The “so-called war on terrorism.” Professor Sedler, what planet were you born on?

U.S.District Judge Anna Diggs Taylor has come under scrutiny by Judicial Watch. Judicial Watch is supposed to be a non-partisan, conservative group that looks into the financial disclosures of federal judges. Tom Fitton, the president of Judicial Watch, said the group often examines the financial disclosure statements of federal judges. After Taylor’s decision, Judicial Watch decided to take a closer look at the judge and the case.Fitton said he is concerned about the potential conflict but stopped short of calling for Taylor to recuse herself from the case.“It certainly raises questions … it’s an issue that needs to be thoroughly addressed,” Fitton said, adding: “It’s important to have the appearance that justice was administered fairly.” Judicial Watch found that the judge was on the board for a foundation that donated over $45,000.00 to the ACLU Michigan. The jugde is secretary of the foundation, Community Foundation.In response to the Judicial Watch findings, this is what a Constitutional Law Professor at Wayne State University had to say: Robert Sedler, a constitutional law professor at Wayne State University who has worked on cases involving the ACLU, said the statement by Judicial Watch had no merit.“By no stretch of the imagination is this a conflict of interest,” Sedler said, adding that the real motive for the group’s claims may be politics. “Conservative groups are upset that the Bush administration has lost another case in the so-called war on terrorism.”I find it deeply disturbing that Professor Sedler sees no potential for conflict of interest and that he brushes the entire question aside as a purely political maneuver. If you are sending your child to Wayne State University, you might want to find another college that at least attempts to be fair and non-partisan.However, what I find even more disturbing from a personbal level is Professor Sedler’s comment about the “so-called war on terrorism.” What planet is that guy from anyway? Did 9/11 or the attack on the U.S.S. Cole not occur? Did I imagine that our Embassies were bombed and all our troops were killed? Did Osama bin Laden not declare on America? Did I imagine that Britain, Pakistan and our own intelligence people just stopped terrorists from hijacking and blowing up ten “more” American airplanes?God, tell me if this was and is all a dream? Because if it didn’t all happen, I can now stop grieving my nephew’s death. I can stop the ache in my heart every time another report of an American soldier’s death is reported on the daily news broadcasts. I can stop being afraid of the day that those evil bastards attack us here at home! I can stop feeling guilty because my kids had health conditions that prevented them from going to war. I can stop praying for the day not to come when both will go because the need becomes so great that anyone can join again like in Vietnam or worse yet be drafted. I can stop praying to God to make me younger so I can go in their place. I can stop feeling guilty because for the first time in my life I know what real hate feels like. I can let go of the rage that builds inside me more and more every day that makes me want to grab every one of those ignorant a$$holes, like Professor Sedler, by the throat and watch their eyes with a smile on my face as I squeeze the life out of their ignorant a$$e$ and their eyes begin to glass over into nothingness. My family can be one agqin. I can talk with my kids again without having them hear them say, “I am so tired of hearing about all that!” I can have back my old life, be me again, not some stranger that I don’t even recognize! More importantly, Michael’s kids can have their dad back. My sister will have her son back. My mom will have her Grandson back. Michael’s wife will have her husband back! All those other Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice for a$$holes like you, Professor Sedler will not have died. All their loved ones won’t have to grieve any more. And you, and all those others like you, well you can continue to keep your head up your a$$ where it always is and find something else to hate or bitch about!! Credits:Detroit Free Press [edited for errors and to change title from “What kind of Professors are your child being taught by at college?” to a more appropriate title and move to the top..dd6771]


~ by devildog6771 on August 26, 2006.

2 Responses to “The “so-called war on terrorism.” Professor Sedler, what planet were you born on?”

  1. Maybe it’s simply self defense in an ongoing onslaught of over twenty years. Maybe you can offer a better solution to the problem. Diplomacy failed in all those years. Maybe we should let them all come over here and attack us. But we can pull a switch and all move there! Absurd? Yes! About as absurd as letting someone continue to attack your country in a continuously esclatating war that “they delcared over twenty years ago!” About as absurd as allowing them to kill your countrymen alll over the world in a cowardly manner. They aren’t freedom fighters. They are parasites who really do plan to take over the “world.” After the collapse of the old Soviet Union, Bin Laden said, “we have defeated the Russians. If we defeat America, the last super power, we can defeat anyone!” Now I don’t know about you but I see that as a pretty good message of their intent.

  2. He is right. 9/11, as horendous an attack as it was, was a criminal opperation by nineteen fanatcs. Our ham-handed response has given them greater credibility than they ever deserved. Terror is a tactic that has existed since the dawn of civilization. Declaring ‘war’ on tactic reveals itself as nothing more than a slogan, since terror can be used by any political, religious, and criminal element anywhere. One person’s ‘freedom fighter’ is another person’s terrorist. It is an impossible ‘war’ to win, as the politicians and demagogs who invented the so-called war on terror know full well. It is a gimic to ensure that the denfense industry and the infrastructure of war is funded in perpetuity/

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