An Aussie says, “America, support your troops!” Another “Golden ASS AWARD”

I recently wrote a post called “Guess who was Awarded the 2006 Australian of the Year Award? Are you paying attention America?” In Australia, their servicemen were awarded the “Australian of the Year Award.” Today an Aussie made a comment on that post that I find very ironic. Here is his unedited post:

G’daysome things that tend to trouble me when i flick past fox news or CNN is that during the Anti-war protests the protesters rarely make the distinction between the person who sent them there and the poor buggers stuck there serving their country. regardless of what anybodies views on the Iraq/Afghan conflicts are, these are your sons and daughters in harms way for better or for worse never criticize your soldiers and do everything you can to keep their morale high, the only time an army will fall is when there not supported by their country when they need them most and America your sons and daughters need you all now.Cheers all and keep fighting the hard fight, cause nothing worthwhile is ever easy.JT said this on February 8th, 2007

I find it really sad that our allies feel the need to remind us to support our troops because they see that we as a nation are not giving them the support they need and deserve! We as a nation should be ashamed at the disgraceful lack of support we bestow on our troops.

I watched the Senate on Cspan today. What I saw made me disgusted. Several Republican Senators tried desperately to get the Senate to pass legislation needed for facilities for our returning troops. Among the main issues was a dental facility for dependent children, proper barracks for the troops, and training facilities needed to prepare our troops for deployment to Iraq.

Senators from Georgia, Texas, and Kansas gave excellent presentations to persuade the Senate to pass the needed bills. On the other side of the aisle, there were Senators who went to great lengths to blame the Republican controlled Senate for failure to pass bills during their leadership. What they failed to note was the roll the Democrats played in the failure to pass those bills in question.

While these antiwar, peace at any cost so called Americans are playing at doing their job, over 12,000 of our troops may have to live in trailers when they return because the present facilities are not fit to live in.

It is bad enough these people refuse to support our troops in the war effort. It is bad enough that they cohort with our enemy by the rhetoric they are constantly spewing from their mouths on the floor of the Senate and in our media! Now they want to deny our troops decent housing!

We need to seriously reconsider our efforts to force Congress to listen to the will of the people. We need to start a petition that says we will not support “any” Senator or Representative, be he/she Republican or Democrat, who fails to do their damn jobs. We need to let then know that part of their job is to make sure our troops are adequately provided for in all areas of their service.

Do you people in Congress hear that?  Do your damn jobs to which you were elected. Stop playing with the benefits of our troops and start supporting them or we will boot your lazy, pathetic, criminal a$$e$ out of office!    

For their indifference to our troops and the troops needs, I award Congress the “Golden Ass Award!”


~ by devildog6771 on February 9, 2007.

6 Responses to “An Aussie says, “America, support your troops!” Another “Golden ASS AWARD””

  1. Yes he is. Sadly I think he truly believss it all. As for quoting you, well, your post was great. Everything you said was right on target. Thank you for being such a good friend. If you are in the military, then thank you again for all your sacrifices.

  2. lol i was some what surprised to have a friend show me this post and find myself quoted in it 😛

    all i can say is if Obama is elected many of your friends will go and find much more reliable allies hes a fool not because of his “lets win the war by withdrawing” attitude but because he lives in this Obama happy land that is so far from reality no one with any sense could support him…

  3. Flag Gazer, sadly, I have to agree with you! However, I have a problem with calling them liberals. Read the speech by Mr. Reagan that I posted just before this post. It is an excellent speech. More importantly, is his topic!

  4. Beautifully done! A more deserving award for Congress can not be found…

    Yesterday, I got an email from a soldier in Iraq who asked, “Can the liberals in Congress get any more ridiculous?” I fear they can.

  5. Mike Allen, you are absolutely right. Thank you for your refreshing comments.

  6. Giving them our prayers, unidivided support, and every weapon at our disposal is the best support for our troops. Any talk otherwise is cowardise and shows a lack of resolve — which puts our troops in even more danger.

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