The War Effort. Who is the real enemy?

I was reading Blackfive earlier and wound up at Winds of Change. There was an article there about the recent views on the war called Iraq Is F**ked, Part II – the Domestic Wars. I enjoyed the post very much. It’s a well written article. I didn’t necesarily agree with everything he wrote. But, all in all it was well worth the read.

What troubled me about the article was the comments some people made. The anti Bush / ant war crowd just don’t seem to get it. I felt so frustrated over their remarks that I wrote a pretty long comment.
So I am posting my comments here. Go read the article then please come here ang read my comments. I figured I would add them here because long comments often get deleted as spam.

I am astounded at the the people who look but do not see. Just what do you consider a war? Must the enemy say, “Hey, America, this is your enemy. In case you don’t know it,we are at war. What’s that you say? What country? Ha! Ha! Ha! You are such fools! Our country is the world. Once we destroy you, the world will be ours!” Well guess what, they have been saying that and waging this war that many of you choose to ignore for over twenty years.

As for the President’s role in this, personally, I think he has done a pretty darned good job considering his hands have been tied since day one. Every single cabinet appointment, judicial appointment, and other key nominations have all been dragged out as long as possible or are still pending or refused a vote two years into the term. That is not only self serving buy a threat to our National Security.

Iraq, who cares if WMD’s existed or not? Pullout a map for heaven’ sake. Take a good look at it incase you don’t know your geography. Where is Iraq with regards to the Middle East, Central Asia, Asia, and Europe? Besides being a genocidal tyrant, Saddam aided and abetted the terrorists. He was right in the thick of it all. As much as Iran and Al-Qaeda couldn’t stand him, they weren’t stupid either. Strategically, Iraq puts a path right in the middle of the Islamic “empire” building efforts.

Saddam was a brutal and murderous dicator. He tried to kill our President. He easily could have sent any WMDs out of Iraq before we attacked and removed him. Had Bernie Saunders not cut our military to the bone we might have been able to deploy sooner. Had the CIA not been forced to go “politically” corrrect during the Clinton administration the intelligence agency with agents like Robvert Baer might have successfully gotten the intel needed to stop Bin Laden sooner.

So what? Does any of this all matter now. Does it make the war go away? Does it make the Islamic jihadists want to stop killing us? Since before WW I the developed nations have made half-a$$ed efforts to solve the Mddle Eastern problems and the slow advent of Communism. By failing to follow through and appeasement, there has been a constant up shoot of wars. Isn’t it time to do this thing right for a change? Would it make you people who refuse to see that this is a real war feel better if the other side put a bunch of identifying medals on their turbins?

All the intellectualizing b.s. in the world won’t solve this problem. If you guys really want a battle to fight with your intellect and words because you obviously don’t have the  family jewells to fight for your freedom, go verbalize it out with the Progressive Caucus and the PDA members who are slowly taking over the Democratic party. Before you throw it back at me that I am one of those Republicanm so and so’s, let me tell you I have been a Democrat all my life until now. If I wanted to live under Communism I would go to Russia.

While I am on this topic, if you guys spent half as much time checking out who organizes the anti war effort and who really foots the bill as you do tearing at every effort expended to safe guard our country you would know we have as much of a threat to our way of life and our Constitution right here at home as we do abroad. Not only that, the fools here at home have allied their cause with the terrorists.

I used to be so naieve and supported these destroyers of our freedom. Then I started finding informaion about them and who and what their real goals are by accident. I read and research “everything”now! I owe no one blind obedience.

One last thing. How many high level military types and inteligence  people have “exposed” the flaws in the current administration all the way to the bank? Bob Clarke msade how much money exposing in a book what he should have been exposing before Congress for years. What took him so long? That writer of the Watergate affair, did he also reveal that Kennedy was behind the entire witch hunt? Did he expose that Kennedy had his personal friend appointed as that Attorney handling the investigation? Did he expose that the staff were also Kennedy suppporters and former associates and former staffers.

No! Did he espose Hillary Clinton’s role in this effort and her illegal activities to help bury Nixon? Did he expose the Progressive Caucue affiliation with the DSA or their affiliation with the Workers Party, a known Communist organization? NO! Another reporter did, and it got white washed to a back page. The DSA and Profgessive Caucus put up new websites hiding their affiliation. Did Woodward also expose the meeting the Caucus members and DSA had in Chicago as a supposed Democratic Committee event where they planned to have a candidate in this next election? NO!

Did he expose the fact that after the old Russia collapsed they also discussed at the meeting how to make Communism work by fixing the mistakes made by Russia and making things right by setting up their Utopia here in America? And lastly did he expose their plans to infiltrate NOW, the NAACP, the Labor Unions,, the NEA, the government employees organization and by systimatically changing terminology in their doctrine to words like “progressive” and such planned to succeed in their goal? NO!

WHY not? Wake up and smell the coffee! We are in trouble on the home front and the wiolf is at the door. While America sleeps someone is opening the door for the wolf!!!


~ by devildog6771 on December 8, 2006.

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