew he was whipped and could never again show his face.
Where is Osama the whole world did cry.
The question on all lips, does he live or did he die?

Oh he tried to play down the infidels victory.
But he had to have known he was now history.
Still, every now and then he sent out a new movie,
and all those mujahideen thought they were groovy.

Because he boasts of retaliation and worldwide domination.
That he and his mujahideen will form a mighty Islamic nation.
And as those infidels took out Saddam with a mighty sweep,
On his videos Osama vowed the infidels were losing from deep in his keep!

But all all over the world was heard another cry
Were the videos real or did the Mighty Osama really die?
From hideout to hideout he supposedly issues his call,
to men like Zarqarwi and watched as they too fall.

about great mujahideen taking the enemy to their grave.
They call Osama fearless and their mighty leader.
Throughout the net today birthday wishes abound,
It seems none of them notices Osama’s not around.

Yet the infidel world still cries out, where is Osama?
So where is this fearless fighter whose afraid to show his face?
The man who tucked his tail and ran in for all the world to see.
Where is the leader who abandoned his troops in disgrace!

As he sends out videos saying to kill you and me!
His mujahideen die in Iraq and Afghanistan,
On this day of Osama bin Laden’s birth,

American and Coalition soldiers offer a wish for what it’s worth.
Come out of hiding “fearless” Osama and fight like a man.
Your fighters hide behind women and children,
cowards just like their leader who ran.

Come out in the open if you and them dare.
Our warriors’ll show you all you need to know about warfare.
Take a look around Mighty Osama.
In Iraq and Afghanistan, the people have spoken.

Even with suicide bombers and IEDs their will won’t be broken.
They went to the polls and voted,
held up purple fingers for all to see,
no cowardly mujahideen can stop their Democracy.

So crawl out of your cave and join the fight.
Or have you grown afraid of the light?
Lead your mujahideen in a field of open battle,
stop threatening the world with endless video prattle.

America and the Coalition await your reply.
Don’t tell me you’re afraid to die?
Is your cause so weak and your spirit so low,
that you’d refuse a challenge with a big fat no?

You say men are superior and women are weak,
yet your men fight behind children and you continue to run!

Doesn’t Allah protect you all?
or, are you all afraid you’ll fall?
On this occasion of your birthday as your mujahideen celebrate,

But all the world sees and hears is the sounds of death cries,
as another innocent child or woman dies.
But what we all see in America and the world is another campaign,
again led by a tyrant or psychotic who wants world reign.

So here’s my birthday wish to you Osama.
Come out of hiding and join your cowardly forces.
Hop on your Camel, your horse, I don’t care if it’s a Llama.
Come on out of hiding if you dare let the world see your face.

Fight and die like a man with dignity and grace.
Stop hiding in your caves and mountain places.
Lead your Islamic Army of the faithful.

Let America and the Coalition forces give you a birthday present.
you and all your mujahideen your wish without dissent.
You no longer need to skulk and hide,
They’ll gladly send you to the house where you want to abide!

The infidels offer you this glorious ride,
yet you continue to hide.
Then why won’t you come out and fight.
Your soldiers talk about your skills in battle.
Our troops only think it is so much prattle.

When all you can do is fight behind women and children.
Why won’t you take up the gauntlet Osama bin Laden.
Bring on your mujahideen warriors to an open field of battle.
Don’t tell me you and your men are so easy to rattle.

But if you should dare take the warriors challenge,
and lead your men in open battle like it ought to be done,
remember one thing as you gather your forces,
our troops will “kick your asses,” every last one!

Let me end this little bit of prose with what I feel is an appropriate message:

Jihad this!



~ by devildog6771 on March 11, 2007.

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