People in Afghanistan in desperate need of help NOW!!

I just read a post by Ahmad at Afghanistan on line. He gave a very riveting account of the resurgence of the Taliban and Al-Qaeda in southern Afghanistan. Ahmad says things are getting so bad because that region is in such need of rebuilding, there is not enough food and basic needs, that people are beginning to join the terrorists.

Ahmad also said that where 80% of the people in the region were in favor of the new government and the US effort, the lack of any real progress there, the resurgence of the terrorists, now numbering in the thousands, and the extreme poverty have led to the locals in the region shifting their support to 80% in favor of the terrorists. The reason for this is they are doing in Afghanistan what Hezbollah is doing in Lebanon, handing out food, necessities, and medical help. Ahmad says that now even the President has pleaded for the UN and international community to help them with aide.

The resurgence of the terrorists and our attempts to stop them have led to many more civilian casualties and that has been the main factor in the people’s change of attitude. I suspect that what the two are doing is using Hezbollah’s example. But, they are also musing the citizens as shields.

The two have used the time since they have been in Pakistan to rebuild, recruit, resupply and now make a real strong push back in Afghanistan. Go read Ahmad’s post at the link above.

I ask Ahmad if there were things Americans could do like when we did the soccer ball drives, the toy drives, etc. like food items. I ask him to post a list on my blog. If I get it I will pass it around.

 Does anyone else think this is a good idea? Or am I being naive? How would something like this be done?  


~ by devildog6771 on August 31, 2006.

7 Responses to “People in Afghanistan in desperate need of help NOW!!”

  1. You may be right ZAS. However, that is always the risk isn’t it? I like another quote, “People only mistakes when they try to do the right things.” If you don’t try, you don’t make mistakes. I prefer to try.

  2. You are not naive to seek a better solution. My fear, as I have expressed on my own blog, The Providence of Zas,, is that there is a unbridgeable disconnect between our desire for what we think is right(Canada, the United States, etc), and the history, and cultural traditions of Afghanistan. I do not accept the 80% figure of support cited; Afghanistan’s entire history is rule in pre Moselm times by warlords a la Ghengis Khan, and religiously driven forces since the rise of Islam. Poppies and the Taliban cultivated in equal proportions, it seems.

    As brutal as it may first appear, I rest more easily with a made in Afghanistan solution than I do with our soldiers being dispatched to this God foresaken place at huge risk, and what I believe will result in little ultimate reward. We will be fighting this battle in one form or anohter, 10 years from now, with, I fear, only heartache to show.

    I am no fan of the Taliban, but I have heard a favorite expression of theirs in reference to the military sophistication of the West -“They have the fancy watches – we have the time”. Such sentiments should give us all pause.

  3. HH6, how you doing? Thanks to you and yankeermom for the comments. Ahmad, will keep an eye out.

  4. Cool site.
    We’re all prayin for ya

    — FreeCyprus
    Hellenic Reporter

  5. DD, let me know if I can help in anyway.
    Where’s your email addy on your site? I can’t seem to locate it – I’m getting old…

  6. Hey DD I like the new place! A lot of what I have collected went through the Chaplains there and was passed off that way. I am sure I am not much help but that’s pretty much what I did.


  7. Thnx for commenting on my blog. I’ll soon prepare a list of essential items and send you. Thanks a great deal for your concerns and cooperation.

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