“King George, the Emperor with no clothes!”

I have been watching the news today. I learned a lot. First I learned about  omnipotence. For instance, I learned how a single individual is responsible for the economy being in shambles even though it is flourishing. I learned how that same individual caused a global warming crisis on the world, though it takes centuries, at least decades to create the conditions conducive for that phenomenon.

I learned how one man is responsible for the the fighting between Hamas and Hezbollah because today on national TV I heard them say so! I learned how he single handidly created the illegal alien crisis we now are experiencing. Over seven million illegals have entered America because he failed to protect our borders. He is responsible for the bombing of the Twin Towers in New York City.

He is single handedly responsible for the rise of Bin Laden and terrorism throughout the world. He caused the problems we are now experiencing in Iran because their president said so. That is why they need nukes. They need to defend themselves from this man. In Korea, old Kim is scavenging material to make nukes and just did his first tests. He is also preparing to defend himself against this man!

Even though over 3/4ths of Iraq is beginning to flourish slowly’ the Iraqi have elected their own President, and set up their own government, he has single handidly caused the deaths of over three thousand troops and thousands of Iraqi citizens. Iraq, well, it is a failure. This is true even though the focus of the problems is in and around Baghdad!

He is the reason the entire world hates America. He is the reason why Mexico and Venezuela hate us. This one man has caused the United Nations and most of Europe to hate us. He has destroyed our world image. The only reason we have a coalition is because most of the members are former victims of totalitarian and despotic communist leaders. They don’t know any better yet. They aren’t enlightened to the evils of Democracy and capitalism!

 Second, I learned that all these accusations, facts, innuendos, whatever, are true because the powers to be that control the Democratic Party, Nancy Pelosi, John Kerry, and Hillary say so. Jane Fonda, John Murtha, and George Soros all say so. They say so along with dozens more Democrats and some high ranking Republicans. Most importantly, besides the Democratic Party’s insight into his crimes and incompetence, the media says so! They can’t all be wrong, can they?

But, if this man is omnipotent, what are we all to do? How did a single earthly being assume so much “Godly” power? How did he accomplish all his devastating feats? There are 300,000,000 plus people living in America. How is it possible that one man wielded such power. There are approximately 6.5 billion people on the world. Again,how is it possible that one man accomplished so much?

I am curious!  What were 3 million Americans and 6.5 billion people in the world doing while one man, George Bush, spread or caused so much evil? Were we all sleeping? “Bush lied. Thousands died!” I think that’s the way the saying goes.  Hm!! Who is it that made that remark?

Do they have some special insight? Do they know something the rest of us Americans don’t know?  the rest of the world doesn’t know? Perhaps a better question might be this. If these people know something that no one else knows, then why haven’t “they” done something? They do seem to offer a lot of criticism. But, I have always been taught, you only make mistakes when you try!

Does GB have a secret army that he has used to help implement his activities? I haven’t seen any sign of an army. But he must have some special help or powers.  Otherwise, how can he do all the things he has done? It just isn’t possible! I mean all those Democrats and Hillary, Jane, George, and all the others seem powerless to do more than talk about GB’s misdeeds.

As for how he accomplished all these tasks, it can only because he is an omnipotent power. I just can’t see any other way for it! For the past six years we have been told how stupid he is or whatever other term has been used to denigrat. But it has to be his omnipotent powers that allowed him to do all he has accomplished. There can be no other  conclusion!

Let me see, there is one thing, maybe, just maybe he managed to do all these things because instead of just talking he got off his keester and tried to really do something. By the way, don’t we have a Congress? Have they no say in any of this. Were they absent without leave the last six years? What is that famous Bible quote? Oh, yeah, “Let him who is without fault throw the first stone!”


~ by devildog6771 on February 2, 2007.

2 Responses to ““King George, the Emperor with no clothes!””

  1. Thank you TBone. I had begun to worry if I needed to change something. It is hard to critique yourself when you write about such an important issue where people’s lives are affected. I remember the 60’s and how our troops were treated. Ialso remember “who was really” behind the peace movement! I’m putting you in my sidebar.

  2. Semper Fi Devil Dog. Thanks for all you do. I really like your writing. Please don’t stop.


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