Sgt. Eddie Ryan – Hero and Good News Story of the Week!!

Sgt. Eddie Ryan and his family

Last July I did a follow-up story on Sgt. Eddie Ryan to keep folks abreast of Eddie’s progress and any special needs of him and his family. In the post, “Remember Eddie Ryan?,” I wrote:

Soon Eddie will be ready to leave the Helen Hayes Hospital. However his parents have been judiciously helping Eddie with his many accomplishments. Right now the Ryan’s need to prepare their home for Eddie’s home coming. They have neither the time nor the finances. If you can help, please go to the link in the left side bar and contribute toward the fund to prepare Eddie’s home so he can go home. His link is one I made with the flag and the USMC eagle, globe, and anchor.By the way, Eddie can now make some complete sentences. It would be very helpful if people could send him a card or letter to say hi and keep his spirits up. Let’s all do what we are able to help this determined young soldier be able to go home and continue to recover. Go to the link and read his amazing story. Look at the pictures at the difference in Eddie today and several months ago. If anyone knows of an organization that can help the Ryan’s with the modifications needed for their home, please send the information to Eddie’s family.

For those of you who don’t remember Eddie, Eddie was shot by friendly sniper fire.

Well folks, there is good news! Sgt. Eddie Ryan has gone home! He still requires several types of therapy every day. His mother, Angie reports that Eddie still has a tough and long road ahead. But, Eddie is determined and his family is supportive.

The Ryan’s have a home that fits Eddie’s needs. Individual people, organizations, businesses, school kids, fellow brothers in arms, all these helped contribute to Eddie and the Ryan’s. Through prayers, food, and so many other means of help and support the family and Eddie have remained postive and traveled a long road to get home.

Eddie’s mom, Angie, posted a note on the post above to let us know Eddie was home now. Angie requests that everyone go to Eddie’s website and read her comments. I went there and found a wonderful letter from the Ryans to everyone who helped through whatever means. She also gave an update.

I have a link to Eddie’s site below on my sidebar. It’s the flag logo down near the bottom where my other logos are. Please go to Eddie’s site and read Angie’s thank you and leave Eddie your comments. I am sure that now that he is home and there are less people around all the time, Eddie will appreciate any comments of encouragement.


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