Regarding Comments and links

With the unexpected activity, many posts were held in moderation for my approval based on number of posts in a day and number of linked items. I have made some changes so that ‘most”all comments will now post right away. However, if you post a comment with a large number of links or if you post several comments in a day, the spam protector automatically puts your post in a waiting approval status until I review it to keep out spam.

Please, “do not” stop posting or linking.  I appreciate all comments whether or not you agree or disagree as long as it is done respectfully. I am not against profanity as long as it it not used to personally attack another’s post. But I draw the line at racial and ethnic slurs and filth [no explanation needed here].

I also will not tolerate berating of our troops, our country, etc., etc.. That does not mean disagreements,etc. such as we have covered here lately. I consider this type of dialogue good and helpful. It is through discussing our differences in ideas and beliefs that understanding is reached by all. 

Keeping that in mind, I find I am left with confusion over an issue. Lately I have remarkably averaged over a hundred views a day. Sometimes there have been almost 200. However, the comment log is increasingly disproportionate. Is that a trend everyone sees on their blog or what? I ask this not so much because I am only interested in the numbers. I am curious why anyone would visit and not make a comment. Of course I realize that there are a percentage of surfers. That is OK. But I am primarily concerned with people’s ability to post a comment with ease. I understand that some browsers have compatibility problems at some sites.

If you have such a problem and/or difficulty posting, please email me so I can try to alleviate the problem if a so,lkution is possible.

Lastly, this site is, in the end, dedicated to the memory of my nephew who waskilled in Kuwait and to the thousands of troops in our Armed Forces, deployed or otherwise. I will not tolerate anything that is in anyway degrading or disrespectful with regard to our troops. Without their immense sacrifices, sites and discussions such as this would not be possible.

As always thank you for visiting and sharing your comments.

God Bless America, Our President, and God Bless our Troops!! 


~ by devildog6771 on September 30, 2006.

5 Responses to “Regarding Comments and links”

  1. netseeker_51 at

  2. Well, that makes me feel better. I thought maybe I had a problem. Thanks guys. I appreciate your comments.

  3. I definitely see the same trend in mine as well. I post daily so I get a lot of visits, but usually I only get comments from blogs I link to. Dev, you’re on my section of Interesting pages, so that could be one reason why you’re getting so many views. I’m pretty good about commenting on my blog, but like you, I get a few comments each day.

  4. I’ve never been able to find an email link either – old eyes??? LOL!!

    I rarely get comments either, though the visitor numbers are there. Of course, there was a time I never commented either.

  5. It’s been great, DD! I’m enjoying it thoroughly!
    On the comments thing – I too have over 100 visitors a day and very comments – I guess alot of people are shy?

    (I still can’t find your email…help out an old(er)woman here! ;o)
    or just send me an email at deb at I want to ask about some of your paintings.)

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