Bob Woodward

I may be sick but I simply can’t let this pass. I see Bob Woodward has taken the opportunity of President Ford’s death to offer the late President’s insight into the choices made by President Bush’s administration with regard to Iraq. For heaven’s sake couldn’t he wait for the man to be buried before he started in with his latest expose? 

In my opinion, Mr. Woodward’s actions places him one step above a tabloid reporter. His works are always self serving and constantly inflame political divisions. His inability or unwillingness to show respect for President Ford just cements that opinion in my mind.


~ by devildog6771 on December 30, 2006.

4 Responses to “Bob Woodward”

  1. Maggie, Flag Gazer, and yankeemom it seems we are all on the same wave length with Mr. Woodward.

  2. Grandiosity has gotten way out of hand in the media with all these exposes’. And that’s all this is on the part of the Woodwards in this world. Can’t even let people bury their dead in peace anymore. So much for respect…

  3. I’ve considered Woodward a tabloid artist for a long time, but this is the lowest of the low… he also released out of context information.

    Hope you are feeling better…

  4. Agreed! Woodward is swine.

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