1st Amendments Rights of a few at the Expense of the Many??!!


 Protesters clash at GI’s funeral

First demonstration since Ky. judge lifted law requiring buffer

Samira Jafari

Associated Press

Oct. 1, 2006 12:00 AM

LONDON, Ky. – Demonstrators squared off Saturday outside a funeral home where a service was being held for a solider. It was the first such scene in Kentucky since a judge suspended a state law requiring a 300-foot buffer zone for protests at military funerals.

For more than an hour, dozens of demonstrators surrounded London Funeral Home, waved American flags and exchanged shouts with members of the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas, which tours the country protesting at military funerals.

Church members held signs across the street that read, “America is doomed,” “Thank God for 9/11,” and “Thank God for dead soldiers.”

The family of Sgt. 1st Class Charles Jason Jones had invited a half-dozen groups to wave full-size American flags, express their support of U.S. soldiers and honor Jones after hearing about the church’s plans to protest the funeral, according to military officials.

More than 200 mourners, including Gov. Ernie Fletcher, filled the chapel to pay tribute to the 29-year-old Kentucky National Guardsman, who was found dead in his quarters in Iraq on Sept. 20 from causes not related to combat. The military is investigating the death.

Little was said of the demonstration during the funeral, though the Rev. Charles Taylor told mourners that the presence of the Westboro protesters was “a dishonor.”

“I feel sorry for them,” he said, adding, “I appreciate the folks holding the flags.”

Last week, U.S. District Judge Karen Caldwell wrote that the state law could not restrict the free speech rights of people in nearby homes, sidewalks and streets.

The law, passed this year, was aimed at members of the Kansas church, which claims the soldiers’ deaths are a sign of God punishing America for tolerating homosexuality.

About a dozen states have similar laws, and Congress passed a law this year prohibiting protests at military funerals at federal cemeteries.

I am sorry but I don’t consider this an exercise of one’s 1st Amendment rights. I consider it a selfish abuse of the 1st Amendment. These people don’t give a damn about the rights of anyone but themselves. They don’t care whose rights they violate as they exercise “their rights!” 

They certainly have no respect for our troops or their loved ones. What pathetic, small minded they people they are. Imagine, they say they do this all in God’s name. Sound familiar??


~ by devildog6771 on October 9, 2006.

8 Responses to “1st Amendments Rights of a few at the Expense of the Many??!!”

  1. I don’t suppose you’ll read this but here’s a link from an msnbc article(It’s not socialist at all by the way, in case you’re wondering…I’m not socialist either):


  2. If you had to have a microchip embedded under your skin so the government could keep tabs on you, would you agree to it? The government would know where you went, no privacy at all. Would you trust the government not to use the information against you?

    Do you realize that since Bush has come into office, healthcare premiums have increased about 30% and many companies have had to cut pensions? Is that good for America’s health?

    That new military commission act bill, takes away habeas corpus, one of the most important rights the Constitution gives us, the right to know what crime we’re charged with. Since these detainees don’t know what they’re guilty of, they can’t defend themselves. That’s like kicking them when they’re down, a sort of figurative torture. Here’s the letter:


  3. That isn’t what that quote says. I vote for people who will do what is best for America and respect our values and those expressed in the Constitution.

  4. Or if you felt she could do the job?

  5. Everything is about politics. Even religion is about politics. Most conservative Christians are Republicans. Even political extremists are religious.

    So, you wouldn’t be against voting liberal if you felt he could do the job?

    Regarding the “famous quote”(couldn’t help noticing), people would abuse liberty so rulers are supposed to keep people in line. Socrates said rulers should be philosophers, rational thinkers.

  6. Not me, the last thing these people make me think of is politics. I have first hand knowledge of what the death of a loved one in this war feels like.

    These people are emotional vultures who prey on families at their time of great sorrow.

    Take a look at Phelps bio. Read about his time just before “his conversion!” He is a pathetic hypocrite of the highest order.

  7. I was thinking in terms if the terrorists insistance that we worship Allah or die.

    As for political party, I prefer to not commit myself top one party. I vote for the person who can do the job. Blind support of a party gives them too much power.

  8. “They certainly have no respect for our troops or their loved ones. What pathetic, small minded they people they are. Imagine, they say they do this all in God’s name. Sound familiar??”

    I think of a cheesy statement like, “A vote for Republicans is a vote for morals.” LOL…as if they’re gods or divinities…

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