“Some” fixes for a slow loading blog

As you all may have noticed, it takes forever for my blog to load. Every post I create I wait…and wait…and wait..and wait…, for everything to load. I was constantly having my browser lockup, taking forever to post anything, and spending most of my time getting back on line. I lost many posts after hours of hard work. I spent hours trying to “optimize my computer!”

Out of desperation I looked for other causes. I noticed my pictures always loaded after everything else and took forever. That was my only clue. I had Brat asked at Tanker Brothersto pull up my blog and let me know if it loaded slowly for him. It did. After looking through the FAQ’s, I emailed WordPress help. As usual, the same day they responded with a list of improvements and fixes. God, I love those guys!

In case anyone else has a problem similar, here is what I was doing wrong. Maybe it will help you. First I have “8mb” of pictures. I had my options set to allow “200” posts to show on the front page. I also have some pretty long posts because I try to add supportive references. I do this to credit my sources and to validate what I write. I also do this in hopes others will go to those links and check out things for themselves. Here’s what I should have done!

First, I have to optimize my images. This allows pictures to load much faster. That means viewers won’t have to wait forever for the blog to load and I can post more quickly. [This will also take a while as I have a lot of pictures here, sigh!]

Second, fewer posts on the front page is better. I went to my “dashboard>options>front page>reading” and set the option for displayed pages at a value of “10.”

This allows the front page to load more quickly and helps prevent “browser crashes.” It also means I won’t have too many posts for people to wade through to read. Too many posts up front drives away readers.

The third change is to use “more” – Icon 13 in my posts. Readers are pulled in by that first topical paragraph and continue to read by clicking “more.” However, using “more” means it is important that the first paragraph is well written and covers the topic well. A poor introduction to a post loses readers.

It also means RSS will only print that same bit of information. So, I must write well. But again, this feature means that viewers won’t get tired of waiting for the page to load.

If a blog loads slowly, I can get a very high number of hits with a catchy title and tags but I will have very few comments. Personally, I prefer comments, not page hits. An exchange of views keeps my thoughts and mind challenged.

I hope sharing this information helps someone else out there. If you experience a problem of slow loading that hasn’t an obvious cause, it isn’t a bad idea the make sure your computer isn’t the problem. Sometimes you will simply have too little memory, a bad card, or your computer is a bit out dated and that will be the cause.

If you are a tinkerer like me, you try to find a way to optimize that “piece of junk” you’re stuck with! I have a “Celeron” processor. Need I say more!  So every day I do the usual things to keep my computer at peak. And, I pray for the day I can buy a new one!

Do not forget to thoroughly check out the host’s “FAQ’s.” Often times you will find many little hidden “tricks and shortcuts” to improve performance on your blog. You will also find many little “tricks of the trade”shared by other bloggers and the host to make your blog not only more functional, but more appealing to viewers.

As a further word of caution. Few things are actually “free.” Often there are “cookies,” adds, and pop-ups associated with freebies. On non public blogs, you may not care. But, viewers do care. Pop-ups are especially irritating. So make sure you read the “conditions of use” clauses well whenever you add “freebies” to your blog!.

Blogging is the “power of the spoken word” given back to the “people.” Blogging is our chance to exercise our “First Amendment” right to speak out and be heard! Exercise that right often, loudly and clearly. Exercise that right responsibly! Exercise that right in a manner so that people will take the time to listen; or, in this case read it!

Thanks to WordPress.com for their help. Thanks also go to brat at
Tanker Brothers. It will take me a bit of time to do these changes. But all new posts will be done correctly. That should make my blog load faster for you, my potential readers and critics. Please let me know if you experience any problems. Thanks, devildog6771.



~ by devildog6771 on March 4, 2007.

6 Responses to ““Some” fixes for a slow loading blog”

  1. Aza, thank you for your comments. I am glad you found the info useful. Sometimes I want to toss my computer out the window, lol! I hate “XP!” But, it is better than having to constantly re-install Win98.

  2. hi there, just saw this article then, thanks for posting it up.
    i was also getting some slow load up times on my brand new blog.
    i changed a few things after reading your article and things have since improved.

  3. Well. I haven’t got them all fixed yet, lol. I have been trying to figure out “how” to optimize pictures. I have to optimize everyone on my front page.

  4. I’m glad you got the bugs out – been missing your posts! I need to use that “More” thingie too but I always forget to get to it…

    Woo hoo! May 5 is coming!!

  5. Thank you, Jo. Thanks for the info too.

  6. Actually, you don’t have to stick to one paragraph if you are using the “more” feature. Two or three is fine. I do that with long posts myself. Love the site.

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