Islamic extremism, the Pope, George Bush, Religion as an excuse for unacceptable violence

Reuters wrote an article, “Pope says understands Muslim anger over comments,” covering yet another attempt by the Pope to clarify an earlier lecture he gave:

In the lecture, the Pope quoted 14th-century Byzantine Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus who spoke of the Prophet Mohammad’s “command to spread by the sword the faith he preached”.
In the footnotes, the Pope again said that his comments had been misunderstood.

“In the Muslim world, this quotation has unfortunately been taken as an expression of my personal position, thus arousing understandable indignation,” he said in one footnote.

Typically, the Muslim world refuses to see his speech as anything but an attack on their faith. Their response to his latest attack has been met with the same reaction as his initial speech. The Muslim world has expressed outrage and violence ever since the Pope’s lecture. It would seem that in the Muslim world, there is only one response to any affront they see or hear, real or otherwise, violence and rabid condemnation.  

Reuters has a second article, “Denmark warns against travel as Muslims decry cartoons,” about the Muslim response to a news story in Denmark. The news story revealed extracts of a video on “YouTube” on Danish television in which the news station was confronting the chairman of the group responsible for the video. The purpose of the broadcasting was not intended to insult Muslims in anyway: 

The foreign ministry said in a statement on Monday that footage of the cartoons was first posted on the video-sharing web site YouTube, which is not hosted in Denmark.
“Danish television channels TV-2 and DR later aired extracts,” it said. “The intention of airing the extracts was not to provoke Muslims but to illustrate the matter in an interview on DR with the chairman of the DPP Youth Organization, who distanced himself (from) the video clips.”

Again the Muslim world responded with rabid condemnation and violence, not against the people responsible for the video, but against the news broadcast. From the story above you can see that as a result, Denmark has had to warn its citizens against foreign travel.

It would seem that in the Muslim world they are allowed to make any and all disparaging remarks about other faiths and other world leaders at will. But, their faith and leaders are so fragile that they must resort to violent demonstration and extremist rhetoric to defend the Muslim faith and their world leaders against anything they consider an insult, irregardless of intent.

They will riot in the streets, kill, and pillage a nation or across the world for an incident that occurs every day for other faiths and world leaders which is ignored and given the notice it is due, little or none. Is Islam, its religious leaders, or its world political leaders really that fragile that an insensitive comment, cartoon or whatever by a “clout” will cause grievous harm or injury?

 I am Catholic. I can tell you now, my faith is not shattered because Zawahiri and other Muslim leaders throughout the world felt it was necessary to riot, issue death threats, and slander my faith in an act of retribution or revenge. It would seem to me that in their haste to constantly barrage us with the teachings of the of their faith and their opinions of anyone non-Muslim as infidels that the Muslim extremists have forgotten the “Ten Commandments” in the Bible. Remember the  Bible? It is over six thousand years old and has never altered in its words in all those years. It is the basis for Christianity, Judaism, and Islam. 

Over at CENTCOM under “What extremists are saying,” they have a response by Jihadists the Pope’s lecture:

“On 19 September, a Jihadist website posted a statement describing the pope’s comments about Islam as part of the “unjust war” declared against Islam and called for revenge.

A translation of the statement follows:

“In the name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful.

Prayers and peace be upon the best messenger and most righteous of all mankind and upon all of his family and companions and everyone that followed their good example until Judgment Day.

Oh nation of Islam, how long are we going to continue to be silent in the face of humiliation while our prophet is repeatedly insulted by the worshippers of the cross?

Our Koran was desecrated, our land has been occupied, our honor has been violated, our mosques have been destroyed, and our prophet was insulted. What else are we waiting for? We condemned and protested and then we demanded an apology. Is this the status we give our prophet? They declared their unjust war against us and mobilized their soldiers, equipment, and their corruption against us, and now here is their first dog and their ignorant and despicable father giving them his support. Shake off the dust of dishonor and stand up to defend the most noble of mankind. Obey the Lord of creation when He said: ‘Fight them so Allah will punish them by your hands, cover  them in shame, help you to victory over them, heal the breasts of the Believers’ [Koranic verse].

Oh brothers in religion and creed, oh soldiers of God, we call on anyone whose hand can reach the gates of the Vatican and the neck of the dog pope or anyone who dared to insult God and His messenger to take revenge on them and heal our hearts for all of those deserve to be killed. Ibn Taymiyah, may God have mercy on his soul, said: ‘This is the path of most scholars. Ibn-Munthir said that the majority of scholars see that anyone who insults the prophet, may peace be upon him, deserves death. Malik, Al-Layth, Ahmad, and Ishaq also said the same. This is also the Shafi’i position…’ Abu-Bakr al-Farisi, a companion of al-Safi’i narrated that Muslims agreed that anyone who insults the prophet, may peace be upon him, deserves death. Al-Khatabi also said: ‘I do not know of any Muslims who disagree about the ruling of death.’ Muhammad Bin-Sahnun said: ‘Scholars agreed that the one who insults the prophet, may prayers and peace be upon him, is a non-believer whose fate will be God’s punishment and whose verdict in Islam is death, and anyone who doubts his status of non-belief and his punishment in the hereafter is a non-believer.

As for you, oh scholars of discouragement and condemnation, denunciation and demonstrations, we disown you and reject your betrayal and insincerity. How long are you going to be silent from saying the truth? How long are you going to continue your betrayal of God and His messenger and the believers? We reject all excuses and do not accept apologies. We want the ruling pronounced by our righteous predecessors. Hanbal said: ‘I heard Abu-Abdallah saying: ‘Anyone who insults the prophet, may peace be upon him, or disrespected him, whether it is a Muslim or a non-believer, deserves death. And I see that he must be killed instead of given the chance to recant. When Imam Ahmad was asked about the fate of a non-Muslim who insulted the prophet, may peace be upon him, he responded: ‘If proven, he deserved death whether he is a Muslim or a non-Muslim’.’

Oh soldiers of God, oh people of jihad, rejoice for when your predecessors besieged a city, they rejoiced every time they heard the resident of that city insult the messenger of God, may peace be upon him. They saw it as a sign of victory despite their anger about what was said.

Patience oh Pope of the Vatican, the soldiers of God will break the crosses.

‘And Allah has full power and control over His Affairs, but most of men know not’ [Koranic verse].”

It would seem that death is the Muslim answer for everything. Whatever happened to the merciful God? That God forgave Adam and Eve. Yes, he did punish them. But he did not strike them dead on the spot. If Christ was  a prophet instead of the Son of God, are his teachings meaningless to Muslims. Ought Christians go around murdering and seeking revenge against Muslims because they do not accept Jesus as the son of God. Should we declare our own “jihad” against all Muslims and kill them all because they do not exalt Christ in the manner that we Christians do?  Should we do likewise because Muslims hold Muhammad in higher esteem than Christ?

There was a time in the Christia faith when man used fear, death, and torture to keep the people on the “path.” There was a time in the Christian faith when it was forbidden for the everyday man to have a copy of the Bible. Only religious leaders were in possession of God’s holy words. Only religious leaders passed on God’s word.

Often these “men” corrupted God’s word. They waged unjust wars in God’s name.  Christians burned people at the stake like Joan of Arc and those people at Salem. But as Christian societies developed and became more educated, these corruptions of the faith were put aside. There are still movements periodically in the Christian faiths where people go to extreme black and white interpretation of the Bible.

 But, those are the deeds of men. I often think there is more of this extreme and intolerant interpretation of God’s word when there are great changes socially or people feel threatened. There is more tendency to become rigid in faith. But, we don’t go around killing everyone who makes a disparaging comment about our faith or religious leaders or prophets or Christ.  Do we strongly protest, you darn right. Do we write letters and complain to the networks and media? Yes! Do we sue in court when our religion is threatened? Yes!

You see, there are civilized ways to handle disagreements. Death is not the answer for everytrhing. Fear of death is not necessary for people to keep their faith in God.  Billy Graham, the Pope, and all the other Christian leaders don’t send out deth squads to kill those who sway fro the path or don’t believe. They do not elevate themselves as God’s and judge as God will do in the end time. If you will remember, the sin of Adam and Eve was not the eating of the apple! Their sin was that they desired to elevate themselves to God’s level. 

CENTCOM also has a post of a speech by Zawahiri in the “What the Extremists are Saying” section with regards to this same issue. He also blasts George Bush and talks about Dafur and the “Crusader Wars:”

Ayman Al-Zawahiri Reacts to Bush, Pope; Urges Muslims to Support Mujahidin

On 29 September, a jihadist website has been observed to post several links to a new videotape for Ayman al-Zawahiri, second-in-command of Al-Qa’ida, produced by Al-Sahab Media, an underground media organization that produces Al-Qa’ida tapes. The tape is entitled “Bush, Pope of the Vatican, Darfur, and the Crusader Wars” and is dated “Sha’ban 1427 Hegira.”

The following is the translation of Al-Zawahiri’s statement:

[Al-Zawahiri first appears wearing a white robe and dark brown turban with an office setting in the background. He begins to speak in Arabic, with English subtitles appearing on the tape.]

In the name of God, praise be to God, and may peace and prayers be upon the Messenger of God, his family, companions, and allies.

Muslim brothers everywhere, peace be upon you and the mercy of God and His blessings.

The murderer and spiller of Muslim blood, Bush, has stated that he has secret prisons, in which he holds the dangerous leaders of the group of Qa’idat al-Jihad [Al-Qa’ida of jihad], including the mujahid brother Khalid al-Shaykh Muhammad, may God free him, and he has stated that during the three years after Khalid al-Shaykh Muhammad’s arrest, the interrogators have been able to get from Khalid al-Shaykh Muhammad valuable information which has helped the Crusaders to kill and arrest a number of leaders of Al-Qa’ida.  I want to ask this lying failure: Who are those leaders of Al-Qa’ida whose killing or capture was facilitated by the information extracted from Khalid al-Shaykh Muhammad? And I say to him: You lying failure, what is the size of your losses after the capture of Khalid al-Shaykh Muhammad, may God free him?

Bush, you deceitful charlatan, three and a half years have passed since you captured Khalid al-Shaykh Muhammad, so how have you found us during this time? Losing and surrendering? Or, by the grace of God, attacking, seeking martyrdom, advancing, and injuring you on a daily basis. The strikes of the mujahidin deprived you of the pleasure of quenching your thirst for revenge with the capture of our champions, those who repeat what [Islamic poet] Abu-Firas [al-Hamadani] said:

I have been captured, although my
Friends are not defenseless in war
Nor is my horse a foal
Or, its master unskilled
But if the elimination
Of a man is decreed Then neither earth
Nor sea can save him
And my friends said
Either fight or death.

So I said they are two things
The sweetest of which is bitter.
But I will go to that
In which there is no shame
And enough for you are two things,
The best of which is captivity.
They say to me,
You’ve sold safety for death.
So, I said:
By God I have not suffered loss.
And will death abandon
Me for an hour
If captivity does not abandon me?
Death is loss, so choose that
Which preserves your memory
For a man has not dies as long
As his memory is preserved.

And I tell him: You lying failure: Why can’t you be brave at least once in your life and inform your nation of the disasters, which your forces are facing in Afghanistan and Iraq? Why don’t you tell them how many million citizens of America and its allies you intend to kill in search of the imaginary victory and in breathless pursuit of the mirage towards which you are driving your people’s sons in order to increase your profits? Can’t you be honest at least once in your life, and admit that you are a deceitful liar, who intentionally deceived your nation, when you drove them to war in Iraq under the pretext of the presence of nuclear weapons there and under the pretext of Al-Qa’ida’s connections with Saddam Husayn, following which evidence proved that you intentionally lied and misled? And do you have the courage to stand in front of your people and tell your nation that you lied to them and drove them — and continued to drive them — to terrible things for the sake of stupid fantasies?

And I tell him: You frivolous charlatan, if the arrest of Khalid al-Shaykh Muhammad, may God free him, has helped you in the war on terror, why then are your forces retreating in secret from the south and east of Afghanistan and handing over their tasks to the NATO forces, which are screaming for help due to the horribleness of what is happening to them at the hands of the Taliban and Al-Qa’ida?

I tell him that if arresting Khalid al-Shaykh Muhammad, may God set him free, enabled you to deal painful blows to Al-Qa’ida, why then your troops are making quick arrangements for withdrawal from Iraq?  I also tell him that Khalid al-Shaykh Muhammad, may God set him free, has hurt you thou sands of times more than you hurt him.

Abu-Firas says: 

They boast of removing my clothes
while my clothes are red with their blood
and a sword whose blade broke in them
and a butt of a spear whose head is destroyed in their chests.

Khalid al-Shaykh Muhammad is a soldier of Islam who has been fighting its enemy; first the Russians, and then the Americans, for more than 20 years. 

I also tell him that Khalid al-Shaykh Muhammad is the leader of the march, the pioneer of an awakening, and the vanguard of a nation, and he has left behind him thousands others who have learned from him or those who learned from those who learned from him and who take their example his life story and his continuous sacrifices and giving in the path of God so that the word of God be the highest and the word of the unbelievers be the lowest.

I also tell him that what you have committed against Khalid al-Shaykh Muhammad and the other Muslim captives in your prisons and the jails of your slaves in Egypt, Jordan, Pakistan, and elsewhere is not a secret to anyone and we are a people who do not tolerate oppression and we do not abandon our revenge until our chests are healed of those who aggressed against us. By the grace of God, we are seeking to extract revenge on behalf of Islam and Muslims from you, your soldiers, and your allies.  So be patient if you can when you face the horrors of war because we, with God’s help, will tolerate it. 

Al-Barudi [an Egyptian poet] may God have mercy on his soul said: 
When the people call on each other,
And the spears cross and war rages on,
When the people want to flee from death
And the horses chests heave,
And when the blows become severe,
And when the empty earth turns with us
As if we have drunk of a glass from which no one awakes,
I tolerate it until its sky becomes clear
And I am patient when misfortune strikes.

Bush, you deceitful charlatan: You have captured Ramzi Yusuf, Umar Abd-al-Rahman, Wali Khan, Ibn al-Shaykh, Ramzi Bin-al-Shibah, Khalid al-Shaykh Muhammad, Abu-al-Faraj al-Libi, and hundreds of Islam’s mujahidin and heroes in your war against Islam which you call the war on terror.  And your agents in the Arabian Peninsula, Yemen, Egypt, Jordan, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan have captured thousands of the youth and soldiers of Islam.  You have let them taste various types of torture at the hands of your tormentors and agents.  But, by the grace of God, we are taking revenge on their behalf on a daily basis from your soldiers and the soldiers of your allies and agents in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq, the Arabian Peninsula, and all Muslim countries from Indonesia to Morocco and even in your own country every day.  The horror of fighting only increases our determination to sacrifice and give more of ourselves in the path of God.

Abd-al-Rahman Bin-Hassan Bin Thabit [an old Arab poet], may God be pleased with him, said: 

I am from honorable people who increase in their courage with the severity of events.

Bush, you deceitful charlatan: Be aware that the liberation of our captives is a debt on our shoulders, which we must fulfill, with God’s help and power.  You should know, O deceitful charlatan, that you are not facing individuals or organizations but you are facing the Muslim nation in which the spirit of jihad flows and which rejects humiliation under Zionist-Crusader arrogance.  So are you able to kill or capture the nation of Islam.  Therefore, stop bluffing by saying that you have captured this one or killed that one because your soldiers who have been killed are filling the fields in Iraq and Afghanistan and their colleagues are fleeing from death to death by committing suicide out of despair.

[Here the setting changes: Al-Zawahiri now appears in a white robe and a white turban with a light brown cloth covering the background. Also, in this part, there are no English subtitles]

The second issue that I want to talk about is the statement made by the pope of the Vatican, who blasphemed God and insulted the reverend Prophet [Muhammad], peace and prayers be upon him, and what this charlatan said; that Islam is unreasonable. The pope with his contradictive remarks has pretended to have forgotten that his Christianity cannot be accepted by a sound mind because it includes superstitions like the trinity, the crucifixion, redemption, the original sin, the infallibility of the pope, and the church’s forgiveness of sins. He forgot that the book he deems holy does not have an authentic source and did not descend on Jesus, peace be upon him. Rather, it is about what was written about Jesus, peace be upon him, without specifically identifying its writers, translators, or original texts. After the bishops selected parts of the book and accepted them as legal, they considered other parts as illegal, without having clear justifications or intelligible proofs for this.

O our Muslim nation, these acts of insolence did not come single. Rather, they were part of a series of insults targeting Islam, such as the writings of Salman Rushdie, the honored guest of the White House, France prohibiting wearing scarves in schools, US desecration of the Holy Koran, the US pressure to hold Wafa’i Qustantin and her sisters to the vaults of torture in the monasteries that are protected by the US-Crusader influence, and the cartoons insulting the character of the reverend messenger, peace and prayers be upon him. All of these insults coincide with the Crusade on Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine, including the carpet bombing of villages, violation of the women’s honor, torture, secret jails, and other forms of the dirty Crusader-Zionist series of the Crusader US campaign against Islam and Muslims.

The charlatan Benedict XVI reminds us of the speech delivered by his predecessor Pope Urban II in the 11th century in Claremont in France, in which he instigated the people of European to fight Muslims and wage Crusade wars because the pagan Muslims, the enemies of Christians, as he claimed, desecrate the grave of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him. He deliberately lied to the mob of the West and ignored the crystal-clear facts; namely, that Muslims are not pagan and that they eradicated paganism wherever they go. They are monotheists who worship the One and Only God who begot not, nor is He begotten; and there is none like unto Him. He also ignored the fact that Muslims cannot be enemies of Jesus Christ, peace be upon him, because they believe in his prophecy and consider him an apostle messenger of inflexible purpose. They believe in the Bible that descended on him and believe in all God’s prophets, messengers, and books.

The result of this charlatanism was Crusade wars that lasted for about two centuries and ended with the utter defeat upon the Crusader West.
Benedict XVI fabricated lies against us, but we respond to this insult by benevolence, inviting him and all Christians to Islam, religion of monotheism, which does not know trinity, the superstition of crucifixion, redemption, and incarnation. It is the religion the well-guarded book of which has not been distorted or changed and defies humans to create a book of its like.

However, if they insist on their failed Crusader war, let them have the same fate of Urban II and those who obeyed him and believed his lies.
The third issue that I want to talk about is the Crusader plan to send Crusader forces to Darfur, which is about to become a new field for the Crusader wars. O nation of Islam, rise to defend your land and sanctities against the aggression of the Crusaders who are using the cover of the United Nations. You will only be protected by a popular jihadist war which the mujahidin are undertaking.
As for the government of Khartoum, which conceded the south, is too week to defend Darfur after inciting wars and seditions in it. This government permits the impermissible, seeks its own interest, and ga rners spoils. How can a government of a defeated belief be steadfast in the face of the gravity of wars?

Is it not the government that had dissolved the popular defense forces so as to hand over the south to the US-Zionist influence?  So it cannot be farther from leading popular jihad.  So, honorable and noble people of Darfur, cling to your religion, and resolve your differences among yourselves.  Do not allow the conniving and deceitful government of Khartoum or the anti-Islam Crusader West to intervene among you.  Be prepared to fend off the Crusader campaign against you.

Our Muslim nation, at the end of my speech, I would like to emphasize a number of things to you:

First, you should realize the powerlessness of the governments in control of the Muslim land against the forces of Crusader invasion.  These governments are suffering two kinds of impotence.  The first is ideological, for they accepted the legitimacy of the Unit ed Nations, which is in violation of Islam.  This organization obliges all those governments to maintain Israel’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, for it is a member, like them, to the United Nations.  They also suffer behavioral impotence, for they agreed to remain in power through submission to the will of the Crusader West and allowing it to occupy the Muslim land in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, and Palestine. 

Second, you should realize the impotence of many resounding names who install themselves as leaders of the Muslim masses.  I will specifically mention three categories:  The category of those who are ideologically-defeated, those who accepted the governance of the masses instead of the governance of the Shari’ah [Islamic law].  They acknowledged the legitimacy of the corrupt rulers and accepted the national bond instead of Muslim brotherhood and the Sykes-Picot borders instead of the Islamic caliphate.  They entered Kabul aboard America’s tanks, under the cover of its Cross, and the protection of its bombers. They participated in the councils of the occupation, and then in the rigged elections and referendums in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The second category is the category of the deceptive merchants of religion, those who colluded with the US occupation of Iraq, before, during, and after the invasion.  They also participated in defending the US occupiers and waged a war against the Muslims and mujahdin in the name of Islam in the service of the US master.  The third category is the category of the clerics of beggary, those who sold their religion for salaries and posts.  They approved of recognizing Israel and reconciliation with it.  They sold off Palestine, and installed their rulers as pious followers of God.  They labeled those who confront their corruption as being extremists and infidels.

Third, we should renounce all the resolutions and treaties of capitulation, beginning with the resolution on the partition of Palestine, and ending with Resolution 1701, passing through the Camp David and Oslo accords.  All these are resolutions and treaties that hand over the land of Islam to its enemies, recognize the legitimacy of the Zionist entity, and incriminate those who wage jihad against it. 

Fourth, the Muslim nation should wage a popular jihadist war against the Crusader campaign.  What the enemies of Islam fear most is the popular jihadist war. 

Fifth, the Muslim nation should realize that Afghanistan and Iraq are the most two important fields for confronting the contemporary Crusader war.  Therefore, the Muslim nation should support the mujahdin in these two countries with all its power.  God, be He blessed, says: Those who believe, and adopt exile, and fight for the Faith, in the cause of Allah as well as those who give (them) asylum and aid,- these are (all) in very tru th the Believers: for them is the forgiveness of sins and a provision most generous. [Koranic verse]

Our last prayer is: Praise be to God, Lord of the universe.  May God’s peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad, his household, and companions.

  1. With regard to point number one, there is an old saying, ” Me thinks he doth protests too much!”
  2. A.] Those impotent rulers are still in power and you are hiding in the shadows like the coward you are and ordering the death of your own kind and blowing up your own Mosques out of desperation. The Sykes-Picot borders were part of a deal between the old imperial empires and the League of Nations and later re-enforced by by UN resolutions. B. ]I am not sure who the “merchants of religion” he refers to are. Possibly he is referring to those religious leaders who spoke out against the Islamists attacks on Muslims and Muslim mosques!  C.] It isn’t too hard to see that here he is referring to great men like Anwar Sadat who they butchered because he realized that peace was better than constant death and destruction. Too bad they killed him. They could have learned something from him!
  3. How about this, all nations in that former Caliphate conquered by the Muslim invaders should declare war on the “jihdists”and Muslims and take back what was  and therefore is still theirs under the terms of your beliefs. Oh wait! Only Muslims are allowed to conquer without recrimination! What a hypocrite!
  4. What the jihadists fear the most is freedom. They are afraid that if the learned to live in the current century, the followers of Islam will see their dictatorial hold over their own fellow Muslims for what it is and will throw off the yokes of the true “Muslim Oppression.”
  5. You know that if Iraq and Afghanistan succeed as they are slowly doing, you will no longer hold the Muslin nations hostage by your antiquated fear tactics. You also know that a peaceful Muslim nation will no longer tolerate your violence and butchery of the faith!

It would seem that there are those within the Muslim faith that cannot adapt to progress and change. While they use the “trappings of progress” that they profess to hate so for waging war and killing “infidels” and their own fellow Muslims, they refuse to allow their fellow Muslims to share in the positive aspects of change that makes life easier. At one time the Muslim world or culture was the symbol of progress and culture in the world. They were world leaders in technological and scientific advances. They were world leaders in economic growth and development. They were “still Muslims!”

Then like Rome and Constantinople, Caesar and Alexander the Great, their empire grew stagnent. It collapsed. It was not outside enemies or infidels that did them in. Instead, it was the rise to power of greedy leaders, bad leader and an apathy of the populace as a whole to stay involved and hold their leaders accountable.

Maybe it is time for some Muslims, not all, to stop blaming others for their problems and to look a little closer to home. At one time everyone in America lived under some type of persecution. We chose, as a nation, when we came here and formed this great country to not live that way again. You can bury yourself in the past or you can do the same for your own nations. Irregardless, sooner or later you must decide what is more important. Either you want your nations to survive and prosper or you can destroy everything good about
your nations. Has it not occurred to you that maybe the discord and poverty your people live in is as much because of your own destructive refusal to grant human dignity and rights and freedoms to your own people as it is the outside influences you blame for everything? It would seem to me that there is enough blame to go around!


~ by devildog6771 on October 9, 2006.

12 Responses to “Islamic extremism, the Pope, George Bush, Religion as an excuse for unacceptable violence”

  1. Yes indeed! It is a sad state of affairs!

  2. how very true

  3. I have a whole series of URLs about the region and its history here:

    It is pretty good for a start. But, it is by far not all there is available.

  4. The fighting goes on because once the arabs take over any land, they consider it their forever. Even if it is taken back, they still consider it theirs.

  5. So? Israelis and Palestinians are still fighting for that piece of land that they both occupy. Blood is still being shed over there, even when the media doesn’t report it. They felt it was theirs. They got kicked out by the Ottoman Turks, but they had to get back in. Now they’re in, but the warring has not ended. Why? It’s useless for me to ask this question, but it begs to be asked if only to point out that it doesn’t make sense and it shouldn’t be.

  6. That is vewry true. However, how long ago were the Crusades. Every civilazation should advance past their ignorant or dark years. Magic, mysticism, the world is flat, etc., etc. were all very much part of the era.

    Education, technological, and scientific advancement help end and prevent these things. In times of great change people have a tendancy to regress. They feel secure in the structure of fundimentalism. It is black and white. There are no greys to deal with. There is also no acountability or responsibility. “God” told me to do it. Allah told me to do it.

    Just how long does any society have justification to hold on to past grievances, a year, 50, 100, 500, 1,000? Sooner or later all grievancves must be put aside.

  7. The Crusades were fought because of Christianity. Christians want to wipe out the “barbarians” and recapture The Holy Land.

  8. Doesn’t every religion claim it’s the best or the most supreme? Christians call themselves “God’s chosen people.” (I was born into a Christian family, I think I know.)

  9. I have some interesting urls on the subject I found today. I’ll send them to you tomorrow. I think you will enjoy them. I know I was surprised.

  10. I was fortunate enough to be raised by a Dad who believed that God was everywhere – that you didn’t need to be in a church to talk with God. And to take what the minister said with a grain of salt and then go check it out for yourself lol. After all, the man of God was just that – a man. And that’s the problem here with those who would demand you submit to their religion or die. Mohammed was just a man.

  11. First let me say, religion is a very personal thing for everyone. I truly believe that if one has a relationship with God, then He guides them. I don’t know that God requires belonging to a particular faith as long as the belief in God is there and one does all they can to live by God’s rules. In organized religion, that is sometimes lost due to man’s interpetation of God’s word. But, God knows what is in all our hearts! I hope that helps and makes sense.

    As for evil and the devil, I agree with you there.
    I also agree with your comments about intolerance. In my opoinion, these people are trying to be God like and that is the same sin committed by Adam and Eve!!

  12. I’ve had enough of their murderous intolerance. If they put as much energy into building up their countries and people as they do in destroying everything that “offends” them, what a different world it would be.
    I’m not what you would consider religious in the organized religion way, but I’m thinking maybe there is something to the devil walking the earth at this time.

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