A Petition to President George Bush and the “Honorable” Members of the United States Congress!

 See the pictures below. They are all my family has left of a beautiful young man who died serving this country in Kuwait on March 5, 2004. Pictures and memories of a man we all loved! He was on vacation with his wife and four kids when 9/11 occurred. He made up his mind that moment, as he watched the towers collapse and saw the pentagon burning, to join the Navy in case his country needed him. He did this because he loved this country enough to give it his all.

 Will you sir, and the Congress, dishonor his memory and willing sacrifice? Will either of you tell his kids that their dad died for politics instead of the safety and welfare of our nation? Will you also tell his widow you’re sorry,  a mistake has been made. We never should have fought this war?

Look closely at the last picture. The woman on the left is his mother. He was her only child. When she told him she would get him exempt as her only son he told her if she did he would always love her; but, he would never forgive her! The elderly woman on the right is his Grandmother. Five of her children served during Vietnam at or about the same time. One, the oldest of her sons, died in a VA hospital three months after this young man, her first grandchild, was born. He died just about a year to the date of his discharge from cancer. Though the cancer was incurable at the time, he should have been diagnosed while in the military. Because he wasn’t he suffered immeasurable constant and unnecessary pain.

Will either of you, Mr. President, or the Congress, tell them you are both sorry. Will you both tell them that mistakes were made or that we never should have been there. Will you tell them both face to face that he died for nothing. Or, will you both take the easy way out here too? Will you ignore this post? Will you pretend you didn’t read it? Will you send them a letter typed by your secretary with your signatures rubber stamped with you explanations? Or will you both do the right thing, the honorable thing, and let our troopsd finish what we started as we should.

If neither of you can or will do the right thing, then I feel that every family who has lost a loved one or had a loved one maimed or otherwise injured, deserves to be invited to the Hill. We all deserve the courtesy of having you both stand before us, face to face, while you tell us that you plan to cut and run.  We deserve to hear you say that though our loved ones were willing to give their all, both of you cannot or will not.

Up until now, Mr. President, you have had my unwavering  support. I pray you will not prove me wrong and all those who fought you every step of the way here at home were not right. I pray you will not back down just so your party can win in two years. Not only is the safety of our nation at stake; but, our credibility is also put to the test. Will you allow those cut and runs in Congresss to dishonor the memory of our lost loved ones.

As for the Congress, it is you as a body, I most fear right now. If you do not have the foresight, the personal strength, the moral courage to do your job and allow our troops to finish theirs then you sirs are without honor, pride, and just plain common sense or moral decency. None of you belong in your elected positions. You will be abandoning the Iraqi who are counting on us to finish what we started. If you lack the courage to follow through, then you bring great shame on our nation and doom millions, not just Iraqi, to death and destruction. You will all truly be guilty of crimes against humanity.

In any event, if you crawl away on your cowardly bellies then you first owe us and all the others who have lost loved ones a face to face explanation on the floor of the hall of Congress. I insist that it is our right. I demand it! You owe our trooops an apology. I, and all veterans insist on it. We have all earned that right. Some more than others, but none any less deserving. Do you at least have that much courage Mr. President and members of Congress?

Mr. President, if the news of your inpending submission to Congress is untrue and you plan to do all you can to continue to complete your mission in Iraq and the Global War on Terror, I and thousands of other veterans and families of the lost will support you. But my Petition to Congress holds. If Congress does not allow you to complete the mission to the end, I petition Congress to allow the family of every dead soldier to appear before Congress together, as one body,  so Congress can tell us FACE TO FACE that Congress is  not going to support you, Mr. President and our troops and allow them to complete the mission.

I especially want Nancy Pelosi,

I will be waiting for your response and the response of Congress. Any others who sign their names below will also be waiting! I hope others will sign thier names below.    




~ by devildog6771 on November 11, 2006.

2 Responses to “A Petition to President George Bush and the “Honorable” Members of the United States Congress!”

  1. Thank you Mom. I also wish you and your family the best on this special day.

    I hope others agree and take my petition seriously.

  2. I’m with you! Now more than ever, we need to keep our voices loud and clear.

    Thinking of you and your family this Veterans Day.

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