If you’re a soldier, John Kerry thinks you’re a loser! – The Golden Ass Award!

“You know, education, if you make the most of it, if you study hard and do your homework, and you make an effort to be smart, uh, you can do well. If you don’t you get stuck in Iraq.” – Senator John Kerry

I read this statement sent to me by liljosh at Devildog Marines and I can’t begin to tell you the degree of anger I felt when I read it. I wanted to be able to personally confront Senator Kerry myself and ask him who the hell he thinks he is to insult our American Men and Women serving in our Armed Forces.

First let me say that today’s soldiers are, on the average, better educated than the average American today. Of course to know this you have to be able to read their blogs and willing to take the time to do so! Those same soldiers come from all levels of social, professional, and economic backgrounds. They are lawyers, doctors, engineers, professional business men and women, blue collar workers, immigrants, high school graduates, college grads, and PhD holders. Some left behind their children and one life of service for another:

Our soldiers are single, married, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, and cousins. They are all bound together with one common bond, service to their country. Unlike you, they ask nothing in return. Unlike you, they have my and the nations undying respect, gratitude, and admiration.

Senator Kerry may think he has fooled most of America; but, he hasn’t fooled me. He certainly hasn’t fooled any of our fighting men and women! You see I served in the military during Vietnam Era too! I remember “clearly” the comments” Senator Kerry made about our fighting forces then. I also remember clearly how everyone of those soldiers I came into contact with felt about “him!” I would not print their feelings here in their own words. It’s hard enough for me to write about what I personally feel without really saying exactly what I feel in a manner that wouldn’t be censored!

But I will tell you how much he insulted our soldiers and all they stood for. Those men and women clearly understood what Senator Kerry stood for then. The only person more hated or held in contempt than John Kerry was Jane Fonda.

Kerry’s words and the Fonda’s words and actions led to the deaths of more of our soldiers. They were an insult to all our troops stand for now and stood for then. They undermined the good being done. Both were reckless and negligent in their actions and words.

Senator Kerry, you are a moral coward! Any principles you may have ever had you sold or gave up for your own personal greed and ambitions as a politician long ago. You are Senator Kennedy’s personal “gofer” being groomed to carry on his dynasty when he finally does the country some good and steps down from office. Actually you are both very much alike. Senator Kennedy never ran for president. He probably didn’t want to be assassinated if he was lucky enough to get elected on the legacy of his dead brother’s memory. We all know about his moral character. He made it his career to control politics and our country from his “Mansion” in the Vineyard, another pathetic wannabe, just like you!

You are not worthy of sharing the term veteran with the rest of AMERICA’S VETERANS because you have by choice never been part of the “band of brothers” credo that defines them. You see, being part of that brotherhood doesn’t mean you have a license to kill indiscriminately. It doesn’t mean you fight because you like to fight. It doesn’t mean that you CAN’T do anything else.

What it does mean is that you are a part of something bigger than yourself. It means that you are willing to die for the soldier standing left and right of you. It means that you are willing to defend your country from ALL harm both FOREIGN and DOMESTIC! Being a soldier means that you know the difference between the enemy and the innocent. It means that you stand tall and fight that enemy when you have to with fear in your heart because not to do so would would lead to the deaths of those you promised to SERVE and protect! It means you puke your guts out until you are convinced your whole insides just spilled out on to the ground the first time you had to kill someone in battle. Then you wipe the spittle off your mouth, stand up tall, pick up your weapon and continue the battle.

As a soldier, you do this because it is your duty to God and country. You do this because you believe in honor, service, and sacrifice! Most importantly you do this because as a soldier, you are a lover of peace. You want to leave the world a better place than you found it. You do this as a soldier because you want to leave the world a safe place, or a safer place for your children now and their children. Besides duty, honor, and country, isn’t that what this is really all about, our children, the world’s children?

You see, Senator Kerry, our soldiers don’t ever want to have to try to save another young child from the jaws of death as that child’s life blood spills from its war ravaged body. I think Michael Yon best depicted our soldiers and what they are really all about in his tragic photo, Little Girl. But not all their efforts were so tragic as these photos of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan demonstrate:

Then there was this, the “purple finger” of hope displayed by Iraqi as they exercised Democracy for the first:

and this heart warming photo. Notice the tear in this woman’s eye’s. Our troops help to put that tear there. But, it is not atear of despair. It is atear of the joy and the hope of a better life:

Senator Kerry, here’s what I am sure our troops would like to say to you if they could do so:


Because, back at home, here in America, this is how you and your leftist cronies thankour troops for all their hard work. Then you insult them too as part of a political campaign:

[ANSWER Protest Parade – The coffins are empty]

Of course we can forget the nut cases like Phelps who makes it his goal to be at as many soldier’s funerals as possible.

Nor can we over look Cindy Sheehan, Casey’s mother. She would like us all to believe her son’s death started her career as a political activist. A deeper look shows she was active before her son went into the military.

But what really bears a closer look is ANSWER , ISO, ACORN, Code PinkUPFJ, DSA and the other Fascist, Marxist, and Socialist groups that are the driving force behind the peace movement all across America. They may have changed their public persona, but their goals are still the same as they were during Vietnam. One can only hope and pray that this time Americans seethese people and thier movement for what it really is. These people support financially and otherwise our enemy.  

Over 62 of our elected representatives in Congress are members of the Progressive Caucus, an organization once openly shown on the DSA website as an affiliate until a reporter disclosed their affiliation in the ’90’s.  DSA changed its website and the Progressive made a new site.   

Answer Sponsered protest marches:

and lastly, from Code Pink, those wonderful supporters of our troops who protest outside of Walter Reid every Friday night because they support our troops. By the way, these same supporters of our troops refuse to talk to our troops “in” Walter Reid when the troops approach them. Maybe the reason is clearly obvious below:

So, on my own behalf, Senator Kerry, let me say I will never forget all you have done to support our troops any more than I will forget Jane Fonda’s contribution. I suspect you will find our troops will share my sentiments ten fold.

I can think of no more deserving recipient than you sir, for the Golden Ass Award.  

Edited: I must apologize for forgetting to add credits. The wonderful shots of our troops are from the CENTCOM website. I made the “Golden Ass Award,” the other pictures come from various places on the net. I really don’t know who to credit. If anyone knows who to credit or if the owner wants a picture removed, please email me with your request. 



~ by devildog6771 on November 5, 2006.

8 Responses to “If you’re a soldier, John Kerry thinks you’re a loser! – The Golden Ass Award!”

  1. Thank you, Jennifer!

  2. I absolutely love this… it is so completely true and so much more polite than I would have been capable of! I bow to your choice of words and power of speech in sending a message that needs to be broadcast from the roof tops!

  3. Future Marine, well said! As you enter your service, may God look over you. Thank you in advance for your choice to serve our country!

    Semper Fi!

  4. Let no one forget this. . .

  5. Yes it was. I had to wait a few days before I responded here. Now I’ll go to your response and see one from the heart, lol!

  6. You handled this with much more grace than I did! I guess I was spittin’ too many 10 penny nails. Well said!
    And wasn’t the Banner from the Minnesota NG the best!!!

  7. Devildog6771 takes a step back, stops, spreads her arms slowly outward as she takes a quiet, humble bow!

  8. BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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