The “tragic deaths” of two young sisters

MamaVision has a story that we all ought to read, especially parents. Apparently the the Fashion Industry has claimed the lives of two young sisters, “six” months apart. Both died trying to meet the rigid standards of the fashion industry. They died from a “heart attack and starvation.”

While I know that a fashion site is not in line with my normal topic, I have long agreed that this industry abuses its models with outrageous standards. The young are especially vulnerable. Please go to mamaVision’s blog and read her post, “Death from lettuce and Diet Coke”. Please offer your prayers of support to the family for the tragic deaths of these two young women.


~ by devildog6771 on February 18, 2007.

5 Responses to “The “tragic deaths” of two young sisters”

  1. It really is sad, the pressures society heaps on our children. They are forced to grow up too fast and to look a certain way. We need to encourage individuality, to be trend setters, leaders.

  2. I left a response on site. Keep up the great work.

  3. Hi devildog: Thank you for your commentary on my post, and for your support. The story of the Ramos sisters registered as a blip on the news radar and I hope to raise awareness to this story and all others of this nature.

    Just days later, I stumbled on yet another tragic story. I follow the Pro-Anorexia movement (yes there is such a thing). The leader of one of the pro-ana sites committed suicide, and documented it online. Please go here to view the story, I would like to hear your perspective, this is quite disturbing:

    Take Care!

  4. Good for you. You are so right. There is also a strong social stigmaa long with the peer pressure which heavily influences our kids!

  5. How sad and so unnecessary! It is tragic that physical appearance is so important to the point of being deadly. Remember Twiggy? Women have been doing nasty things to their bodies for most of the history of mankind, all in the name of Fashion.

    It’s not only the Fashion Industry ~ it’s in the public schools! My daughter came home (she was 11) from school and declared that she was not going to eat any more fat foods or meat. Seems that the class was in the middle of their health class and she was getting all this mis-information about eating habits as the teacher was giving them all the latest Food Nazi info. Apparently, according to this teacher, I had been slowly poisoning my child for years. So I had to un-brainwash her and I’m pleased to say that she is very healthy.

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