A Mother shares her ordeal with her son’s PTSD

I want to share a comment posted on my page on PTSD. I think this is one of the best written descriptions of the effects of PTSD on both the war veteran and his family that I have ever read! It is also an accurate account of how a veteran with PTSD can get lost in the “system!”

I applaud the courage of this fine soldier’s Mom to speak out on his behalf. I have PTSD myself. I certainly understand the suffering of her son and her and her family. If anyone out there can help this soldier and his family, please post information here for his Mom.  

I know what PTSD is. It’s a member of my family. It’s a nightmare a young man has of the Tigris River on one side, innocent civilians on the other, the insurgents in front of him and his younger brother and sister in the back of his Humvee. It’s the guest that has moved in and keeps my son up till he finally falls asleep from beyond exhaustion.
It’s also the black sheep of the family. We find this out when we go to the VA people and they say “We have no record of your son even being in the military” and I produce a DD214.
We find this out when we call our son’s Chaplain and First Shirt and tell them something is wrong-can they please help him because he just walked away from a beautiful car and didn’t remember and they just yell at him to get his mom off their backs.
We find this out when our Congressman says Call the Red Cross and they say why are you calling us, he’s not active anymore.
We find this out when politicians refuse to acknowledge our concerns about PTSD.
We find this out when our children attempt suicide just to stop the nightmares.


~ by devildog6771 on February 14, 2007.

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  1. Read the article in Playboy about how the adminstration is changing the definition of PTSD so as to not drain the money into its treatment. I wasn’t surprised at all.

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