They have eyes but refuse to see!

I would like to be able to leave politics aside for a week or so, a day, maybe even a moment. But I find that is an impossible thing to do. I find it especially difficult to do when Nancy Pelosi is misusing her authority to influence the decision for House Majority leader. Pelosi has sent a letter to Rep. Jack Murtha offering her support to Murtha. In doing so, she is bypassing Rep. Steny Hoyer.  For the last few years [4] Hoyer has been the second ranking Democrat with Pelosi being number one as Majority leader.

Pelosi made several speeches after the elections where she talked about Congress working together, Democrats and Republicans, to lead the county and heal differences within each respective party and to heal differences between the two parties. Pelosi also made overtures toward the White House to supposedly work toward finding common ground their too.  However, an endorsement of Rep. Murtha is anything but an act of healing any dissent.  As for Hoya, he is another example of what happens when you disagree with Pelosi.

Pelosi has long been known for suffering no dissent in the ranks over her ideas of party direction. She believes in total, unwavering loyalty or the door is open. It appears it is now payback time. If you weren’t with Pelosi you are out. If you supported the President you are out. If you support the administration, you are out.

All the while Pelosi is publicly preaching unification and co-operation, behind the scenes, there is a different dynamic. All those supporters for impeachment proceedings against the President are calling in their marker. All those supporters who want immediate withdrawal from Iraq are calling in their markers. In any event, it is all a moot point because because Pelosi is never deterred from her course.

She will do anything she can to pull our troops out of Iraq. Pelosi will also do all she can to put a choke hold on the White House. The bottom line is our nation will again be stripped of its ability to defend itself and our troops will be placed in the background of priorities as the Democrats in power in Congress now will do all they can to force an immediate Iraqi withdrawal.

Around the world, the terrorists have praised the election results. They have taunted and challenged President Bush. They have even had the nerve to congratulate the Democrats. The terrorists have also mocked Pelosi and all the members of Congress who feel that the terrorists will leave us alone once we withdraw from Iraq. The terrorist assure us that once withdrawal is complete they will take over Iraq and establish their caliphate.

Next they will be coming after us!   



~ by devildog6771 on November 13, 2006.

4 Responses to “They have eyes but refuse to see!”

  1. I’m sorry but I don’t agree. This is a political ploy by people who want to end the war at any cost. Did you or any others against the war or not really think that once we decided twenty years “+” of attacks against our country and its people was enogh, that Al-Qaeda wouldn’t start openly fighting. There is no escalation, just a focused battle for a change.

  2. As was stated in the National Intelligence Estimate, the war in Iraq is helping out Al Qeada’s terrorist recruting and training efforts. The last thing Al Qeada wants is for the US occupation of Iraq to end, though they would never admit to this in public.

  3. I know what you mean. They all appear to be slow learners!

  4. Isn’t she special? 2 years of this, my god! Now Hilary is talking HilaryCare again. The Republicans had better find some spine and reread the original concepts of their party or there won’t be many sitting in the Whitehouse come 2009. Apparently the Dems have no intention of rereading their party’s original concepts.
    Well, I just hope that the Dems have enough rope to hang themselves this time.

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