Eight weeks later, Sgt. Gary Jones is still missing!

gary_jonesAccording to the Hamilton, Ohio Police Department, Sgt. Gary Jones is still missing. Gary was last seen in late July as he left his apartment. The Hamilton Police did follow his movements to Montana by his bank activities and cross referencing those activities against the bank video cameras.

Sgt. Jones developed PTSD after serving in Iraq. His mother is worried he might hurt himself. Of course at this point, Gary has been missing for about eight weeks, so both his family and authorities must certainly be afraid to expect the worst. If you have seen Gary or know where Sgt. GaryJones is right now, the Hamilton, Ohio Police Department request that you contact them on 513 – 868 – 5811, ext. 2002. This is a corrected telephone number.

Again, if you have any knowledge of the whereabouts of Sgt. Gary Jones  please call the above listed Hamilton, Ohio Police Department’s number and give them your information. Gary’s mother is certainly suffering extreme anxiety and fear over her son’s welfare right now.


~ by devildog6771 on September 6, 2006.

5 Responses to “Eight weeks later, Sgt. Gary Jones is still missing!”

  1. Yes it is. I don’t know if anyoe suggested it but I bet it would work!

  2. So sad… hits home. Hard. Has anyone suggested your idea?!

  3. I got one update. They found him and asked him to please call his mom. He did and tjey talked a long time. He didn’t call back again at the scheduled time. The police could not detain him as he had broken no laws and they didn’t consider him a threat to anyone based on their interview. He is in I believe Washington State. I thought they said “looking for his men!”

    I bet if a couple guys in his unit went there and found him they could talk him into going to VA hospital. This is a very sad and tragic, extreme case.

  4. Has anyone heard anything more or been able to get him some assistance?????

  5. I talked to Gary Jones mother he was stopped by the police at 2.30 in the morning around two weeks ago. The police couldn’t bring him in as he was doing nothing wrong and he called his mother collect and talked for three hours. He was supposed to call her back on Monday as she wanted to try to talk him into flying back to Ohio. He is living in the woods in Lakewood Washington and I have no idea why he was not taken to a VA hopsital as he stated to the police he is looking for his guys. He is very disoriented and after talking to his mom it seems he was discharged with seroius problems and slipped thru the cracks with the way he was acting and his behavior after being discharged from the Army and the things she told me happened in Iraq it is no wonder. I notified the Vietnam Veterans of Seattle to try to help her out to find him and get him to assistance and treatment programs out there. He is sporting a beard and mustache now his mother says and is very confused when she spoke to him. ths iveteran is very ill and seriously needs our help to get him home and treatment. So anybody that is in the lake wood Washington area the police did approach him in the 100 block of I am not sure and he is living up in the woods in Lakewood Washington. SO anyone that can help out there he is hopefully still in that area and maybe you can help locate him if you are a hunter and get back to his mother and maybe even talk to him and get him to a VA Assistance office out there.

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