“Good News Friday” report on Iraq and Afghanistan

I should have posted this Friday but I was sick and wordpres and Ihave had some problems. Anyway, I am still posting it today eventhough it is late. Every Friday is a day for putting out the word on the good news out of Iraq and Afghanistan. Please join the milbloggers in this effort to support our troops and all they are and have accomplished in these two countries.


I went through the CENTCOM News and elsewhere looking for a story to put here on Iraq. There were plenty good stories. However none did justice or provided the faultless credentials like Michael Yon’s latest post. I say that because anyone who reads Michael”s reports knows Michael is a “boots on the ground” reporter who pulls no punches. He never sugar coats the facts. He never fails to be critical when criticism is justified. He also never fails to offer praise when it is due.

If you want to know how things are in Iraq right now, read Michael’s latest post in a three part series, ” Walking the Line 2007 Part 3 of 3.”

Here is an excerpt:

[Ramadi, Anbar Province, Iraq]

The evening of 30 December, CSM Jeffrey Mellinger talked over dinner with troops about progress and setbacks in Iraq. This was about twelve hours before Saddam was to hang, but that was still a big secret to nearly everyone. American Brigadier General Francis Wiercinksi would later tell me that neither he nor the current governor of Salah al Dinh Province, where Saddam was born, were aware of the impending execution.

For the second time now, Michael is traveling throughout Iraq with CSM Jeffrey Mellinger.  Last year Michael spent six months trying to get permission to accompany CSM Mellinger in his travels throughout Iraq as Mellinger personally visits his troops in the field for a first hand report and observation of “the real war efforts” in Iraq.  Mellinger travels in a Humvee every where he goes. It was for this reason Michael had trouble getting permission for his first “ride along” with the CSM.<br><br>

Previously, CSM Mellinger offered to allow two reporters to accompany him so they could report what was really happening in the war effort. Twice the reporters backed out when they saw they were riding in a Humvee. I suppose you could say they were “fair weather reporters” who preferrred the safety of the “Green Zone or the Baghdad Hotel” over truth in reporting the war efforts!

I can think of no accounting of the progress or lack thereof of the war in Iraq than the reports Michael Yon publishes in his journal from the front line. Read this latest report and see what you are not seeing on the MSM and are not hearing on the Hill! While you are at Michael’s site go back and read the rest of “Walking the Line 2007” and the other many posts by Michael on the war effort.

As an after thought, you might consider donating a little something to Michael over his link at his site. He pays all his own expenses and relies heavily on donations.


I  found a great story on Afghanistan over at the CENTCOM website. CENTCOM has a very thorough site that provides pictures, videos and audios, a Heroes section, and news updates on both Iraq and Afghanistan.  It also gives steady reports on the actual reconstruction efforts in both countries. But those guys who maintain the site don’t just cover these two countries and our troops, they also provide a chronicle of efforts of our troops and all the coalition forces throughout the world.

The story I chose for Afghanistan, “Afghan citizens prevent terrorist attack on U.S. base”, demonstrates just how much effort our troops and the coalition troops have put into Afghanistan in rebuilding that nation and helping to bridge friendships and trust with the Afghan people.

Here is an excerpt:

 “Afghan citizens prevent terrorist attack on U.S. base”

KABUL, Afghanistan – Two Afghan citizens prevented a terrorist attack this morning when a vehicle loaded with explosives attempted to crash through the front gate of Camp Phoenix, a U.S. base here.

“Without any regard for their personal safety, a local Afghan security officer and an interpreter immediately recognized that this was a terrorist attack,” said 1st Lt. Cathrin Fraker, the spokesperson for Task Force Phoenix.

Go to the link and read the rest of this story about how the two Afghan ciitizens risk their lives to save our troops. Things are certainly looking forward in Afghanistan! After you read this post, consider taking some time to read all the other stories on the site and check out everything else CENTCOM offers there.

I also found a pretty good video there on Afghanistan, “Afghanistan Good News Video”.

I hope you enjoy these stories. I also hope you will join in the effort to make sure people know what is happening in both Iraq and Afghanistan that is positive in the war efforts there by posting your “good news story” every Friday! Our troops and the people of both nations deserve to have that news get out too. It is crucial and “vital” that we stay the course in both Iraq and Afghanistan.

The people in both countries deserve no less than we finish what we started. They deserve to be free and self determining. They deserve to prosper and one day take their place as thriving, free nations along side the rest of the free world.

Our troops deserve to have their efforts shown too. It is not enough to just print what a few did wrong. That in no way reflects the efforts of the other 99.99% of our soldiers who have risked their lives, sacrificed time from their famlies, and in some cases their careers outside the service. They did all this willingly because that is who they are and what they do. Our injured and fallen also deserve better to honor their sacricies!

When you see one of our troops here at home, consider doing what I do. Offer him or her your thanks.I have on occasion paid for their coffee at the local convenience stores. They always look so surprised and more importantly, greatful. You’d be surprised at how such a small jesture touches them.

It also would be a wonderful gesture to them to go to welcome them home if you live close enough to an airport or facility to do so. My daughter goes to college near home. Recently a few soldiers and Marines spoke at a school sponsored program. When she came home later she was upset. It seems that a Marine spoke about his unit.

His unit lost over half its men. He was shocked and terribly upset that when they came home, no one greeted them and welcomed them back! He felt like all those troops died and no one noticed or cared!

So you see, a little thanks goes a long way. That’s all any of them want in return for their efforts and sacrifices, to know we appreciate them and are proud of them. Such a small gesture for so much sacrifice!


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