paid me a visit

Well, I may not feel honored by the visit; but, I do feel vindicated. Someone from paid me a visit today. Now they know that there is one less person who believes their tripe! 


~ by devildog6771 on February 16, 2007.

3 Responses to “ paid me a visit”

  1. Okay… now that p*sses me off – hadn’t thought about that. Time for cyber-sleuthing.

    PS: off topic – I looked at your artwork on your flicker page – it is very moving and you have some serious talent.

  2. You can do a “whois” on their “IP address” and report them to their ISP provider. Or you can report the email address to yahoo or mark their address as “spam!” I would be very annoyed. I would also wonder if my name was recorded by them as supporting a cause I was against!

  3. Devildog… someone put me on their mailing list – I get about 3 emails a frakin week from them, and even “unsubscribing’ doesn’t work.


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