What is really at stake in tomorrow’s election?

Tomorrow is election day. I started watching the news this morning; but, I had to turn the tube to something else. It seems for me that this has become more and more of a pattern. For weeks I have stopped watching the news. My brain feels fried by the depressing, biased, and constant negative reports and reporting.

Of course the war is the main issue. Then there is the current election news. Each seems to draw the cock roaches out of the woodwork. The news hardest for me to take is the constant negative news about the war and the constant references to the President as the great divider of our nation. Personally, I disagree on all accounts.

This morning a congressman gave a report on his recent visit to Iraq. This visit is one of numerous visits to Iraq by the congressman. As a result of his visits, the congressman has drawn several conclusions. First, Donald Rumsfeld must go. The second conclusion, the President and the administration has bungled the war on every level. The last conclusion, the troops on the ground are suffering from poor morale due to numbers one and two above.

The reporter overlooked one major question that even I, with my lack of journalistic training, feel was the obvious question to ask at this point. Where in Iraq did the congressman tour? Did he confine his tour to in and around Baghdad? Did he tour Mosul, Ramada, Fallujah, or any of the other past hot spots in Iraq? Did the congressman tour any other regions in Iraq. Of those regions, how many have now been turned over to the Iraqi Military in their road to assuming responsibility for their own country?

These issues are important in understanding what is really happening in Iraq. The issues of troop moral are extremely important. However, again I ask, did the congressman talk to troops throughout Iraq, or did he selectively chose areas to visit that could and would give the information and responses he politically wanted to support his views on the war.

As tomorrow draws nearer, the elections will only serve to make all special interest groups look for any and all means to garner more votes. I can only hope that the American people see through all the flack designed to cloud the real issues and vote accordingly.

I wish there were a way to assign every voter the task of reading the milblogs of the troops throughout Iraq and Afghanistan before they vote. But that would not only be illegal, it would be impossible. War is by nature unpredictable. The enemy we fight is far from stupid. The enemy is an expert at media manipulation. Our media in America seems to be more than willing and able to be manipulated to serve the interests of special interests over the true welfare of our nation.

As much as I respect and admire Michael Yon, I find myself a little disappointed at one of his latest posts about the military censoring the news from Iraq. In fairness to Michael, he makes every attempt to make fair, unbiased reports on the war. I just think he may suffer from a character flaw that I often have to deal with, being a little naive. I agree with Michael that not all reporters would give biased reports on Iraq. However, if ten reporters are covering the war, nine give a fair accounting and one doesn’t, the latter one will be the focus of the media here at home.

These constant negative reports only help the enemy. I still say that in my opinion, most of the war effort in Iraq is positive. I still stay that the moral of our troops is very high. I recognize the impact of the extended tours and multiple tours on our troops. But, I also accept that these men and women are professionals. I trust them with my life, my future, my kids lives, their futures! I cannot say the same for the media and most politicians. I also trust our president. As far as I am concerned, if he feels he should stay the course and keep Rumsfeld, then I accept his decision.

I have an alternative reason for the “reported failures” of the war. Since the immediate impact of 9/11 began to fade to the public background, politics has again become more important than the war effort. Every effort has been made by the members of the Democratic party that want us to fail in Iraq.

These Democrats have used every tactic that they can contrive to prevent the passage of key legislation needed to protect our nation here at home. They have also delayed or prevented appointments to key positions within the present administration.

Before you go to the poll to vote tomorrow look up the candidates’  performance in Congress in the Congressional records by going to Thomas. It is on line and open to all for viewing. Look at both the legislation they proposed or supported and the legislation they blocked. Determine as objectively as possible whether or not what they did was in the public good and the good of the nation as a whole.  

While you’re checking them out, go to Discoverthe network.org and enter their names in the people search. If it is, then read the information there. Read the articles and information at the links provided. I think many of you will be surprised at what you will find out about many of our political figures and their politics. While you’re at it, check out their true political ideology and the organizations to which they align themselves. Make sure you make a truly informed decision as to who is the better candidate for the office on the ballot.

As a reminder of the importance of our decisions in this election, let me offer one last thing, a look at our future as the enemy sees it:



~ by devildog6771 on November 6, 2006.

15 Responses to “What is really at stake in tomorrow’s election?”

  1. 🙂

  2. Lol, that’s the classic response isn’t it?

  3. Why am I not surprised at that response, lol?

  4. Is that an order? Somebody foots the bill…somebody has to act as politicians’ dog collars.

  5. give me a break

  6. Every party has interest groups behind them.

  7. Nothing bothers me about Thomas. It contains thje Congressional records of who did what in congress. 502’s are made up of every major business, and other special interest group. They control the Democratic party by the hold they have over where they will spend the money they collect.

  8. “There’s a difference betweeen finger pointing and facts. It is a well known fact about the appointments, of which there are still some waiting approval. It is also a fact about the ligislation. Check out “Thomas.” ”

    I’m sure I could find things online and wade through it, but for what-if I don’t understand why you oppose it? What bothers you about “Thomas”?

  9. Why should candidates raise money for their campaigns by catering to businesses or public interests groups? If the common people were the ones donating to the campaigns, I think that candidates would be obligated to consider whatever the people request. If public interest groups or businesses want something, then they should request a hearing before the city or town council and do it that way, the official and legal way.

  10. I think everyone is sick of those 502’s and their total belittling of the candidates. I want to see a race where both sides give what they see as issues and what they will do about it. I also think there ought to be a ceiling on campaign spending.Once a candidate spends over a certain amount, you can bet your sweet a$$ he is no longer looking out for his people. He/she is representing that purse string.

  11. Hey mom! Glad to see ya! I know what you mean. It may be wrong for many but I don’t like to vote by party. We have the FBI looking into things here. Seems some people may have deliberately mislead voters by giving them inncorrect info. Among other things they sent people to the wrong place to vote! We’re waiting for the rest of the allegations to come out. I’m sure they will.

  12. Tomorrow should be interesting with all the accusations flying!
    12 more minutes of voting here. I wore my favorite tshirt that says “My daughter Wears Combat Boots” – heh!
    I have to say I’m just so tired of voting for the lesser of the two hard places. I was tempted to go back to the registration table and ask for another ballot sheet with other choices, telling them that the one they gave me just would not do…

  13. There’s a difference betweeen finger pointing and facts. It is a well known fact about the appointments, of which there are still some waiting approval. It is also a fact about the ligislation. Check out “Thomas.”

  14. If Congress changes hands, Bush will be held accountable for more of his actions, that’s what is really at stake. Bush’s power needs to be checked and balanced.

  15. “These Democrats have used every tactic that they can contrive to prevent the passage of key legislation needed to protect our nation here at home. They have also delayed or prevented appointments to key positions within the present administration.”

    It’s like I haven’t been gone for weeks or a month. Blame Democrats for things going wrong or blame others, that tactic never fails, eh? That’s sickening. Instead of pointing fingers, politicians should do something about it. The rivalry between both parties is disgusting; I am sick of seeing those ads, every year it’s the same thing-bash the other candidate, see who comes out looking the least dirty. And it actually works, awful.

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