So it Begins Again – American Soldiers Return from War to be Called “Baby Killers, Spit on and Have Coffee Thrown on Them!

I was reading Yankeemom’s blog, You Betcha I’m a Proud Army Mom . She has a post called A Soldier Story that really fired me up. An American Soldier just returned from the War in Iraq for three weeks. He has had a difficult time with his injuries and adjusting to being home. It would appear he may even have some symptoms of PTSD.

As if this young husband and father doesn’t have enough to handle, he is now dealing with another issue that I personally find inexcusable. He went downtown where he lives and someone called him a “baby killer! Someone else threw coffee on him. People have also been flipping him the “finger!” It would seem that wearing his uniform is making him a target.

Is this the thanks our nation shows our soldiers for defending our nation? Is this what we can expect to occur all across America? As a nation, will we once again turn a blind eye while a “suppposed peace movement” funded and backed by a bunch of Communists, Marxists, and Socialists traitors spit on our soldiers and again call them baby killers? Will we again turn a blind eye as these soldiers, even the injured, have coffee thrown on them and obscenities directed at them for doing what our nation asked them to do, defend us against our enemies?

I remember these cowardly acts from the 60’s. Many of the same people are behind this current “peace effort” were behind that effort in the 60’s. Only now, instead of college students, they are lawyers, professors at our colleges, elected officials in our Congress, Judges on our courts at all levels, state and local elected officials, high school and grade school teachers, major corporate executives, and media types.

 Though they managed to end support for Vietnam, both militarily and financially, they never managed to bring about the “social and cultural revolution” they so desired. Their momentum began to dwindle as soon as Vietnam was over. But that didn’t stop them from planning and creating new stratagies to accomplish their goals in America.

Though they continued their support and involvement in Cuba, North Korea, and other Communist regimes, they learned one thing from Vietnam, to succeed with their “revolution” in America, they would need to be creative. So many finished college. Others went on to their respective fields without college. But, that didn’t make them any less dangerous. They realized that to accomplish their goal in America they needed to change their tactics. They have remained ever vigilant in the background of A,erican society and politics as they slowly began to weave their way into the very fabric of America. Thhey have patiently waited and planned for over thirty years. They became an unseen predator, a chameleon!

They formulated an elaborate plan! First the needed new rhetoric. Those catchy phrases that worked in the third world nations wouldn’t work here in America. As a more affluent nation, our people on the whole were more educated and worldly in comparison to other less developed nations. Commrades was replaced with brothers and sisters. Communism, marxism, facism, and socialism became progressivism.

They started at the lower ranks. They became active in the NOW movement, the Civil Rights movement, Affirmative Action, the NAACP. They became members of these and other worthwhile efforts at the very lowest levels throughout the nation. They then worked their way up to leadership positions. They became more active in the Unions they had started back brfore WWI. They now were in a position to influence cultural, racial, ethnic, and sexual causes across America.

Next they used their newly created rhetoric that had been sanitized to become more palatable in America. The also introduced terms like political correctness. They used their professional training as lawyers to promote civil changes that supported their goals. They learned how to use the Constitution and our judicial system to accomplish their goals through law suits. They learned how to change our laws through powerful lobbist. They learned how to use the “almighty” dollar, symbol of the “hated capitalism,” to finance people and legislation that promoted their agenda.

Through local, state, and national chapters they use their soldiers to eat away at all that is part of our American Dream. They add credance by making sure they attach themselves to Americans who still value our Constitution and  the rights it provides us. They use these people out in the forefront and prey on their right of dissent and free speech. Most of the time honest, hard working Americans exercising their civil liberties do not even realize who is funding the events which they are attending or the organizations with which they are affiliating themselves.

We must never blindly follow! We must never blindly participate! We must never blindly support! We have become niave and over trusting. We have become complacent. We must start to ask for accountability not just from our elected officials and government; but from those who appear to support our causes.

Otherwise we will see our great country destroyed from the inside. We ask our troops to defend our nation from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Yet we do not do our part to defend our homeland. Then when our troops come home, we allow people to spit on them and harrass them. We allow people to denigrate them. Is this anyway to thank our troops for all their sacrifice? I think not!

I think we need to start putting a stop to this disease that is infecting our nation. In the process, we must be careful to not initiate witch hunts. We need to exercise care that we do not become that which we seek to remove or identify. Then we need to offer a prayer to God that our troops keep doing their job of defending our nation instead of showing the same careless disregard for our nation’s well being the rest of us have shown.

When you see a soldier on the street, go up to him or her and thank them for their service. Let them know you are greatful for all they sacrificed. Make sure they get proper medical care and rehabilitative services when they need it. Look out for their families while they are deployed. Don’t leave their families to their own struggles with no help or support. It is time that the rest of America’s citizens became more responsibe and accountable. It is time the burden and privilege of protecting America became a shared one!

Never again should we ask of our young men and women that which “we” ourselves are unwilling to undertake. While we do not all need to bear arms, we all need to and can defend America! The first place we can start is with our selves. Then we need to force our media to provide accurate, honest, and unbiased information. In cases where the media has a position, we must insist that they make that distinction with regard to the information provided to us.

Next we need to elect officials based on firm information and knowledge of their credentials. We need to hold them accountable. If they do not perform the job they were elected to do, vote them out. They are not in office to support “big business” and “selfish” personal agendas. We must never vote strictly along a particular party line. That gives too much power to political orgsanizations or parties. They begin to feel they do not need to earn our vote.

Push for accountability of the money trail behind our politicians. Do not allow the rich and powerful to force us to submit to their wills! They are no more important to America than the poorest individual. Learn to use the internet. In doing so, you will open up doors to a world of information. Use all tools available to become an informed and educated American capable of performing your civic duties as an American citizen.

Once more, stand up for our troops. Do not allow them to be forgotten or abused. Be thankful that such a breed of men and women as found in our military exists. Without our troops there would be “no” America!!



~ by devildog6771 on November 20, 2006.

6 Responses to “So it Begins Again – American Soldiers Return from War to be Called “Baby Killers, Spit on and Have Coffee Thrown on Them!”

  1. Look, I don’t need to do the research, I was there, were you? By the way, did you watch the news coverage after these “pacifists” last peaceful rally. A bunch of them harrassed a lone veteran for exercising his right of free speech in favor of the war! Code Pink members grab at the cameras of people who try to photograph them making a$$e$ of themselves outside Walter Reid. The guys in the hospital there are not feeling support from them. They feel harrassed. Why can’t these people letr them recover in peace?

    While it is true there are real pacifists in Amereica, ANSWER, UFPJ, ACORN, and NION are nothing but the largest fropnt groups for the CPUSA and Workeres World of which DSA is an affiliate. Most of the people leading these groups are the same trash from the 60’s who rode on the coat tails of the hippies and true pacifists. Their only allegience is primarily to Mao, Kim Jong, and Castro.

    That isn’t urban legen it is fact. The progressivwe Caucus is an affiliate of the DSA. They were listed on the DSA webskite until a Post reporter reported their connection. They both promptly made new websites showing no affilioation.

    I lost someone in this war. He wasn’;t a war monger. He had four little girls. He believed what he was dloing was right. I still do. Every time these groups do their rallies, they encourage our enemy. They even write and talk about it on their websites and on their videos. They thank them all. They also thank them for showing that all they have to do is hold out a little longer and we will leave and they can do as they wish.

    I have the deepest respect for true paciifists. But if you sleep with the dogs you will get fleas!

  2. It didn’t happen! This is the same tired lie that rose up in the 80’s about Vietnam Vets. First off then and now someone would have to have balls the size of watermelons to spit on a young, fit, war hardened, killing machine fresh from the battle fields. The follow up story should read, “Iraq veteran that just return from the war was arrested today for beating the shit out of some individuals that spit and threw coffee on him, also arrested were the people that witnessed this event for they continued to beat the shit out of the individuals after the solider got tired of wailing on them”. It’s the warmongers that start these rumors, remember war protestors motto is “make love not war” hardly the attitude it takes to make them spit on someone. Anti-war individuals ARE pacifists. Do the research, there are no documented factual evidence of returning soldiers that were ill treated by protestors, in fact you’ll find that the opposite true. These stories just like urban legends and are never given in a factual way, they are always represented as something the story teller heard about, read about, they’re never given with facts, for example “John Doe of Cupholder, North Virginia as reported by Fred Newswriter from the local newspaper “The Daily Gazette” on Jan. 1, 2027, police reports read from local precinct, ect, ect, ect. These stories always start with a person of some importance giving them the information. The stories always contains information of what the person was wearing, personal statements about family members, and descriptions of hardships, but never contain real facts like names, place, time, or references. If you study urban legends and myths you’ll learn of how they are constructed and quickly you’ll learn how to spot one. Anti war protestors hate the establishment not the machine. Protestors stand up against the policy makers that start the war and place our young men and women of this country in harms way. Protesting is the essence of what this country stands for, FREEDOM. I don’t understand why warmongers don’t get it; our soldiers die in war so our citizens can stand up and protest the war, so our children don’t have to die in a war! I have never in my 45 years heard anyone say anything against the men and women serving our country NEVER EVER!!! You don’t have to spit on me to get your ass kicked just mis-treat a military person in my presence and you’ll wish you didn’t. I’ll stand at the gates of hell and protest the war with a feverous voracity but would never harm or mis-treat our soldiers. Protesting the war is an attempt to protect our military members, to save them from harm, to protect them from abuse.

  3. George, thank you for your service. I hope all is as well as can be expected for you. I appreciate you taking time to comment here. I only have one coment to make to you. I really like your style!!

  4. I’m a 100% disabled Vietnam combar veteran–just a bit aging and rickety. I also consider myself a liberal. I also promise you that anyone calling a trooper a babykiller in front of me is risking followup dental and/or plastic surgery.

  5. Thank you Brooks. I have give this a lot of thought. I was beginning to think I missed the train because no one commented.

  6. you’re right on target devil dog. with the highlighting of the problems of the media, cowardly peace effort hippies, and our responsibilities to our troops.

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