“Rolling Victory Fast” still going Strong into the New Year.


As you will all recall, last year Cindy Sheehan spent a lot of time outside the ranch of President Bush at Crawford, Texas. She even went on the sly and tricked a local into selling her a piece of property to use for her shenanigans.

Over the summer, Sheehan and her “red followers” or should I say pink followers, started a fast at Crawford,Texas at “Cindyville Ranch” [my term]! Her fast was supposed to end when the President personally met with Sheehan to answer her questions about the War and why her son had to die!

In response to Cindy’s fast, Tanker Brothers also organized a fast, Rolling Victory Fast 2006.  Rolling Victory Fast was intended to show support “for” our troops and the war effort. People, milbloggers and supporters, went to Tanker Brothers Blog and signed up for days to fast for “24 hours.” I fasted two days myself.

Many people chose random days. But, many people, like myself, also chose to fast on days to honor soldiers that they had lost in the war, be it friend, significant other, family member, or some soldier who died and their story had an impact on them. The campaign was so successful that Tanker Brothers is continuing the project. So as we have entered into a new year, Rolling Victory Fast 2007 has been born.

To help spread the word, a limited number of Tee Shirts were made up which can be purchased for a nominal fee. The profits from the shirts are being donated to Soldier’s Angels. Rolling Victory Fast 2007 can only succeed if you all sign up for days to participate and if you pass the word around so more people will participate.

Please pass the word to your friends, fellow bloggers, etc., and direct them to the link to Tanker Brothers so that they can sign up for a fast day. If you can afford a few dollars for a Tee Shirt, please consider buying one before they are all gone! 

If the Pinko’s, Cindy Sheehan, and her other partners in dissent can manage to keep their fast going to bring the troops home and coerce George to met her demands, surely we can all do a counter fast and let Cindy and the rest of her “worshippers” know that unlike Viet Nam, we now support our troops in America! We will stand behind them until the mission is “w-o-n.”

One final comment. If you don’t already know it, MG and Cav Tanker are redeployed to Iraq. They have chosen to not to blog during their deployment due to the last wave of “restrictions” placed on deployed milbloggers. Can’t say I don’t understand; but, I sure wish they were blogging from the “sandbox!” The great bunch of people keeping Tanker Brothers going during their deployment are determined to keep the Rolling Victory Fast 2007 going until MG and Cav Tanker are safely home again. Let’s all show our support and pass the word about their efforts to help them in their goal!


~ by devildog6771 on January 16, 2007.

3 Responses to ““Rolling Victory Fast” still going Strong into the New Year.”

  1. Tell The Truth. In context or right now.

    I almost had a chance to yell to Cindy,” your son did the right thing” !!!
    In all her rantings, she never discusses “his feelings.” I honor his memory and sacrifice every day!

  2. I almost had a chance to yell to Cindy,
    ” your son did the right thing” !!!

  3. Tell The Truth. In context or right now.

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