Woman recently discharged from Navy killed in dispute

Kira K. Jones recently was discharged from the Navy after serving for three years. She was a 25 year old single parent of two young boys aged 2 and 6. Since her discharge she worked at a local restaraunt and was planning to finish college with a degree in either social work or criminology.

Kira had already attended a two-year college in New Jersey on a partial basketball scholarship before joining the Navy. According to Kira’s mom, Alice Jones, Kira was tall and loved to play basketball. She had also planned to play basketball in college.

Now all Kira’s plans mean nothing!

Kira went to dinner with a gathering of friends. The people she was traveling with stopped at a local WaWa. A man and woman in her car went inside. While there, the female companion was shouted at by a man who had already shouted at one customer. That customer, a man, ignored the yelling man and left. However, when the man then shouted at the woman from Kira’s car, the woman shouted back. The couple then left the WaWa and rejoined Kira and another young friend waiting in the car.

The four young people then proceeded to drive to their destination. As they were waiting at an intersection to make a U-turn, the man who had shouted at the young female in the store pulled up beside their car, rolled down his window, and shot at the car. Though not involved in the altercation or the intended victim, Kira was shot and later died in a local hospital.

The shooter was later apprehended and charged with several offenses related to Kira’s death and the shooting.

Sadly this is not an uncommon event any more. There seems to be more and more innocent people killed by random acts of senseless violence. Far too many people are willing to take a life without regard for the consequences to themselves or others. I can’t begin to fathom why these people seem unable to respect human life.

This Christmas two young boys will be without their loving mother and a family has lost a beloved daughter. Our nation has lost another one of its veterans to a senseless act of violence.

Be at peace with God Kira. Know that you are in the company of your fellow brothers and sisters who also proudly served our nation.

My heartfelt condolances go to Kira’s family and her two young sons along with my prayers. Please say a special prayer for Kira’s sons and her family.


~ by devildog6771 on December 23, 2006.

7 Responses to “Woman recently discharged from Navy killed in dispute”

  1. I am sorry for the pain this is also causing your family. No one goes untouched in these tragedies. Thank you for your kind wishes for Kira’s family.

  2. My cousin is the man accused of this murder. I hope justice is found, and the family of Kira can find some sort of peace during this time.

  3. I’ll have to find out some more info so I can do another write up. This is very sad indeed.

  4. devildog6771. The case for Kira came up for trial this past week. It seems that Chesterfield County Court System feels dogs are more important than humans. Kira trial is on hold until November and press coverage needs to shine a spotlight on this tragedy. Her children still need support and not just prayers. She was wrongfully killed by someone who had little regard for life. I plan to write a letter to the local newspaper and ask for support for the trial.

  5. i am very sry for your loss,if i would have and opertunity to thank your daughter i would for fight for our courty,i understand your probably very upset because i would be to but your daughter wouldnt want you to morne her death she would want you you to be happy that she is in a better place and that she died for you and your contry.

  6. Thank you Mom. I don’t understand life sometimes?!

  7. Prayers going out for Kira’s family. What a sad story.

    Merry Christmas Devil Dog!

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