War Over, United States Surrenders to al-Qaeda!!!

These are the headlines that will be printed in the newspapers throughout the Islamic World. Bin Laden will be proved right. America has no stomach for war. When the battle gets tough America tucks its tail and runs!

From the onset the Democratic Party, now controlled by socialists and powerful 527’s allied with socialists, have fought every effort during both terms of President Bush’s administration in the War in Iraq.

Today I am ashamed to be American!

[edited to fix error in title]


~ by devildog6771 on February 16, 2007.

4 Responses to “War Over, United States Surrenders to al-Qaeda!!!”

  1. I present information and I give my sources. You make accusations and do not provide any substantive facts. People are capable of independent thought except when they have a closed mind. How about opening yours up? Try reading. It does help.

  2. Verify my facts. Lets See We have been in Iraq more then 5 years. No WMD!!! No LINK to Osama!!! But Hailiburton Has made Hundreds of millions. Iam not a Sheep. But you like to pull the wool over people eyes.

  3. Actually, Scott Smith, I am ashamed of people like you! While our troops are risking their life for people like you, you don’t even have the personal integrity to verify your facts and support your comments here. If you come here often, you know I rarely post without a great deal of supportive sources. Where are yours.

    I recognize a sheep when I see one!

  4. Be Ashamed Of Bush, He lied and started This. The only people to profit from the war is The people the support bush.

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