Should the world nations surrender in the GWOT? Are the coalition soldiers just sacrificial lambs?

 Has the whole world gone crazy? Day before yesterday one of our soldiers was called a baby killer, had coffee thrown at him and was given graphic hand signals that were demeaning! Now the Brits won’t support their “Troops!” It would appear that those simple minded people who refuse to support the GWOT effort are not isolated to America! However, the extreme nut cases in America still support our troops in Afghanistan. That is not the case in Britain.

Mack (W.M.B) at ‘Watching Men Burn,’ is a British blogger who posted a shocking example of how far the anti-war crowd in Britain is willing to go in their efforts to sell out the safety and future of their nation. His post, Army fury as chief in Afghanistan is told he won’t get vital armour, tells us about the request by one of Britain’s Generals for much needed body armor and other supportive equipment and an additional number of troops. The General will be assuming command in Afghanistan soon.  He evaluated his new command needs and submitted his request to ensure everything was ready for his future deployment in Afghanistan. The General’s request was “d-e-n-i-e-d” with no supporting reason. 

There is already grave concern for the future of Afghanistan. There is an exhorbitant profit in Afghanistan in the Poppy business. The Taliban is receiving  much needed funds from this business. The British General is trying to prepare his unit for the next major Taliban Offensive. He has evaluated the situation and feels his requests for additional manpower and equipment is necessary to protect his troops and successfully put down the next “Taliban Offensive.”  

The people in Afghanistan are becoming more and more desperate as the Taliban resurges in Afghanistan. These people feel stuck in the middle. They feel America has abandoned them and not fulfilled her promise for rebuilding important infra-structure because America is too busy in Iraq. Many Afghans are beginning to support the Taliban because they feel they have no choice. What will the Afghans think now that the Brits are also being forced to try to fight off the next major “Taliban Offensive” with an inadequate number of troops who are poorly supplied?

More importantly, in the GWOT, the enemy has become expert on using the media to their advantage. This enemy makes sure that the local population in both Afghanistan and Iraq hear the dissenting media coverage in America and elsewhere. The media coverage in America, Britain, throughout Europe, and the world has thus far played into the hands of the enemy. The UN is impotent. France, China, Germany, and Russia refuse to act responsibly. Between their financial gains and their individual goals to either become or be restored to super power status, they are willing to sell out their respective nations and world peace.

What none of these stupid people seem to realize is that if the war efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan are lost, so will the GWOT. Iran will most certainly make its move to spearhead the radical Muslim effort to re-establish a new powerful Caliphate. Syria, Iran’s puppet, has already made overtures in Iraq. While many see this as positive, I do not. There is a sect of Shia in Syria, from a very ancient lineage, that gives Syria a means of enjoining the Shia in Iraq. This is a tool Iran doesn’t have. But Syria is unable to defend itself against Iran.  So Syria is willing to be Iran’s emissary, by proxy. Whether or not Syria is a aware of Iran’s duplicity is another unknown! 

But Iran has had continual dialog with the terrorists leaders in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The Muslim leaders in Iran and the terrorists’ leadership have had frequent summits and contact for a number of years. Iran has remained in the background pulling its strings throughout the last the entire Islamic thrust for world conquest. If people would only do their homework, they would know that Hezbollah in Lebanon was a direct effort by Iran, or at least indirect.

Now we have Iran’s leader on a “mission for God” establishing a nuclear program. Hello?? Can anyone else see a correlation here? Has anyone else out there looked at Bin Laden’s tsenty year plan for America? Even more important, has anyone else out there seen the projected 100 year goal for the new Islamic movement. Wake up people or go out and buy yourself one of those prayer rugs to place under your knees as you prostrate yourself to Allah five times a day!   

The only other choice I see is for those people with a brain and a desire to be free is to start planning now for a place to establish an underground movement or resistance like the one in France during World War II. Please place my name on that list now because the way things are going, we will desperately need it!  I, personally, will never give up my freedom or my rights to some nut cases in their quest for power while they hide behind religion. As far as I am concerned the people behind this Islamic terrorists effort are from the same vein that produced Hitler, Pol Pot, and every other demented, power hungry sicko hell bent on world domination.

How much longer will our troops continue to allow themselves to be sacrificial lambs to a bunch of cowards? How can we look these troops in the face and say “we support you” while we continue to allow the home front to be divided and run by people who support the very people our troops are fighting? What will it take to make people get off their complacent behinds and realize we are in a fight for our very survival? If we let this happen, then we deserve the end in sight!

To our troops and those in Britain, and elsewhere, all I can say to you is thank you! You are our only hope! I pray you do not give up and lose hope or faith. For what its worth, know that there is one voice that will not be silenced in an effort to gather more support for your efforts! Please know that there are others. Our numbers may seem small right now. But do not be deceived. You are all that stands between freedom and  world slavery.


~ by devildog6771 on November 22, 2006.

10 Responses to “Should the world nations surrender in the GWOT? Are the coalition soldiers just sacrificial lambs?”

  1. True, but that bliss is going to be our downfall if ignorance doesn’t expend some grey matter energy!

  2. Ignorance is bliss.

  3. I don’t now Brooks; but, every day I feel afraid for America! Supporting the administration doesn’t mean I agree with everything, it means I see Bush as trying as hard as he can against insurmountable odds to do his best. When you do nothing but talk, you don’t make mistakes! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. God bless you devildog, if this generation does not stand up to defeat the evil, as the others before us that sacrificed and defeated nazism and communism, we will surely falter, we will be destroyed. As a part of this current generation, the one that must face extreme fanatic mulsim terroists, I will not stand by and let our freedoms be stripped of us, God Forbid! Our boys are dying for us, dying for a country that has to stand behind them. A country, with a media that is allowed to twist the people’s opinions with that of their own. A country that has lost a patriotic people that are willing to stand and fight for what they belive in. You’re article is fantantisc. Thank God for you and others that are still with us in our continual battle for our freedoms. We are the only ones left that keep the world from being overrun……if the democrats, which are know in power, prove to be timid in dealing with the GWOT, then we will be the only hope………GOD help us.

  5. My gosh it’s like a dream come true. You are the fourth of fifth person today to say that.I have been rattling this chain since shortly after 9/11. You are so right about George and MoveOn. The Shadow Party has become quite powerful quite rapidly. Check out PDA’s website. Along with the progressive caucus they plan to have one of their “comrads” on the Democratic ticket. Since they have control of the money now they may succeed.

    oh in my excitement I forgot to say Happy Thanksgiving to you too and thank you for the kind remarks. I’m going to check out your blog.

  6. Well….First Happy Thanksgiving to you, and you have a great blog here.
    Second…..Regarding lack of support for British Troops, Welcome to Eurabia. As for the split support in this country, the supporters of our enemies are growing and are becoming less silent with support from people like George Soros and move on,etc, they will only grow louder. It is up to the real Americans in this country to stand up and fight. To cut the serpents head off before it is too late. The troops have my full support and respect! These people are among the true heroes of today.

  7. Thank you all for the good wishes/ I wish you all the same.

  8. Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Hey, add my name to that list ~ I can’t stand by and let the weasles into the hen house.

    You have a wonderful Thanksgiving ~ bless you and yours

  10. Happy Thanksgiving Devil Dog. God bless you and yours.
    God bless our troops!

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