It’s Time to Start Fighting Back! Let’s Rumble!!

On March 17, 2007, A.N.S.W.E.R. will be holding another “peace rally” in Washington, D.C..  This rally is specifically set for this date as it is the 4th anniversary of the Iraqi war [March 19 and 20]. Here are some excerpts:

Time to Turn Up the Heat

The Anti-War Movement’s Next Step: March 17th — March on the Pentagon!

The anti-war movement is gaining tremendous momentum. All over the country new people are entering the ranks of the movement for the first time. Many are participating in demonstrations for the first time. Students on college campuses and in high schools will be attending in large numbers.

There will be a large turnout from the Muslim and Arab American community, which is organizing throughout the country.

The biggest single group of new volunteers and activists are soldiers and marines who have returned from Iraq. Their family members and other veterans are also organizing to March on the Pentagon.

The opening rally will assemble at the Vietnam Memorial (Constitution Gardens) at noon.

Two groups are really surprising to me, the Iraqi War Veterans and the high school kids [students]. In the 60’s these people confined themselves to college students. It seems they are expanding their sphere of influence. It also seems they are targeting our most impressionable resource, our young people. Before long they will be teaching our grade school kids to hate America!!I think it is time for those people who have sense enough to realize the importance of the war effort in Iraq to start some countermarches. While we allow ourselves to be side tracked by the likes of Willam Arkin, these “revolutionaries” are busy recruiting and spreading their hatred and dissent among our young. How long are we going to remain complacent in America and allow these “progressives” to build momentum and disrupt our nation? They are like a cancer that eats away at the fabric of American society and spreads dissent everywhere they go!

Spread the word everyone. Let’s try to get a good showing! It is long past time we fight back and take our country back. Start calling and sending letters and emails to your elected officials. Tell them to support our troops with more troops and funding! Tell them to stop talking and do the job they were elected to do!! Sign the “Petition” to prevent contributions from the Republican National Committee going to those Republicans who don’t support the war effort and our troops!! I have a link in my side bar.

If you don’t think that this is serious, then take a close look at the European nations! Between socialism and Islamic extremism, Europe is being over run. In some countries, Holland specifically, the middle class and upper level income people are migrating out of the country rather than face the threat presented by Muslim extremism.

In America, if we don’t start becoming more active and proactive, we will start to see not only Islamic extremism and “progressivism eroding our rights, we will see the rise of groups like the “Weather Underground,” the “Black Panthers,” and “other violent groups” of the 60’s begin to crop up. We can no longer be silent. We also need to get more people to sign the petitions in my upper side bar. Come on people!! If Code Pink and can use the Internet to rally people, why can’t we? Our inability to do so tells them that they are right. That they are the majority in America. I refuse to accept that. I refuse to believe that. What about the rest of you?

Are you satisfied to let our troops carry all the burden of protecting our nation? Do you want to see the troops pulled out of Iraq before they finish the job there? Are you ready to sit by and see the same thing happen in Iraq that happened in Vietnam because we “allowed” a Ted Kennedy, Cindy Sheehan, and the rest of the anti-war  crowd to speak for the nation while we sit at home and silently do nothing? Can you live with the fact that your inaction and indifference allowed millions to die? IF WE PULL OUT, THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT WILL HAPPEN! They won’t all die in Iraq. Many will die right here in America!!

Do the likes of Tom Hayden and Jane Fonda speak for you? Do Medea Benjamin, Stephen Bing, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Harold Ickes, George Soros, Andrew Stern, Ellen R. Malcolm, Steven Rosenthal, Gina Glantz, Cecile Richards, Monica Lesmerises, Sarah Leonard, Mo Elleithee,  Jim Jordan, Jesse Jackson,  John Conyers, Russ Feingold, Dennis Kucinich, Tom Daschle, Barbara Boxer, Richard Gephardt, John Edwards, and all the other people with like political persuasions speak for you?

Does the Shadow Party, ANSWER, ACORN, NION, UFPJ, Code Pink, MoveOn.Org, Global Exchange, Iraq Occupation Watch, Progressive Corp, New American Optimists, Stronger America Now, The Third Way, The Working Families Party, America Coming Together, SEIU, AFSCME, the Media  Fund, Thunder Road Group (TRG), the Partnership for America’s Families, America Votes, America Coming Together (ACT), and the countless hundreds, maybe thousands of “527’s” and front groups for the “big 4: ANSWER, UFPJ, NOIN, and ACORN” and those of the “Shadow Party,” speak for you?

They sure don’t speak for me!


~ by devildog6771 on February 7, 2007.

6 Responses to “It’s Time to Start Fighting Back! Let’s Rumble!!”

  1. Actually, I made only one assumption, that maybe you have not read enough of the blogs actually written by the troops on the front line. You on the other hand made several assumptions about me. “My kind” only goes to war when attacked repeatedly or diplomacy fails to stop the slaughter of our people. The terrorists did in fact declare war against us over 20years ago. Since that time they have repeatedly killed more and more Americans. Bin Ladenhas been quoted in a personal interview as saying, “We defeated the Russians. Now if we can defeat the Americans we can defeat anyone.” His intention is to establish a world wide caliphat.

    I am as much for peace as any other “kind” but I also not so ready to let some terrorists destroy my country because I refuse to defend it against an enemy set on our annihalation.

    As far as taking care of our vets, if you guys really want to help our troops then support them.

    As a veteran I am very much aware of what veterzns go through after and during war. My brother died from cancer 1 year to the date after he left the Army at 21 uears of age. A member of my familycame home in a coffin in this war.
    If you want to help us veterans, especially those who have been incombat, then why not ask them how you can help rather than try to decide for them how best to help them?

  2. You make many assumptions about me, and who in my family has or has not served. You also embody the “lets go fight em” attitude that keeps us revisiting war and why we do it. I responded to someone saying “It’s time to start fighting back, lets rumble” – why does your kind always want to fight? Why not Peace? Why is it that people who want peace and want to take care of our vets villified? You act as if I said ALL vets are homeless and ALL vets are against the war.

    I never said that, but am not surprised by how you reacted. I used to watch Foxnews too 🙂 I have since been enlightened. In any case, I am not going to taut the war medals won by my family, that is just silly. Peace is not a bad thing to want… I promise you. As far as The Quakers being the “true pacifists” against war… I know that… I was there with them.

    I also refuse to be mean spirited towards you because that isn’t what I represent. I hope your family returns in good condition and doesn’t suffer what thousands of others have and are suffering with PTSD, GWS, AO, DU poisoning etc. I hope they come back healthy and I personally appreciate what they have done.

    My hope is for people to become educated to what our troops and their families have to suffer through during and after wars. For anyone to deny that there our vets are facing some major challenges is short sighted. You seem to be one of the fortunate ones, I hope that continues for you. But for those that were not so fortunate can you stop bashing the people that are trying to help them? Peace AND Love 😉

    “The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, shall be directly proportional as to how they perceive the Veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated by their country.”
    ~ George Washington

  3. Yankeemom, so glad to see you and have your support and help. Thank you for the very humbling compliment. I do try.

  4. First off, like I said in another post, “I WAS THERE, WERE YOU!”

    Second, your facts are incorrect. SOME veterans were against the war. Of course there was a “draft” then which does not exist today. Also, some protestors were Quakers who are “true pacifists.”

    Third, over fifty-thousand American troops died in that War. They were not killed in “CANADA!” They were the brave who went because it was the right thing to do, they were not the cowards who fled to Canada. They were not that the college crowd who hid behind University doors, protested in the streets, burned our Flag, spit on our troops, and later draft cards.

    They did not form radical communists protests groups and bomb American cities or kidnap fellow Americans citizens.

    The war in Vietnam ended because Teddy Kennedy used the Watergate Scandal and the war to regain Democratic control of Congress. He did this by loading the Special prosecutor’s office that investigated Watergate and Nixon with his people and helping many of the same people who are using those legitimate pacifists today with funding and support. They called themselves communists and socialists then. They now call themselves progressives.

    They are parasites who always hate whatever is the status quo, and are constantly trying to start cultural revolutions and and political revolutions. They are adamant in their claim to champion for the common man and equality of individual wealth all the way to the bank with the millions they make off the thing they say they most despise, capitalism.

    I am still waiting for Jane Fonda, Tom Hayden, Michael Moore, etc., etc., etc., to start this new Utopian dream by example, by GIVING AWAY THE FORTUNES THEY HAVE AMASSED IN EQUAl amounts TO THE MASSES!! Right!!?

    Out of 2.5 million troops, 1,000 “+” are against the war. I don’t exactly consider them representative of “all” our troops. By the way, did I mention I served during Vietnam, as did four of my brothers and sisters. My Dad was a decorated WWII veteran. None of us are war-mongers. One was and is somewhat of a pacifists. She still has her beliefs and lost her only son in this conflict. Our family has all suffered his loss tremendously as we were all very close.

    As for watching alll the news, I do just that, do you. Fox is the only that actually presents a less biased report on the war. They have a reporter who reports from somewhere other than the safety of the “greenzone!!”

    I suggest you go to and actually read what the troops in the field are saying about the war, the protests, everythnig. I also suggest you examine your sources and the organizations you align with to see who and what they really are all about!

  5. Oh my, toxinskill, you have hit all the “points”. Funny, but the soldiers that I’ve talked to and it’s quite a few) speak of wanting to finish the job. And they don’t appreciate all the ones yelling “bring them home!” saying they speak for them. They have made a choice, which is stilled allowed in this country, and they keep re-enlisting. Imagine that.
    Let me tell you one thing about devildog – she reads more different resources and articles than most people I know. So please don’t just jump to the conclusion that all she knows is from Fox news.
    Also, I know quite a few Vietnam vets who are not walking the streets homeless – you might want to talk to a few of them and get their stories. They are the ones working real hard to help to help this new generation of combat vets who are coming home feeling the so called ‘love’ from those who keep speaking for them.
    I hope you’re sending cards or care packages to the troops over there telling them you’re with them cuz that’s what makes their day.

  6. Wow.. you need to read about the GI Movement. The pacifists in the 60s were The Quakers and the GI’s themselves. Doesn’t it bother you that the VETS themselves are trying to tell you something is wrong? Just like they tried to during the Vietnam war? The GI’s were the ones that refused to fight and actually worked by networking underground newspapers and rallies to stop the war. You should watch the movie SirNoSir! ( and read some books like: Solders in Revolt, by David Cortright, Protest and Survive (A cronical of GI movement against Vietnam), Mission Rejected by Peter Lauffer. And watch something besides Foxnews 😉

    Also check these out:

    A Video called “A call to Arms by Scott Miller”

    I say BRING EM HOME!!!!!

    If you love this land of the free
    Bring ‘em home, bring ‘em home
    Bring ‘em back from overseas
    Bring ‘em home, bring ‘em home
    It will make the general sad I know
    Bring ‘em home, bring ‘em home
    They wanna tangle with their foe
    Bring ‘em home, bring ‘em home

    They want to test their grand theories
    Bring ‘em home, bring ‘em home
    With the blood of you and me
    Bring ‘em home, bring ‘em home
    Now, we’ll give no more brave young lives
    Bring ‘em home, bring ‘em home
    For the gleam in someone’s eyes
    Bring ‘em home, bring ‘em home

    The men will cheer and the boys will shout
    Bring ‘em home, bring ‘em home
    Yeah, and we will all turn out
    Bring ‘em home, bring ‘em home
    The church bells will ring with joy
    Bring ‘em home, bring ‘em home
    To welcome our darling girls and boys
    Bring ‘em home, bring ‘em home
    We will lift our voice in song
    Bring ‘em home, bring ‘em home

    Yeah, when Johnny comes marchin’ home
    Bring ‘em home
    Bring ‘em home
    Bring ‘em back from overseas
    If you love this land of the free
    Bring ‘em back from overseas
    Bring ‘em home
    Bring ‘em home


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