Same old Song! Same old Dance! Same lousy Dancers!!

I found a couple new blogs today. The first one I found today after a blogger made a comment on one of my posts. The blogger, Chief Rz, has a blog called The Truth. He has a great blog. I feel like I’ve met another kindred spirit. Chief Rz has some really great posts on his blog. The latest post, Communist at the “peace rally” , is about his recent experiences with a peace rally he just happened to encounter. Here are a few excerpts:

Yesterday, at “the fountain” — a place in 5-Points — City of Columbia, a group of about twenty-five individuals gathered to “protest” the Commander In Chief’s decision to support our commanders with boots on the ground for an additional 21,500 troops. Unlike during the Vietnam conflict, there is no draft. Everyone serving in the military has been a volunteer since 1975.

I took a few minutes to see what this was about. Who did I bump into? A communist. He was dressed up in an old Boy Scout Uniform with a 1957 National Jamboree Patch like this one……

I did not see ANSWER people there, but did talk to a Vietnam Veteran draftee who served two years in the Army’ s Airborne divisions. I asked him if we were to leave Iraq, would he support our deployments to the other 74 locations including Somalia and Afghanistan.

He did not respond.

This is the crux of the “protest” — they do not want the USA to defend itself.

It is a very well written post. He has a gift for blogging, a very nice way with words that is refreshing. He calls a spade a spade.
Dirk_Star from the blog, Eddie are you kidding, posted a comment on one of Chief Rz’s blog posts. He implied that Chief Rz would think he was a “commie” so his comment was short and cryptic. Naturally, I checked out his blog.

Sheesh! I felt like I stepped back in time forty years. Hippyville USA! Everything, from the blog design itself to the topics, was nothing but a rendition of the old sixties purported peace movement. There was a post there, Setting the record straight, that blasted President Bush’s latest speech on the additional troop deployments to Iraq. Here are some excerpts from his post:

I have just been contacted by a representative of President Bush’s press office concerning yesterday’s post. I have been informed in no uncertain terms that I have misquoted the man and need to correct the offending comments…..

Errors and edits.

1. I apparently misheard the president say “Twenty thousand troops” when in reality he was saying “Twenty thousand fruits” are being sent to Iraq…..

2. I apparently misheard the president say, “Patriot missiles” when he was actually saying, “Catholic missiles”…..

3. As I was informed by the individual who telephoned me, I am simply one more in a long line of Liberal Jihad extremists that must be dealt with in what the president refers to as, “The War on Error!”…

There is no question that Dirk_Star is gifted with a keyboard. However there is also no doubt that every word he posted sounded like a litany of the Progressive Democrats of America’s plan for the impeachment of President Bush. I was so angered by his post I had to really restrain myself from posting what I really thought about his post and pompous comments.

However, I do not feel any need to restrain myself here on my own blog. So here is what I want to respond to Dirk_Star about his blog and his blog posts:

As a result of the withdrawal of our troops and cutting off of funds, 3,000,000 Vietnamese and Cambodians were brutally murdered. Those 3,000,000 plus were real, honest to God people, civilians, innocents!! That is one the legacies of the 60’s “communist led” peace movement in America.

Oh, did I forget to mention that Vietnam did not attack our nation. We “were” attacked by terrorists on 9/11. We did over 20 years of cheek turning prior to 9/11! Did you shed a tear for our dead?

Go figure! Several thousand of Americans were killed; but, nary a word of protests out of mouths such as yourself. Where was your sense of love and peace then that you didn’t likewise speak out? Forget about the American dead, why did you not start a blog and protest the civilians [collateral damage] who died when the terrorists were killing the “ugly Americans?

Oh, my, did I just do that? I grabbed a tired old 60’s euphemism because I am unable to creatively create my own identity. Why stop here, I am very sure Tom Hayden, Hanoi Jane, and the UCLA SDS [Students for a Democratic Society] aka weather underground will be knocking on your door soon. Of course they’ve got to go around the geriatric units to find someone who isn’t either in prison or dead for peacefully protesting by killing innocent people with bombs here at home.

Or do you subscribe to Alinsky’s “The Orderly Revolution” or his Reveille for Radicals?” Then there is also his “Rules for Radicals”too. Maybe you can get the “PDA”, that’s the Progressive Democrats of America, to read Students for a Democratic Society too?

How ignorant of me, it appears they already have because they are in the churches, unions, ethnic organizations,and political machines[“The Shadow Party” by David Horowitz and Richard Poe] and all the other middle class “white” majority areas of focus Alinsky wrote about!

It appears you haven’t finished the orderly conquest of the middle classes yet! If you need a guide to help you along just follow his most successful protege, Hillary Clinton. With the illegal financial backing of George Soros and running on both the Democratic ticket and on the ticket for the “Working Families Party,” which is a front group for ACORN” funded by the Shadow Partythat Clinton and, Ickes and Soros formed, Hillary got herself elected as a New York Senator. New York is one of the testing grounds for the “Progressives since it is primarily a Democratic state. Hillary is working on the “top”part of Alynsky’s plan!

Now followers such as yourself are trumpeting the PDA’s “Impeach President Bush” mantra. So, what’s next in the master plan? Will you all do as Teddy did and ram through a bill for a “Special Prosecutor” who just happens to be your lawyer and then make sure he hires aides who also worked either for you or your cronies so you have control over the direction of the investigation? Teddy’s too old to do all this now. But I am sure that, unless alcohol has pickled his brain, he can tell you how it is done.

Let’s be honest for a minute if I may. Please be forewarned, I am going to be blunt, even crude in the next few statements. If you are easily offended, do not read further!!!

If George Bush was willing to let some groupie “suck his ?ick” in the White House like Bill Clinton or Bush started drinking again and “screwed everything in skirts” and could crawl out of a sinking car quicker than Superman can get out of his regular clothes in a phone booth and run away faster than a speeding bullet like Superman, he would be a Democratic Icon and symbol of what that party has allowed itself to become!!

Lastly, I am surprised to read that you were in the Marines. If you ever served in combat I thank you  for that service. But, though you wore the uniform you were never a Marine. You do not have the heart of a Marine!!

Let me offer you list of reading material. I have read all of these books. There is “nothing” in these books that is not verifiable on the internet if you are willing to use some effort:

  1. “Bin Laden, The Man Who Declared War on America” by Yossef Bodansky
  2. “Jihad, The Rise of Militant Islam in Central Asia” by Ahmed Rashid
  3. “Taliban” by Ahmed Rashid
  4. “American Jihad, The Terrorists Living Among Us,” by Steven Emerson
  5. “See No Evil” by Robert Baer
  6. “The Shadow Party” by David Hoeowitz and Richard Poe

These books leave no illusionas to who or what is behind the terrorists attacks against America and throughout the world. They also do not down play any part we may have played in this war. What they do is give a decent understanding of our enemies both at home and abroad. They also clearly layout their ulitmate goals. They clearly point out their alliance. No propaganda, no grandiose utopian ideologies, jsut facts and reality, if you are up to it!

[edited to add reading list][re-edited to clean up my crudeness]


~ by devildog6771 on January 18, 2007.

2 Responses to “Same old Song! Same old Dance! Same lousy Dancers!!”

  1. I think he does. He seems to be a rather “intelligent” hippy wannabe. But I suspect he is far more than that! I loved the Truth. He is right on point!

  2. I wonder if Dirk_Star lives here? He’d certainly fit in…tie die and all.
    Thanks for the links ~ I like The Truth too.

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