We have the right to defend ourselves!!!

As you all know by now, the President gave a speech recently about the prisoners in the custody of the CIA. Mr. Bush told us about the amazing amount of intelligence gathered from these prisoners. Through the program, we really hurt the enemy badly. He also made a point of saying no national or international laws had been violated.

However, due to the recent decision in our court system, how we handle and detain these prisoners has been changed. The President told us these prisoners were now placed in the custody of the DOD. He then placed “the ball in the Congress’s court” to provide the necessary legislation we need to try these terrorists. 

The Washington Post, you gotta love those guys’ persistence, has a story today, “Confirmation of CIA Prisons Leaves Europeans Mistrustful,” that proclaims the “outrage” all over Europe on this issue. All of Europe wants a full accounting. It seems that “all” of Europe was unaware of our program. Right!!?? Of course France, big surprise, is at the top of that list.

I have a suggestion for a way to end all the conflict. It will remove “all” those European nations from responsibilities in the war on terror as possible accomplices with the evil United States! Remove all our forces in Europe. Close our bases down. Close them all.

 Put more troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Put enough there that we can wipe out all the insurgency in say three [3] months. That should give both of those countries the time they need to prepare for taking full responsibility of their own country. This should satisfy Congress, the Democrats [socialists], who now fight so hard to defeat Mr. Bush’s efforts to defend America. We will have “a plan, a set time frame.”

Bring the rest of our troops home. Then take all our troops and keep them on active status at their home bases. Bring our Navy home too. Station them in station keeping along both our coastlines. Make sure that both are kept in a constant state of readiness by war games and other training means. Take all our guard troops and station them along the borders to our North and South. Set their tours up or a rotational basis so they all get a turn to keep their skills honed. This will form a “human wall” of highly skilled fighters. Set up Guard bases along both our Northern and Southern borders. Let the Border patrol man the official entry points. Let the Guard man between these points.

Indefinitely close off “all” immigration into America. Now comes the really important part. Screen “every” single individual who comes into America by air, sea or land. If they are illiterate and have no job skills, send them back home. If they don’t have the correct papers, don’t let them in. Don’t bother to detain them, just send them back right at the borders or point of entry. If they come by air, put their asses back on the plane. If they come by sea, put them back aboard the ship. If they come by car, make them do a “U-turn” and send them back.

Next, we need to look at ANSWER, and those other activist groups who are supposedly peace activists. Everyone of them who donated money to the terrorists ought to be charged and tried for their crimes. Any affiliated with the Communist Party ought to be identified as such. All elected officials who are m,embers of these organizations ought to be identified. Free speech “is” guaranteed under the Constitution. Subversion is not. If a lowly peon like myself can make that distinction why can’t our Congress and legal process.

Now, why all the safe guards at home? There are several reasons. One, the terrorists are still going to continue to try to destroy us. Then, in Europe, all those countries who now enjoy the economic benefit of our bases will lose that revenue resource. Many already had economic problems. Once we are gone they will have an even worse problem.

Two, those countries who to date have enjoyed the safety our presence provided while we helped rebuild their respective nations after World War II have not developed their own military capabilities. They didn’t have to with our troops and bases there. So, they focused on their economic rebuilding and infrastructure. Of course this was a logical choice. But,as they became more financially stable and their respective nations became more and more re-established, they became more and more antagonistic toward the United States.

I think that is because they felt dependant on us. Truth be known, they were. Of course they could have devised a plan for economic re-development and infrastructural re-development that didn’t make them dependent on our bases. They also could have put more emphasis, little by little, on re-development of their own militaries, too, so they could begin to take back more of their own defense. But, these nations chose their re-development course, not America. We just provided the protective means and aide needed to get them going.

Three, more and more of the mal-contents from the Middle East have migrated to European nations.Many of these nations were once the Empire that owned or controlled their original home country. Some, like France still have their greedy claws around the workings of their hone country. But, that is another issue. Right now in Europe, there are hot beds of these Islamic Fundamentalists ready to explode. Recent past events across Europe point out the truth of this statement.

The difference is that these nations will have to do all their own national safe guarding.  We will not be there to cover their asses or act as a deterrent simply by our presence alone. So, much like we see in Holland right now, there will be a gigantic wave of middle class Europeans jumping ship and trying to go elsewhere. Well, they aren’t coming here! We don’t want them. If they don’t care enough to protect and fight for their own country, then they deserve what they get!

 It is imperative that we become completely independent of foreign energy sources or resources. If Brazil can go entirely to ethanol, why can’t we?” Certainly all our farmers who are out of work wouldlove to be farmers again even if it is growing what we need to make ethanol. That brings us to the oil companies. Either get on the bandwagon and start making the changes needed to accommodate this new energy source orface fines or worse yet, industry collapse. It is long past time America was no longer held hostage by the oil companies or the oil producing nations.  

We also need to go after those other industries that failed to use good business practices and make then technological changes and advancements needed to keep industries alive in America. No company ought to be allowed to take its business out of the country and put thousands of Americans out of work. For too long our economy and job market has been heal hostage by greedy corporations and industries. We also need to stop so much of our industry and country from being foreign owned. We need a cap or ceiling on foreign ownership of key industry and real estate in America.    

All these measures are extreme. But, I do not see how we can do any differently. If the influx of illegals from Mexico are causing us problems now, what do you think will happen with an onslaught of Europeans once the Islamic Terrorists start to take over their nation.

I am sure this all seems extreme and bazaar. But, I do not see any other recourse. If we must get permission to fight for our existence, then to hell with all those European pu$$ie$, except England. We will do whatever we need to do. We will also let them handle their own affairs while we do so. If they make it good. If they don’t well, what can I say. Hell, you all insist there is no war. That we are the enemy. Well, let’s find out. After all the $hit hits the fan, we will do an inventory of what’s left!! Good luck!! Don’t let the door kick you in your a$$ on ther way out! We certainly won’t. We also won’t bother looking back. We will simply do what you guys do so well, sit on our a$$e$ after we look after our own and watch you guys. Oh, we may throw in a criticism or two. After all, if you’re going to walk the walk, you may as well talk the talk!!

I’ll be waiting to hear what all you self righteous pu$$ie$ have to say about this!!  

~ by devildog6771 on September 8, 2006.

4 Responses to “We have the right to defend ourselves!!!”

  1. Thank you Yankeemom. So am I. We are not perfect, I will admit that. But we do try to do the right thing. I’d rather be wrong or make mistakes trying than sit on my butt and do nothing.

  2. DD! Again, Brilliant! I am so with you here. Why should we stay where we’re not welcome. We need to make our country a #1 priority again and those who don’t like it are free to move. Think what all that money we give to everybody else could do for our own problems.
    I’m so tired of our having to defend ourselves, esp. when we’re doing the right thing.

  3. Thank you, Gregg. I am just so sick of our guys and gals and our President gettiong no recognition for their efforts. The complaints always come from those that do the least.

  4. Devildog6771,great post,!(We have the right to defend Ourselfs)The U.S. should do what it has to do to defend Herself, starting at Our borders. it seems like England is one of Our true friends, and Mexico is the real frontlines. I’m new to this site and will be looking forward to seeing more of Your posts.
    God Bless America, “SEMPER FI” USMC 1973-76

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