What Soldiers say about the Mission in Iraq

I don’t ordinarily post comments here that are posted on my site. But every now and then I get a comment from someone and I feel compelled to share it with others. I wrote a post, Why should we stay the course in Iraq?   back in July of last year. At the time the post didn’t draw any comments. However today a comment was posted. The comment was made by one of our soldiers, a medic, who served a tour in Iraq.

Please read what one of our troops says about the War effort and the possibility of withdrawal:

michael stevens Says:November 20th, 2006 at 9:50 pm e

Iam a ssg in the army national guard , I served a tour of duty in Iraq opertion iraqi freedom II , WITH THE 39th out of Arkansas . I am a combat medic . I feel we should stay the course. I hate to think of letting those poor opressed people down. Who wepromised to help give them a better way of life a democracy. And for the most part i hate to think our brothers in arms shed blood and lost their lives . Just to be sent home before the job was done . GOD BLESS OUR TROOPs

I want to thank Michael for his comments. If anyone knows what is happening in Iraq, it is the soldiers who are there or have been there helping to free and then rebuild Iraq. I feel Michael said with no unnecessary rhetoric exactly how nearly all of our troops feel about Iraq and the mission there.

I know quite a few Congressmen and women have traveled to Iraq. They make a point of telling us so. Of course they don’t ever really seem to go any where except around Baghdad. If you were to ask me whose opinion I feel matters most about the mission there, there is no contest. Michael’s observations and views would carry far more weight than a pencil pushing politician posturing for an election and political clout!!

Thank you Michael for your service. Thank you for taking time to post a comment here. Be well and at peace. God Bless you. God Bless all our troops!


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  1. Thanks Michael!

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