Proof of “American Mercenaries” in action

It’s time to “pay-it-forward” America!  In the war on terror throughout the world American troops are a “threat to all out war” due to their insidious deeds. These “baby killers,” these supposed “soldiers,” I have the “proof” of their misdeeds. I have actual “pictures” of  “American mercenaries” in action!

In the “Global War on Terror,” these soldiers do their nefarious deeds in Iraq, Afghanistan, Africa, all over the world under the pretense of spreading Democracy and humanitarian aide. Their actions are dishonoring America and border on “war crimes!” Children are not safe around these “baby killers!” They commit these terrible atrocities while hiding behind the mantra of fighting a “Global War on Terror.” Like Senator Kennedy says, “it’s Vietnam” all over again!

It’s time to “pay it forward” America! A picture is truly “worth a thousand words.” The policies of President Bush are a threat to all out war in the Middle East! There is no progress in Iraq or Afghanistan. As the Democrats say, we must “bring the troops home” for their own good and for world peace. “The “troop surge” must not be supported!

Just look at these pictures of the children and people in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the world! The entire US effort is a failure. Senator Clinton,, Mr. Obama, Senator Warner and all those Senators who are trying to pass a resolution to stop funding the war, bring our troops home, and prevent the troop surge can’t all be wrong. Mr. Warner, please listen to and say no to the troop surge so we can stop this abomination!

Here is the proof we have all been looking for:












Certainly you can all see that we must do something. These pictures speak for themselves. So when you hear Senator Clinton , Mr. Obama, Senator Warner, the Democrats and most inportantly, say its time to vote down the “troop surge” and “funding for the war,” take a look at these pictures and let them be your guide!


Senator Warner, if you listen to, as a constituent, I want you to know you have lost my vote!!

Credit for these provacative pictures were found in the “top secret” archives of the DOD and CENTCOM


~ by devildog6771 on February 13, 2007.

7 Responses to “Proof of “American Mercenaries” in action”

  1. Hey great blog guys its nice to see that there are still americans who are true patriots and arnt puppets of the press like most others, thank you for the support and god bless you all.

  2. Ogy, I don’t think you’re being an ass. I do think once you are in you will see far more truth than someone of your young years ought to see [I am 59, so I wasn’t being denigrative]. Sadly, You may find some truth to what you say. However, most of the troops I read don’t entirely agree. I do get the impression they wish Iraq had a stronger leader and much of past animosities could be put aside for the good of the country.

    I believe most of the country is trying to do that. But, remember, we had our Civil War and we fought our “own” battle for freedom. The Iraqi have never had that in modern times.

    Good luck to you. Start a blog. Let us all know how you are doing, if you need anything?

  3. See, this gives an example that people don’t realize. The American service men and women aren’t some alien organization of people who can be defined by the media like they do with “terrorists”. These are our brothers, our sisters, our family, and our people, and they do as you would expect such people would. It’s like looking at a family photo album, but with M-16s and different cammo.

    Btw, nice parody. Too bad most people skip to the pictures before reading more than a sentence or two, then go back to reading.

    PS: on a side note, whenever you expect to have a long standing presence in an area, it’s standard tactics of any intelligent military to be as civil as possible to the native population, and to treat the people as well as possible (including the defending soldiers assuming that they’re part of the dominant population of the area and not foreign occupation forces.) since they can be your greatest ally or worst enemy in a campaign or future relations involving the area. The united states would NEVER ordain American troops to commit any act that would harm relations with a native population unless we were fully determined of kicking them all out… which in this case is pointless, we’re only kicking out the old regime so we can have a better puppet government. (and no, I’m not being an ass, I’m honest about what should be obvious to everyone with eyes. Also I’m soon to be in the military, just waiting for that letter telling me to get on the bus.)

  4. I am truly honored Frank. Thank you. You need to know just how proud we all are of you back here at home. The media and politicians don’t speak for us. They all have their own agenda. We love you guys and gals.

    You have all more than earned our “thanks, admiiration, and respect” for all you have sacrificed, accomplished, and will accimplish. God bless you all and the amazing families back home for all your sacrifices.

    Thank you. Thank you all, each and everyone of you. Semper Fi! Be safe! Keep your six down and whip ass!

  5. Great American Website! We fight for people like you! Semper Fi!

  6. Thank you,Tracy. You’re the first person to read this post and comment. I think maybe I made a mistake with the title. I was hoping it would be a come on to stir up comments from the other side of the fence, lol. Looks like I blew it. But, I, too, love these pictures!

  7. Great Pics!! I love seeing pictures of the troops doing the good things. The MSM sure doesn’t share them.

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