The Real Story of Adam and Eve?? A little humor sent by a de-bunked spammer!

 I suppose every blogger has a similar problem. I am inundated with spam every day. Spammers are very creative in their effort to bypass Akismet so their next post will get through. The spammer will compliment your site or post, thus playing on your vanity. Spammers will build elaborate websites that look OK when you check them out until you look at their links, archives, and lack of profile, etc. All identifying info is gone. First thing I do every time I go on line is delete spam. Today I got a very unique post by a spammer whose URL indicated a “sex” related site. I won’t include his “IP” address or handle. Read on for a little bit of acceptable humor:

“Lord, I have a problem!”
“What’s the problem, Eve?”
“Lord, I know you’ve created me and have provided this beautiful garden and all of these wonderful animals and that hilarious comedy snake, but I’m just not happy.”
“Why is that, Eve?” came the reply from above.
“Lord, I am lonely. And I’m sick to death of apples.” “Well, Eve, in that case, I have a solution. I shall create a man for you.”
“What’s a ‘man,’ Lord?”
“This man will be a flawed creature, with aggressive tendencies, an enormous ego and an inability to empathize or listen to you properly, he’ll basically give you a hard time. He’ll be bigger, faster, and more muscular than you. He’ll be really good at fighting and kicking a ball about and hunting fleet-footed ruminants, But, he’ll be pretty good in the sack.”
“I can put up with that,” says Eve, with an ironically raised eyebrow.
“Yeah well, he’s better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick. But, there is one condition.”
“What’s that, Lord?”
“You’ll have to let him believe that I made him first.”


~ by devildog6771 on January 25, 2007.

2 Responses to “The Real Story of Adam and Eve?? A little humor sent by a de-bunked spammer!”

  1. sohrab, so very glad to see your post. I was wondering of you were ok. I will post about your request. Take care my friend. Keep up the great blogging.

  2. How are you doing nowadays? nothing heard from there. I came acrross your link on my post about Five year after september 11 and red your respnde.
    I am designing to run Podcast but need voice recorder tools. I asked poeple if they are able to help me i will send them the money because in Afghanistan i cann’t find them.

    well, I hope you are fine. =


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